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Sunday, August 23, 2015

RED ALERT: Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 10-Piece Brush Set for ONE DOLLAR!

I'm not wasting any time here. My pal @targetfanatic just informed me that you can get this limited edition Sonia Kashuk 10-Piece Brush Set for ONE DOLLAR by clicking through the link in her Instagram bio HERE. I just checked and apparently this WAS available for purchase online, but now you can only access a list of stores in your area that have this set in stock. But if you find a store that has it, the price MAY be $1 not all stores have the same pricing on clearance items so it's important that you ask).  So call your store (if the Target site says it's in-stock there) and hopefully they can tell you more (and possibly hold a set for you until you can get it).

Thanks so much, @targetfanatic, for the awesome tip!


  1. I found one in Nashville. It rings up for full price and they won't honor anything else.

    1. Hey Steph, sorry for not responding sooner (I'm actually under the weather right now and drifting in and out of sleep). But I just wanted to tell you that what happened to you happened to others as well. If you go to Targetfanatic's Instagram post about this deal (link above) you can read through the comments to get a better idea of what's going on (and also my own Instagram...There's a lengthy discussion there too). It appears that's some people did get this deal, while others, like yourself, did not. I would normally update this blog post with a synopsis of what's happening, but it's pretty lengthy and I'm not feeling so hot right now, so I apologize for asking you to go elsewhere for an update. I'm so sorry about that, but you can definitely get the most recent info over on those Instagram posts (if you need it!). Thanks so much.

  2. I went to my store in Aiken SC because the website said that there was limited stock but when I got there it was actually out of stock. I even went to the guest services counter and they couldn't help me :(

  3. I found Pixi polish for $2.40 at my Target (reg retail $8). Also your holy grail lemon butter hand cream from Watkins. Smells like pound cake! Only $4.58. No brushes, but happy to have those!

  4. My friend is working at the Target near me that has this in stock, so here's hoping he can snag it for me!

  5. Although it didn't seem to apply at the stores near me, I talked the manager into it. Thank you for alerting us!!

  6. Awww, my store is out of stock and the closest one other than ours is over 2 hours away. So sad I missed this online deal. Thanks for posting though. I really didn't need any new brushes but being a bargain and all, well you know. They would have made a nice gift for my gifts/giveaway drawer.

  7. They weren't on sale at my Targets either but it was worth a shot!!

  8. I went to another target in my area. When I talk to the guy at guest services he showed me an email from corporate. It said that the one dollar pricing on the website earlier in the day was a mistake and that they would not to honor that price.

  9. My store sold out a while back. :(

  10. They are available in the clearance section at the Munster, In location for 18.98


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