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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spotted: NEW Revlon Fall 2015 The Fiery Temptress Collection

Continuing with my Fall 2015 coverage, today I'd like to share with you the new Revlon Fall 2015 collection, which I believe is only the second or third collection that Revlon has released since the exit of Gucci Westman (Revlon's new Global Artistic Director is Miquel Garcia Cotado, by the way).

Many thanks to longtime photo contributor @roguedarkholme on Instagram for the following pics of this collection, which she spotted at her local Bed Bath & Beyond recently (NOTE: this should be popping up at all the usual drugstores very soon as well).

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Revlon Fall 2015 The Fiery Temptress Collection
(spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond)

It's important to note that this display does not say "limited edition," rather it clearly states in the upper right corner that these are "new shades." So it appears that these are all new additions to the permanent, core line (further proof of this is that Revlon usually does not assign numbers to their limited edition shades, and all of these new items have numbers, as you'll see below).

Keep reading for more pics and info...

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
Highlighting Palette in 010 Peach Glow

This is the only repromote in this display (already part of the permanent line), and this wouldn't have even occurred to me had I not seen Jen at Budget Beauty Blog's post about this collection HERE. Great call, Jen!

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
Matte Balms

We have four new Matte Balm shades: 270 Fiery (there are actually two slots for this shade; one was just cut off in the pic above), 265 Fierce, 260 Passionate, and 255 Enchanting. You know I've got my eye on Fiery and Fierce, for sure.

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
Nail Colors

We have two new polish shades: 934 Untamed (glittery) and 645 Uninhibited (shimmery). Here's a closer look at Untamed:

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
934 Untamed

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
Photoready Primer, Shadow + Sparkle Palette

We also have one new eyeshadow palette: 523 Rustic

NOTE: There is also a new Photoready Kajal Matte Eye Pencil shade in this display (305 Matte Espresso) which you can see in Jen's post HERE

Have you spotted these new shades in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks again, @roguedarkholme, for the great sighting and pics!


  1. I haven't been a big glitter nail polish fan for a long time, but that deep rosy mauve with gold flecks is gorgeous. It's like glittery nails for grown-ups.

  2. uhhhh this collection is so sexy. Revlon is really good at Fall collections. I need Fierce and Fiery and Untamed for sure.

  3. I got the whole thing yesterday! Nail polish swatches nicely! I prefer the brand without Westman. Nothing against her personally, but I find this is more like the Revlon I first knew when I became a huge fan years ago.

  4. Haven't seen these yet, but I NEED Untamed.

  5. I think many of the Gucci Westman collections were good, but the colors were often off season. It happens on the runway, but doesn't translate well to real life. This looks more on trend and I like the visual.

    1. I thought Gucci Westman left Revlon earlier this year. (Did I dream that? If so, I may have a more serious make up addiction than I thought when I'm dreaming of famous MUAs career paths)

    2. Yes, she did (I mentioned that in the very first paragraph of this post, with a link to the announcement from earlier this year).

      Modern Grace was referring to past Gucci Westman collections, which is why she said the *were* good. She was commenting on the difference between her collections and this new one, which was created under the NEW artistic director. You can read more info about him by clicking the link that is also in the first paragraph of my blog post. Hope that clears it up! :)

    3. Ah! Thanks for clarifying!
      I only skimmed the post. Thank you for your extensive knowledge. Many bloggers don't bother to familiarize themselves with their products very well, let alone the brands and people behind them.

  6. Modern Grace, I think you put into words exactly how I feel. I always had trouble recreating Westman's looks and making them fit into my everyday life. I couldn't have said this any better! This collection almost reminds me of the Animal Instinct one Revlon did some years ago, which was one of my favorites!

  7. As a Revlon fan I am going to be looking for this but not sure I am going to buy anything. Not loving matte lips at all, but maybe the NP.

  8. Untamed is coming home with me as soon as I find it. The rest, meh.

  9. Oh, I hope I hate the matte lipsticks. I have too many as it is. (Wait, did I just say that?)

  10. Hi
    Jus spotted this stand yesterday at my local rite aid.
    All revlon is 40% off
    I bought 3 off the matte the colors also love that I got it for only a 5.69

  11. I'm ready for Revlon to change their bottle shape for the nail lacquer. And while I am a fan of matte balm color range in general, I often reach for them last because of their mint flavor. Vanilla or unscented please.

  12. I'm far too excited by the balms lol!
    Haven't purchased new makeup in gosh what 2 weeks? ;)
    Trying to no-buy, but then. .. THESE!!!!!


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