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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sneak Peek: NEW Maybelline Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Those of you hoping that Maybelline would be the next to release a line of matte liquid lipsticks: I'm about to make your day! Many thanks to reader @v_eronicaa on Instagram for sharing this recent pic from Maybelline's Snap Chat:

image credit: @v_eronicaa for Nouveau Cheap
A sneak peek at the upcoming Maybelline Liquid Matte Lipsticks
via Maybelline's Snap Chat (Snap Chat user name: maybelline-ny)

They're coming! I don't know when, and I don't know how many shades (I count 10 here!) but Maybelline Liquid Matte Lipsticks are officially a real thing. I see browns and pinks and reds, a purple and even what looks like a black shade here! 

I obviously don't know if the ten shades here are the only shades in the line (I'm guessing it will be ten, but Maybelline surprises us sometimes!). But even if there are just ten, that's more shades than the upcoming Revlon matte liquid lipsticks that I showed you a while back (click HERE if you missed that). Either way, I'm just thrilled that we're getting more matte liquid lipstick options at the drugstores (very) soon!

Thanks again, @v_eronicaa, for the awesome tip and pic!


  1. Hmmm...I like Maybelline's lipsticks, but already have 6 of the Milani Amore mattes(which I LOVE!). I'll wait for swatches and a few reviews before I buy.

  2. Matte liquid lipsticks EVERYWHERE. Not that I mind, but it seems every company is making them now. I just hope these don't transfer like some of the more expensive ones I've tried.

  3. Wow, that dark one.... It looks almost black and is hopefully a blackberry. The 90's inspired shades look good too.

  4. Wow I can't believe Maybelline is adding a THIRD matte lipstick product to their line. I can't help but wonder how long the matte trend is going to keep on it's going to be quite amusing when everything goes back to metallics or shimmers lol

  5. I live in a town that has a big state univ here one of two biggest in the state. We have a smaller CVS and walgreens. No Target two Walmarts no kmart either. Can not find the new Milani ones any where Walgreens did have a small display and sold out quick surprise. And been checking CVS all week. So kinda glad. Maybe we can get those. I want the Milani ones so bad. But not always in stock on their website either. I have some Brilliant Shine glosses and live them and the smell is heaven to me. Butter cream icing. About to give up don't really want to pay the highest cost I have them. On their site. Some have ranged from CVS 3$ probably this weeks sale. To 5.99$ at Kmart and don't remember walgreens cost but less than their site. I do LE the Rimmel Provacolips. And Loreal version like Rimmels where u get the clear glossy like balm on the other end. But don't have the colors like Milanis in my coll yet. And they don't smell to me. So glad to see some more.

  6. I'm with this matte lip trend!! You don't know how excited this makes me G!! I love matte liquid lipsticks or any matte lip because it lasts forever and you always have the option to throw some gloss on top...can't wait till these hit the stores

  7. Me too Paola!!
    I haven't worn or bought a non-matte lipstick in forever and I am one of those makeup fiends who loveeeeeeeeeee the super matte (I wish all mattes were like Ruby Woo matte).
    I don't consider NYX, Jordana modern, or Maybelline mattes true mattes because they're far too slippery and glossy. I know they're called comfortable mattes but me...those are just regular lipsticks.
    So upon testing my first liquid matte, I was sold and never looked back.
    The fact there are now multiple options that don't cost $10-$20 bucks each is just perfect!

  8. Yay.....I can't wait to try them.

  9. I hope these are transfer proof! Had a bad experience with Colourpop Ultra Mattes. These transfer like crazy. So far, the most transfer not, endure all product I've used are the LA Splash Lip Couture and Smitten Liptint ranges.

    1. What do you mean by transfer proof?
      Wait...are you saying that the Colourpop Ultra Mattes would leave a print when you let's say kiss or on your coffee mug?
      I have about 1/2 to 2/3 of the colourpop ultra matte collection and not one single one of them "transfer" once dried. And they dry fairly quickly. By the time I finish applying on my top lip my bottom lip is already dried.
      The only thing I can say is that certain shades, and it really depends on whether you apply lipliner or whatever, crumble a bit. But like I said it all depends because I've had the same shade crumble on one occasion and then not in another.


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