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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Maybelline Winter 2015 Limited Edition Baby Lips Collection

original image: Maybelline Instagram page
Maybelline Winter 2015 Limited Edition Baby Lips Collection

Here's the scoop on the latest limited edition Baby Lips collection from Maybelline...

So this morning, Maybelline posted this photo on their Instagram, announcing their newest limited edition Baby Lips collection. Turns out, the Winter 2015 collection is already starting to pop up at Bed Bath & Beyond and Harmon stores (which means you can also probably find these right now at Christmas Tree Shop, which is also a subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond). BB&B always tends to get the new Maybelline limited edition collections first, but I would imagine that you'll be able to find these at all the usual retailers very soon (like, within the next few weeks).

The flavors for the Winter 2015 collection are:
  • Sprinkled Pink
  • Cocoa Crush
  • Spice It Up!
  • Mint Please

I want to thank reader @makeup.vids on Instagram for letting me know the names of these shades. She kindly pointed me in the direction of @imsamsmomma, who posted a pic of the display on her Instagram page HERE, in case you'd like to see what the display looks like.

Also, it appears that this collection is also in the UK, although the flavor names are different. My pal Lou, who is in the UK, posted pics of the UK display on her blog HERE. The flavors in the UK collection are Hot Cocoa, Sugar Cookie, Sweet Apple, and Mint Candy

So for anyone who's curious, I think the names translate as follows:
  • Sprinkled Pink (US) = Sugar Cookie (UK)
  • Cocoa Crush (US) = Hot Cocoa (UK)
  • Spice It Up! (US) = Sweet Apple (UK)
  • Mint Please (US) = Mint Candy (UK)

That's probably more info about this collection than you ever wanted to know but, hey, you know I'm all about the details!

Thanks so much, @makeup.vids and Lou, for the great tips and info!


  1. I wonder why the names aren't consistent. It's not like 'Spice It Up!' makes me want it more than 'Sweet Apple'.

  2. Love your new design in this blog! So modern and chic! Great job, really! :) Thanks for the update! I want them all!!!!!

  3. Why don't they just keep the UK names? They're cute!

    1. It's most likely because of "sociological data" and certain terms/phrases/ideas that are trending or predicted to trend within certain demographics. :)
      I don't really get it either, but I can see why they think it'd work for marketing lol

  4. I'm so excited for these! I hope they smell like their names

  5. YAY!! Can't wait to find these. Thanks so much for the info! I'm most excited for 'mint please' and 'cocoa crush'.

  6. G, just wanted to say I love your redesign! I primarily use an iPad, and your sit is loading lightning fast now. Love the chic new look too!

    Also excited for these new Babylips. I think I have just about every color made!

  7. All of these except for maybe Mint Please sound yum!

  8. First, WOWWW I love the new design of your blog! I love the sleek yet inviting design! I've been following you since 2009 so I love the new tagline. So awesome, G!!! <333

    And these Baby Lips OHMYGOSH. I haven't been this excited for a Baby Lips Collection since Baby Lips Electro. I have a feeling Cocoa Crush is going to fly out of stores first - the lovely blue shade compliments the brown perfectly. Also, CHOCOLATE. XD I love all of them though! I really hope I can nab one of each.

    I also have to say that I am so happy to see Maybelline has gone back to the old design where the clear caps say "Baby Lips" in a color which contrasts with the tube. I can't even how sad I was buying a tube of Quenched only to open it and find a big sticker wrapped around the outside of the clear cap. :( At least...I hope these are the original design...

    Anyway, LOOKS AWESOME. Thank you so much, G! I'm on the hunt! <333

    1. the quenched babylips only had the sticker because it hase active ingredients in least I think because the peppermint had that too. I might be wrong but I hope this helped a little❤️

  9. I can't wait to find these! Tried all BB&B in my area, no luck yet. Please come to CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid...anywhere in Los Angeles!

  10. Last night at Target I found Mint Please on a card w/ Quenched--titled Holiday Edition.

  11. Struggling to find the Cocoa Crush an Spice it Up! ones, any suggestions anyone?


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