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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bye (For Now!)

I'm heading out and won't be blogging today (and possibly tomorrow) and I won't be accessing email or social media much while I'm away. Why, you ask?

This was the temperature at 10:00AM today here in San Diego. A Real Feel of 111 degrees...before noon. Since I'm currently at home, and by home I mean an old house built in the '60s that's not equipped with air conditioning or modern insulation, I have to get out of here before I burst into flames. Last night it was 93 degrees in my house at 1:00AM (87 degrees outside) so, in other words, my home traps heat and doesn't let go. This isn't usually an issue for us since San Diego is known for its moderate climate for 99% of the year, but this week is just insane to the point of tears. 

Since I don't own a laptop (I do all my blogging from my desktop next to my makeup stash, camera, light box, etc.) and I use my phone for "emergency posts" (like this one), I don't have the luxury of plugging in at a cooler location. So Mr. G and I are getting a hotel room for the night to escape this unseasonably hot weather here in SD, and the place we're going to has crappy WiFi, which means I won't be able to access social media much. 

WHILE I'M AWAY AND CHILLIN' IN AC LIKE A PIG IN MUD, here are a few posts you may want to check out if you missed them the first time:

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My review of the new Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush blushes

A sneak peek at the new Maybelline Liquid Matte Lipsticks

And if you're really, really bored, don't forget that when you get to the end of this page, you can go back...and back...and back...through all  seven years worth of blog posts. That would be crazy, but keep in mind that I'm crazy from the heat right now and not thinking clearly.

Catch ya on the flip side, and be cool, honey bunny (it's always the perfect time for a Pulp Fiction reference, right?).

Love & Ice Cubes,
Your ol' friend G.  


  1. Up in the Monterey Bay, we're on a heat advisory until 7pm!

  2. Have fun!! When you get back, they'll be a nice post in the You Tell Me about some free makeup brushes!!

  3. Oh, you poor thing, I hate that kind of heat. Enjoy your A-C break!

  4. Dear G,
    I hope you cool off. I too have an older home (Depression era actually) and I live in Texas, so I sympathize with your plight. I'm sure your hotel stay will be nice. On another note, though we'll miss you posts I want you to know that I enjoy reading your old posts. They either make me nostalgic or remind me just much cosmetics have (mostly) improved through the years. 😀

  5. Wow!!! That's insanely hot! I live in the desert but have always had the luxury of AC in our home and couldn't survive in a literal hot house like that! So sorry G! Enjoy your much deserved break from the heat. I lived in SD for 2 years and the weather was always perfection and thankfully my dorm room had AC too for those occasional hot days. Don't worry about us, we'll keep busy as we eagerly await your return. :)

  6. speaking of going back, and back, and back... I thought of a feature I personally would love if you ever *coughcough* delved into the app waters...

    You have so much amazing content, with more and more each day, it sometimes gets hard to keep track of posts you want to act on. I don't even mean posts that are so old that you don't have much hope of finding the thing, either - I mean stuff from even a couple days ago!
    So I would suggest (and maybe this could even be a desktop site feature if it's feasible) some kind of way to "collect" the posts that you are really interested in. For example, it was only when I rifled backwards through your posts that I remembered the Fall Wet n Wild collection, but maybe if there was a way to essentially "dog-ear" that post or any other one that I want to remember for makeup hunting that would be awesome.

    I hope that didn't come off as demanding haha! You're always reaching out to us and asking what we want to see, and that is something I really think would help us (well me anyway - don't know if I'm the only one!)

    OK that's all! Have a great chill-cation!

  7. Ugh, I know - it's so hot here in SD, I can't stand it! We have AC, thank goodness, but it can't always keep up and starts blowing hot air. Our cats start to melt. I don't have AC in my car, though! So awful! I hope it cools down soon! Keep cool, G.!

  8. It's 85 degrees outside with 48% humidity at 11:50 pm here in L.A. I like heat but this is ridiculous. Enjoy the hotel a/c.

  9. Enjoy that a/c on your "vacation"! Don't blame you one bit, that is crazy hot....

  10. Get cooled down and enjoy the mini staycation!!!! We have pretty good circulation in my home in Central NY so while it gets warm in the summer our 2 window a/c units do the trick. Our heatwave broke over night and being in the NE I don't expect really warm weather until next summer :( I think I am such a big fan of it because we get so little of it! LOL... See you on the flipside G!

  11. It's been hot here in PA, but not quite THAT hot. You deserve some AC!

  12. Stay cool! (Someone already thought of this greeting, but that is all I could come up with). Thanks for all your hard work! You've given us plenty to pour through. Pore through? Pore over? Pour over! I want coffee.

  13. Wow I feel so bad for u. We r not even that hot in OK. Actually getting a little a break right now. We have those kind of temps. But have faired well this yr. but we all have central heat and air. Most do anyway. We will be fine love everything u write about and could spend hours reading older posts with so much Holiday coming out. Kinda nice to give the brain a break. It's Sep. By the time the Holidays get here there will be nothing left. Kinda hard to buy something and put it up till Christmas. If u see all the looks everyone does. U want to break that bad boy out. So nice to take a little break. I would be in tears in a thb of cool water if my house had those temps. So u go and try to enjoy urself.

  14. You little wimp! Seriously, this is why I hate summer, you really can't do anything when it is so hot. I can feel my energy draining just reading about your heatwave. I'm glad that you could find an air conditioned hotel room. Relax and enjoy time with your husband - we'll be here when you return!

    What do you do about your makeup when it gets this hot?


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