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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eight New Milani Color Statement Lipstick Shades

Can we take a moment to return to regular (as in, non-matte) lipsticks for a moment? I know we're all excited about those Milani limited edition matte lip cremes, but guess what? There are EIGHT new regular Color Statement Lipsticks now popping up at CVS stores. Check it out:

image credit: @hermakeupmemoir for Nouveau Cheap
New Milani Color Statement Lipstick shades spotted at CVS

Thanks so much to reader @hermakeupmemoir for sharing this pic of seven of the eight new shades that are now popping up at CVS locations across the country.

Keep reading for more info and a link to some swatches...

As luck would have it, at the same time that I received this pic from @hermakeupmemoir, I received an email from reader Annie, who also spotted these new shades and confirmed that there are EIGHT. Here's the list she provided:

48 Tuscan Toast
49 Brandy Berry
50 Velvet Merlot
51 Blushing Beauty
52 Coral Addict
53 Empress
54 Rebel Rouge
55 Bahama Beige

So the one shade NOT pictured above is 50 Velvet Merlot, which I'm guessing is a deep wine shade (gee, what could have given me that idea?). @hermakeupmemoir purchased Bahama Beige and Blushing Beauty, and posted a review with arm and lip swatches HERE if you want to check that out.

Have you spotted these new shades in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks again, Annie and @hermakeupmemoir, for the great info. I really appreciate it!


  1. I found Tuscan Toast and Brandy Berry just hanging out in the home display. I scooped them up quick. Now to get the rest!!!

  2. Awesome!! I'm a huge fan of these lipsticks (I have 9 of them) and I'm very looking forward to these new shades!

  3. milani is killin' it right now !

    i'm contemplating whether or not i should get the liquid lippies .

    i just bought the cp ultra matte lippies & abh's new liquid lippie in 'paint' so i'm trying to be a good girl .


    out of these shades , tuscan toast intrigues me the most .

    ––– nicole

  4. Since I won't be getting and the matte lippies, liquid or otherwise I feel totally justified getting one or two of these! Definitely need to try Coral Addict, because I am!! I still haven't found my holy grail Coral yet, maybe this one will be it!

  5. Milani really just needs to take all of my money right now!!

  6. I wish some of this new stuff would turn up in stores. I've had an eye peeled for a lot of these new items and find very little.

  7. I found Velvet Merlot last week by itself in a CVS. I was confused because I thought there were only new Matte colors coming out plus it smells like vanilla instead of watermelons. I couldn't find anything online about it so glad to see the rest of the colors! I've only found two of the new Matte colors so far.

  8. What's crazy is I was trolling the 13,459th Walgreens I had been to this week in search of the new Milani liquid mattes when it occurred to me that they do not carry a coral shade. I guess they heard my cry!

  9. Milani! You're killing me, Smalls! I am actually feeling overwhelmed by all the new products coming out. But, how could you say"No!" to some of these beautiful colors at such an amazing price point? I'm very interested in a swatch of Coral Addict. I've been searching for a lip shade to match my favorite blush in the world, Luminoso. If anyone has any suggestions, please do share! Really digging the monochromatic look lately.

  10. Can't wait for someone to swatch Coral Addict!

  11. I went to two stores (still looking for that Matte Fearless lipstick-there's a slot for it now in the permanent display but the lipstick wasn't there). I bought all of them since I wasn't sure if they were limited edition or not even though they are in the permanent display section. I will try to test them out over the weekend. I am trying to remember if Milani has released a color statement lipstick no. 47 - I seem to recall that nos. 45 and 46 were a variation of a pink lipstick.

  12. I saw a couple of these pop up in Instagram pictures and thought they had been I know why I couldn't find them in my local stores. I want them all!

  13. Ahhhh!!! I'm totally going on the hunt for these! Hopefully I have better luck with these than I did with the liquid lipsticks!!! My friend who lives across the country, just found them for me and shipped them to me!! Now on to these!!

    I'm happy because I didn't LOVE the new matte shades that Milani just came out with. Maybe in the fall I will but a lot of dark ones, which isn't really my style. These look perfect!

  14. So these new colors don't smell like watermelons? I hope they reformulate the original colors to the vanilla scent!


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