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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Lipstick League - Week of 8.17.15

The Lipstick League Question of the Week

What do you think of the current ‘90s revival in beauty and fashion?

G's answer: I love that matte lips are back, and I REALLY love that pinky-brown lip colors are so hot right now (again). But since I was around for the original trends of the 90s, It's hard for me to revisit things like fanny packs, neon Ray-Ban Wayfarer-type sunglasses, tattoo chokers, etc. I have absolutely no problem with anyone else rocking these things, but I guess it's just that I saw those trends explode and then die a very slow, painful death back in the day, and it sort of scarred me. I remember when you could walk into any thrift store in America and be bombarded with southwest-style print clothing, bedding, table lamps, etc. There was just so much of it and, after a point, people were just getting rid of it in droves. My boyfriend and I were just talking about how we never thought that trend would ever come back, because it was so pervasive at the time (dentists offices, hotel rooms, your best friend's mom's bedroom, you name it) and it felt like the world was just "over it" after a certain point. But here we are, so I guess everything that's old is new again! Also, the grunge revival has me a bit perplexed. I guess what we're seeing is actually a reinterpretation of what grunge looked like back in the 90s, because there was a time when I was heavily into grunge (went to concerts, rocked the flannels, Doc Martens, etc.) and I never wore my makeup like some of the grunge makeup tutorials I've seen these days (some are accurate, but others are like, "Huh?"). Anyway, yeah. I'm embracing makeup colors and finishes of the 90s, but not the fashions (but again, I have no problem with anyone who IS embracing 90s fashion trends!).

  The Lipstick League Links of the Week

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we heart this - They've been out for a few months, but have you SEEN the swatches of the new Benefit They're Real Mascara and Push Up Liner shades? Oh that purple...

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)


  1. I'm loving it too, especially the brown toned shades, but I have to laugh at some of the tutorials on blogs and YT.. not even close.
    Speaking of decor, the trend I'm scared of is the dusty blue and mauve for EVERYTHING. Remember that? Just awful. I rented a house in the late 90's where the entire thing was dusty blue, mauve, and Navaho themed trim.. there was even a cactus painted on one was simply painful to look at, lol.
    I've been noticing lately the huge influx of 70's in clothing and decor....

  2. I wasn't around in the 90's (born in 98), so it's all new to me! Except the choker necklaces. Haha, I remember unpopular girls wearing them to school and the cool kids making fun of them, and now those "cool kids" wear them because they're back in style! Idiots. I agree with you on the rosy-brown lip colors. Loooove those!

  3. I'm just irritated that if I had kept all my old ugly backpack purses and stuff (and they were- and still are - ugly), I could be making some money off selling that. Because honestly, I walked through Target's handbag section the other week, and it was like walking through my high school back in the day. I wouldn't mind having a pair of Doc Martens now, though. I'm just waiting for matte eyeshadows to come back, because I'm over the whole shimmer thing for a while. Although if I can find a dupe of my old fave max factor pinky brown lipstick, it will probably come home with me.

  4. G...I hear you! I graduated high school in "94" so I remember the whole "brown shade" lipstick craze. MAC'S Photo was the very first MAC lipstick I bought. I felt so in Now a days...I'm not really into browns because I rocked the heck out of them during that time but I still have a few in my collection. Sort of been there done that but its fun to see the younger gen enjoy brown lippies as much as I did!

  5. I like the pink-brown lip colors but not matte lips. Honestly, they look so flat and dead and unhealthy to me. Just don't get the appeal. But then again, my teen years were waaaaay before the '90s!

  6. I'm old, so I've been seeing trends come and go for ages - my particular era was mid 70s to mid 80s - but some of the 90s makeup trends didn't really work for me first time around, let alone now, matte lipstick and contouring especially. I do like all the pinky brown shades, though, I think they are flattering across the board.

  7. I love some of the 1990s revival. Matte lipsticks, definitely. Especially nude, pink-nude, deep red, burgundy and plum/purple shades. Nude eye shadows are good, too. I could leave the chokers, clunky shoes and so on behind. I hope to see wavy and curly hair returning, but with more layers this time.

  8. There was a reason I wore NO makeup in the 90's ;)

  9. It's weird because I was prime bar-hopping age during the grunge period and I wore tons of makeup but I don't remember that pinky nude, for me anyway. I wore a lot of one-shadow looks with brown and rusty browns or mauves, paired with red lipstick always! I had this red LIPPIES with gold glitters in it, I panned the heck out of that shade and I still remember it fondly LOL And so much eyeliner!! Black smudged liner, with my Docs, flannel shirts and jean shorts.........those were the days! When my hubby sees pics of me from back then he says "You look fast and HOT!" Lol

  10. I have gotten so many of the new matte pinky neutral lip stickies! I'm pretty old - Plus60 - and will probably never wear them all down! I have enjoyed for the laugh sake of it seeing so many fashions come and go, but, noooooo on the Southwest theme! Or that mauve/blue color scheme! Being a teenager in the 60s, the fashions changed radically over the decade. Went from hair being about Beehives and French Twists with stilletos to long and flippy with white gogo boots and then to all things Hippy and 'natural'. In our hearts, though, we were all eaten up with jealousy over Cher hair!

  11. I was a teen back then (class of 96) and I totally agree that when you live through it the first go-round it feels silly to revisit, maybe only just a tiny nod to that time...small doses. I could never wear scrunchies, or chokers or those snap crotch body suit thingies under jeans *cringe*. I never did give up on Docs, as they are the most comfortable boots ever! I would also feel odd trying to rock the bell-bottoms or platform shoes again. I have no problem getting cozy with the flannel, would never say no to that, in or out of style...whatever. lol


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