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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Eight New ColourPop Ultra Matte Shades Releasing This Thursday (8/6)

Thanks to my pal Sophia (@lipstickjunkieforever on Instagram) for the tip about this one:

Eight new Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Shades - available 8/6

The eight new shades you see above will be available for purchase on the ColourPop website beginning this Thursday ($5 each). Shade names are: Guess, Be-Dazzled, Jellies, Mr. Blonde, Dr. M, Beeper, Clueless, and Kapow. You can check out this pic on Sophia's Instagram for some lip swatches of four of these sahdes.

Man, I'm not even done writing my review on the original shades I purchased when these first launched (I was one of the lucky ones to get them before they sold out and restocked) and now there are MORE?? I don't know about you, but I'm liking the looks of Clueless (and not just because it's named "Clueless"!). Any shades jumping out at you?

Thanks again, Sophia, for the great tip!


  1. I'm also looking at Clueless, Bedazzled and possibly Beeper. The other colors are a bit out there for my taste. I'm 47 and can't see myself wearing black, green or blue lippies though I would love to see these shades on other people.

  2. I just bought two of the Ultra Mattes (along with the rest of a highly disappointing order) and and found them to be one step above trash. They are chalky, dry, uncomfortable, and they sort fall off in small powdery increments until the lips are mottled--usually in under an hour. The parts that don't powder off cling til the death in a patchy mess. While this was acceptable in the 90s when longwear technology had not made leaps and bounds, in 2015 it is unacceptable. I finished my road tests and will not be wearing these again. I'm firmly convinced this company doesn't accept returns because if they did, they'd be out of business.

    1. Wow. Can't wait to read G's review

    2. wow I find your comment really surprising. I've tried matte lip stains from NYX, Sleek, and Gerard Cosmetics and the Colourpop ones are my favorite by far. I found them to apply very smoothly and evenly, no complaints! Very strange you had such a bad experience with them.

    3. i believe it's the specific shade you get, the lighter ones are the bad ones, while tulle and bumble (my FAVES!) are magnificent. I am of a medium tan complexion, so i tend to stay away from the lighter shades which wash me out, so with the colors i chose, my experience was more towards a 9 and 10.

    4. Did u follow that drama on You Tube with Gerard cosmetics? For that reason alone, I would not purchase his products.

    5. I was not a fan of the clourpop matte eyeshadows. I loved the metallics, but I would not repurchase another matte.

    6. Weird, my name didn't show up on my initial rant. Any road, almost my whole order from them was trash--the Lippie Stix was the only thing that seemed to match the reviews I have found online. My powder products came broken, shrunken, and the highlighter also looked used. No pigment in the shadows--they looked like the highlighter should have. The highlighter wore off in 2 hours. One of my Ultra Mattes was a bright and the other dark, but they are neither one ever getting worn on my lips again. I'd give them away, but I don't have anyone I dislike that much. Just awful.

    7. Wow. I've had nothing short of excellence from them, products and service. They're quickly becoming HG status as the only mattes I can wear comfortably and the e/s and blushes and highlighters are to die for.

  3. I wonder if I'd like Clueless... I got Solow which it looks similar too, but Solow was a tad too light for my liking. I just received Gerard Cosmetics liquid matte lipstick in Serenity (has been very popular on Instagram) and it's only half the amount of product you get with Colourpop and twice the price! (and that was with a 35% discount code) I love how affordable and excellent quality Colourpop cosmetics are! <3

  4. Ooohh I am loving Clueless. I wasn't able to snag any the first time around and was going to place an order this week to get Solow and Button (lippie stix). I may just have to add a few more items to my order and get free shipping! ColourPop is quickly becoming a HG brand for me (as far as lip products). I am anxiously awaiting your review on the Ultra Mattes G! :)

  5. These are available on the ColourPop website now. I just bought Clueless and Beeper with a few other ultra mattes. So excited for them to arrive!!

  6. I absolutely love Colourpop and everything I have tried from them has been a hit. I picked up Trap, Bumble, amd Lychee on the first go round and just placed another order for Limbo, Tulle andd (the latest) Kapow. I really adore their matte liquid lip colors. One thing I always do first is to make sure I gently scrub my lips with a warm damp wash cloth, pat them dry and then add a light lip balm or lip primer before I put them on. It really helps to keep them looking their best for the longest perlod of time. I even loved their matte shadows, they blend out really nicely with a nice dense round brush ;)

  7. I love these ultra matte lipsticks..I have ordered 6 the first time they launched and I love all the shades..but I know that I can't use them when my lips are super dry and flakey..What you need to do is scrub your lips well to get red of any dry bits..then put a thick layer of lip balm before you put your the time you finish your makeup blot your lips to get rid of most of the lip balm then line your lips and fill them in with a lip liner and after that put the thinest layer of the lip stick..they are pigmented any way and you don't need much..they'll look good and last long..I can't stress more how I love these lipsticks..


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