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Friday, September 11, 2015

And the Name of the New Maybelline Palette Is...

If you caught my post yesterday about the upcoming Maybelline eyeshadow palette (click HERE for a closer look), then you know that I was wondering what the name might be. My guess was maybe something like "The Jewels."

Well today I received some press info about the Marissa Webb NYFW show (Maybelline did the makeup) and take a look:

The new palette is named The Rock Nudes. Again, you can see a close-up pic of this palette in my original post HERE.

CONGRATS to readers Kelly and Mehar for guessing the name of this palette! They both commented on my original post and said that they thought it might have the word "rock" in the title. You both were so right! 

PS: If you haven't seen that new mascara pictured above, check out my post HERE.


  1. It should have been called The Jewels

    1. That would've been perfect! Awesome idea. :D

  2. Pretty! Doesn't look very nude though!

  3. Oh my, it reminds me of the Smashbox palette, and has some shades from the Naked Smoky palette which I've wanted...but I may just get this instead. Don't feel like spending a ton!

  4. The shades here wouldn't really count as jewel tones. Think purple, blue, emerald green...shades that are actually the color of jewels. It would've been nice for Winter. They should release a Jewels one tho.

  5. I think that Maybelline is using the word "nudes" too liberally. Green and blue aren't nude colors, so why use "nudes" in the name? Why not come up with a different name? If they're saying that green and blue are nudes, where will it end? Will every color become nude now? What will be the point of categorizing a color as nude? Sorry for my rant!

    1. I totally Agree. Last time I checked nude wasn't blue or purple, unless they want to call it Bruised Nudes, which definitely does NOT sound good! Come on now guys, not everything has to be "nude" or "naked"

    2. Lol at Bruised Nudes :) . I'm glad I'm not alone on this. It almost seems like a desperate attempt on Maybelline's part to continue capitalizing on the nude trend. You're so right that not everything has to be "nude" or "naked."


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