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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three New Collections from Sinful Colors

I totally dropped the ball on my Sinful Colors coverage these past few weeks (I blame the little summer vacation I took!) but even though I may have missed a collection or two, I am determined to get back on track and bring you the Sinful Colors coverage you're used to getting around here.

And with that, I have THREE new collections to share with you today! Let's start with this one, which isn't exactly new, but perhaps a new formulation:

Coming Soon: Sinful Shine 2-Step Manicure Polishes

The Sinful Shines are coming BACK! I hope this is good news for those of you who were fans of this line and were sad to see it go. I know nothing more than what Sinful Colors shared on their official Instagram page here (did you know that Sinful Colors has an official Instagram now? They do, and they've been sharing lots of sneak peeks lately!). 

I'm wondering if we'll see all new colors with a new formula, or if the colors will be the same as the original Sinful Shines but with a new formula? Either way, I can't wait to see them.

Keep reading for a look two other new collections from Sinful Colors...

Coming Soon: Sinful Colors Chalkboard Diaries 
Limited Edition Demi-Matte Finish Nail Polishes

Again, I don't know much about this one other than what Sinful Colors shared on their Instagram (just the shade name for the color in the foreground, which is Truth or LavenDARE. But it's always exciting to see new shades with a new finish, right?

And last but certainly not least, I want to thank reader @nola_ululu on Instagram for sharing some pics of the New Neon collection, which is now popping up at Walgreens:

image credit: @nola_ululu for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Colors New Neons Collection at Walgreens

There are six shades in this collection:

image credit: @nola_ululu for Nouveau Cheap
1556 Vivid a Try, 1553 neON and ON

image credit: @nola_ululu for Nouveau Cheap
1554 Rays of Bright, 1555 Bright B4 UR Eyes

image credit: @nola_ululu for Nouveau Cheap
1557 The Bright Thing, 1558 Bright to the Point

@nola_ululu purchased Bright B4 Ur Eyes and she said that it goes on like a jelly and doesn't dry matte (like most neons), but that it wasn't very neon bright except for when she used a white base color underneath.

@nola_ululu also confirmed that the other shades in this display are all repromotes (nothing new) and include the following:

Top Shine top coat
Energetic Red
Snow Me White
Black on Black
Anchors Away
Dream On
Why Not
Hip to Be Square

Have you spotted the New Neons at your local Walgreens (or Rite Aid)? Thoughts? I don't know when the new Sinful Shines or the new Chalkboard Diaries collections will hit stores, but hopefully it will be soon.

Thanks again, @nola_ululu, for the great pics and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. I saw the neons and chalkboard collections just today at Walgreen's. I got a purple in the Chalkboard and the orangs in the neon.

  2. I'm SO happy that the Sinful Shines are coming back! I really loved the formula, and the shades, and was really devastated that they were taken away. Glad to see that they have some new shades to play with in the other collections, and I can't wait till I see these popping up at my drugstores in the future, thanks so much for keeping us updated!

  3. I bought the neons last weekend from Walgreens and I second that all but one are more sheer, kinda like how most old school neons work. They definitely need white undies but they have a nice formula so I don't mind! Bright to The Point is the only one that can pass without a white undie (I'm wearing it now!) and it's really pretty but yea a couple shades under being a true neon but still very bright. Reminds me of a toned down China Glaze Bottoms Up

  4. I did see the neon display but since I didn't see anything very very bright I didn't buy. I have a ton of neon. I am excited to see the gel shine. I'm not really buying much right now. Still hoping against hope for WNW California Dreaming!

  5. I have been to so many stores for the neon and chalkboard collections and nothing here in my area of South Florida yet. I can't wait to get them and try the new gel 2 step

  6. I still haven't seen the last displays, they never showed up to my walgreens. I hope at least the neons do this time. My rite aids have also quit carrying all LE displays for some reason. No one there knows why

  7. I don't have a date for the Sinful Shines yet but I can say there will be 27 colors and that it's a two step process now. Before you didn't "need" a top coat bc they were just supposed to be shiny, right? The "new" ones will have a top coat as the second step. I also don't see the word new on my info so it might be the old colors but new formulation.

  8. You're very welcome, G.! And thanks for sharing the other new lines! I am so excited for SinfulShines to be coming back. That line of polish reignited for me a few years ago a long-forgotten passion for nail polish. And sign me up for anything MATTE!

  9. I've seen the neons.. they are blinding in the display, too bad it doesn't translate to the nail.
    I can do matte.. or gloss.. but demi-matte just looks like old "due for a manicure" polish to me.

  10. The demi-matte! Wooow I must have them.

  11. I love the neon polish and bought too hip to be square. So I'm waiting for the Sinful shine

  12. Waiting for the Sinful shine collection. I have a few of those from the old collection. But I love the neon polish.

  13. SinfulColors Neons are Exclusive to Walgreens July-August, we have etager, sidekick and counters…

    NEW SinfulShine 2-Step Manicure, Our favorite SinfulShine shades now as formula 2-step… launches next week, first @Walmart! Full Details on product and availability on as of Monday, 7/13. We are launching with previous favorites in our new line and will then flow in new shades as part of this 2-STEP Manicure launch!

    Chalkboard diaries is NOW available at Rite-Aid, K-Mart, Walgreens and other drug and mass retailers

    Hope this helps… and thanks for your post!

  14. Yay! Glad the SinfulShine line is back. :) I love the 4 I own (Too Cool for Pool, Nouveau Purple, Shining Couture and Prosecco). Look forward to seeing which shades my local Walgreens gets. I really want Mystique, Shine Annie, Breaking Bland and Rendez Vous. Hope they bring back Slick and Amazonian this year.


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