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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

L'Oreal 2016 Sneak Peeks

collage credit: @makeuptray on Instagram
photo credit: @beautylogicblog Snap Chat

@beautylogicblog (aka: Milly Almodovar Thompson, Senior Beauty Editor for Cosmo for Latinas), is once again killing it with the sneak peeks on her social media! I don't have Snap Chat (I can barely keep up with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) but thank goodness reader @makeuptray on Instagram does. She kindly put together this collage of pics from Milly's Snap Chat and shared it with me today...and you know I had to share it with you!

I don't even know where to start with this one, so let's take it one by one. All of these products should hit stores this February (or earlier, as the case may be when it comes to drugstore distribution):

1) The Pro Matte Glosses are BACK and they'll be permanent (and come in ten shades)! If you missed my review (when these were limited edition) click here to check it out. In that review, I said I really hoped L'Oreal would make these permanent, so I'm thrilled that they are doing just that.

2) Lumi Cushion Foundation (12 shades).  A L'Oreal cushion foundation is FINALLY coming to US drugstores. I can't wait to see if this is similar to the Lancome one.

3) Infallible Pro Contour Palette (will be available in three shades). I love that this is in the Infallible line, which gives me hope that it will have excellent staying power (as is the case with other Infallible products).

4) The L'Oreal Colour Riche Gel-Infused Mono Eyeshadows are finally, FINALLY coming to the US! These have been in Europe and other parts of the world for some time now and, honestly, I thought we'd never get them here. But we are, and I could not be more thrilled to finally try them. I don't know if we're getting the Lumieres as well (I don't see any in this pic) but hopefully those are coming too (we're getting 15 shades altogether). Check out swatches of a regular mono shadow and a Lumiere mono shadow HERE

How's that for some exciting sneak peeks? 

Thanks again, @makeuptray, for making this collage, and @beautylogicblog for sharing these pics!


  1. Ah! I literally can't wait for these! Especially the foundation, I'm so interested to try it!

  2. OOoh so excited to try a cushion foundation!!!! I can't get into the high end ones cause they're so expensive for such little product! And hooray for drugstore contour products!! It's about time! I actually got a Maybelline one in England this spring and it's GREAT! I really want them to bring it over! Especially because I work in Ulta and really need some drugstore alternatives for when people balk at the $40 kits.

  3. Wow all looks really nice. I can't wait also. And that Infallible Pro Contouring pallet is going to have to be a def purchase. The lipglosses also, will check out those eye shadows in a min. I'm afraid the foundation won't be good for oily skin. Since most r made for dry to normal it seems like the r more ppl fit in that category. But if it did that would be fun. I adore the Infallible Pro Matte since I'm oily and hear a lot of dry skin ppl say they do too. I'm just trying to lose my summer color I have. Last time I wore it my hubby asked why I looked so pale. Just didn't want to have buy another shade right now. I have the Maybelline Matte and Poreless that has been working pretty good for the summer when I have worn foundation. I live in a Hot, Humid climate area in the South. Heavy foundation is just not comfy. U just sweat it off. And I don't work. So I just slap a few things in and go. Unless it's a nice thing I'm going to. U know what I mean. bB creams r suppose to be better but haven't really got to try very many that would be good for my oily skin. I'm straight oily. Zero ever dry patches. I'm late 40s. Lol. I have not got grow out of pimples yet and don't know if I will. Don't have them a lot. But u know how ur parents say "Wbrn u get older u have to deal with all that. U will grow out of it." Still waiting. Lol.

  4. I'm excited for the cushion foundation. I swatched the light shade or Pur's cushion foundation at Kohls and it turned too dark on me. They only have 4 shades, so 12 is a lot better.

  5. This all so exciting!!! I love new drugstore products! I'm really hoping and praying that's not all, I would LOVE to see more shades of the Infallible pro matte foundation! It's my holy grail drugstore foundation but none of the shades match me and I have tried 101 to 104 and they're all wrong. I have super oily skin too. Thanks G!!!

  6. I have been lusting after the mono shadows for AGES. I've been putting off buying them from overseas for so long because of shipping charges, and I guess that procrastination finally paid off! I'm so happy that I screamed in joy! This is such an exciting update!!

  7. Exciting! I really want to try a foundation cushion, I guess I'll be waiting for that one. 12 shades is also not bad, much better than the La Neige one!

  8. I can't wait for the cushion foundation either. I do think I tried one back the late 80's, early 90's. Does anyone else remember these being around back then? Am I dreaming? Was it Jane? Anyway since L'Oreal and Lancôme are "sisters" I have to imagine that the foundations will be very similar!!!

  9. I'm anxious to try the cushion compact too. I need one for my vanity...purse...goodness, stop me!

  10. Almay had a cushion foundation, chanel had one, and so did borghese. Nothing new under the sun said a wiser man than me.

  11. I am excited about the eyeshadows, since I am a eyeshadow Junkie! I don't need any new eyeshadows in my life because I will never use up the ones I already own , but I can't help myself! Thanks for the heads up G :)!

  12. L'Oréal Infallible eyeshadows are my favorite in the drugstore, so I'm excited to try the new gel-infused eyeshadows.

  13. Is it going to be officially launched in the US???? If so, when it will be? Info about price and number of shade variations are needed as well.

  14. Hmm I wonder if they've changed up the formula any for the Pro Matte glosses... I purchased one when they were LE and returned it because the color was so basic and the finish wasn't matte enough for my liking.

    The eyeshadows look awesome, cannot wait to see them!


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