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Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Dollar Tree Beauty Sightings (PLUS: Friends & Family Event Sunday!)

I've got a pic-heavy Dollar Tree beauty sightings post for you today, but before I get into that...

Many thanks to reader @Jvictorin23 on Instagram for the heads-up about this sale! Tomorrow (Sunday), 7/19 only, get 10% off your $10+ purchase. Basically, when you buy ten items, you'll get the tenth item free (pay $9 instead of $10 for ten items). This can add up if you're planning a large haul (and you just might, after you see all of these new goodies showing up at Dollar Tree right now!). 

According to the Dollar Tree website, YOU MUST PRINT THIS COUPON and show it to the cashier at checkout to get this discount. Dollar Tree specifically says "Printed voucher must be presented at time of purchase" here.

Now, on to the sightings...

PLEASE READ: I understand that some of these sightings may not be new to some of you. But please keep in mind that not all Dollar Tree locations are the same. Some stores may just now be getting these items, while others may have had them in stock for quite a while now. I like to show you everything I can in these types of posts, especially if you're not a frequent Dollar Tree shopper. I hope this gives you a better idea of what you MAY find at your locations, especially if you haven't been to Dollar Tree in a while Thanks for your understanding!

I've been hearing for, geeze, maybe a year(?) now that some of you have lots of Profusion eyeshadow palettes at your Dollar Trees. But I just haven't seen these at my Dollar Trees...until now! 

I was THRILLED to find the previously-named Twinkle Twinkle Palette (it's now called Gemineye) above at my Dollar Tree! You may recall that I reviewed this palette when it came out for Holiday 2013 at Walgreens (CLICK HERE if you missed my review) and I love, love, love it. If you haven't tried this little gem yet, you might just fall in love with it. Seriously, the pigmentation is great and that duochrome shade is so lovely on the eye.

My Dollar Tree also had several other Profusion palettes (above is just one of them) but they all seem to have the same formulation as the Twinkle Twinkle palette, so I can't wait to try some of these.

NOT a bargain (WnW Coloricon singles are always $0.99 everywhere) however, for some reason I always hear from readers who have a hard time finding Brulee in their areas, so if you can't find this shade at your drugstores, try Dollar Tree! My store had a few other shades (but none as popular as Brulee).

Lots o' Lip Smacker glosses! Lip Polishes in Coconut Ice and Pink Velvet Gelato, and also a few Lip Sparklers.

ChapSticks are usually around $2 at most drugstores, and I happen to love Raspberry Crème (it might be my favorite of all the core ChapSticks). 

My local stores all had a few shades from the now-discontinued Revlon Brilliant Strength line. This one is Beguile and it is quite lovely (check out Kelly of VampyVarnish's swatches HERE).

Milani Quick Teal!! I loooove this shade. If you missed my review of this when it first came out, check it out HERE for swatches.

There are been many, MANY Milani makeup sightings over the past year or two (too many to list here, and I have already posted about them several times) but my stores pretty much only had nail polish left at this point. I did find it interesting that two of the CVS-exclusive shades from 2012 were new to my Dollar Tree stores. Above are Natural Touch and Morning Coffee (you can check out Kelly's swatches HERE). 

BOTH of the Maybelline Fall 2014 Limited Edition Fashion Rocks collection shades, I Got You Beige and Plum As You Are, were at my Dollar Tree! You might recall that I really wanted Plum As You Are when I first posted about that collection, but then I kind of forgot about it. I picked it up when I saw it and I posted a sneak peek on my Instagram (love that hidden shimmer!). After that post, I heard from some of you who have also spotted Plum As You Are at your Dollar Trees recently so, if you find it, grab it! Check out swatches HERE--it's gorgeous. It's a deep, muted plum-gray with hidden pink shimmer. 

I also spotted Ravishing Red, which was part of the Maybelline Winter 2014 Limited Edition Rebel Red collection.

And I also spotted Green Graffiti, which I reviewed/swatched for you HERE back in January 2014 (when Maybelline added these to the permanent line-up).

I know you only get three of these Olay cloths for $1, but it could be a nice way to try these if you've been curious about them (or for travel).

I know that the Dial Coconut Water line came out in February 2013, but I don't recall seeing these two-packs at my Dollar Tree before. So I just wanted to mention it...

Now I know these are not new (I remember I posted about them on Instagram a while back and many of you had already tried them, with mixed results). So I wanted to mention these Organix dupes today because I would LOVE to hear if any of you have had success with them.

Spa Haus is made by Evergreen Brands (same makers as Silkience, Tame, and Lavoris).

I usually see new Salon Selectives products at Big Lots, so this kind of surprised me. I don't know how new it is, but it's new to me! Have any of you tried Salon Selectives 3 Minute Hair Therapy yet? 

Now if you're like me, then you probably associate Pure & Natural with hand soap and body wash. I was totally surprised to see that they have haircare now, and at Dollar Tree. Have any of you tried these yet?

Over the past several months, I've received tips from several of you about these acrylic trays. These are drawer organizers that are about 4" x 4" and, according to you, they work beautifully for holding eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, etc.  in desk drawers, vanity drawers, bathroom drawers, Helmers, get the idea!

If you're interested in these, get them tomorrow (Sunday) while they're 10 for $9 with that coupon I linked to above!


I had to mention these kitchen accessories. Those patterns are cute, right? 

And if you're a Dawn fan, these 9-oz bottles can run anywhere from $1.40 to $2.50 depending on the retailer, so that's a nice little deal for a buck.

Whew! If you're still reading this, congrats! We got through it! I would love to know what YOU have been spotting at your local DT stores lately (beauty or otherwise) and how you plan to use that coupon if you're stopping by your Dollar Tree tomorrow (Sunday)!

Thanks again, @Jvictorin23, for the great tip about the event!


  1. Raspberry Creme ChapStick is pure heaven! I bought one at Big Lots a year or two back and I still love, love, love it. The texture, the scent, and even the taste (although I don't get a lot of flavor from it) all work for me!

    Might have to visit Dollar Tree soon to see if they have it in stock!

  2. BTW, thanks for the mega Dollar Tree post. I don't get to the DT here often (as in I've been there once). My store had a decent (ish) selection of beauty products, but I was there more to check it out than to buy anything. Your post is definitely making me want to go again... and it just so happens that I have a LOT of books I need/want to sell and the used bookstore is in the same strip mall as DT.

    It's fate, I tell ya! :)

    1. Hey the used bookstore, Big Lots, Tuesday Morning and Sally's Beauty Supply are all in the same strip mall as my Dollar Tree too! It makes sense I guess as they all attract the same kind of shopper as myself.

    2. I'm really enjoying the L'Oreal Makeup Artiste lip brush with cover to use with the Stila convertible color blush/lipstick that I recently got from their sale page. That way, I can take the Stila with me to touch up my lipstick.

  3. I looooove the Dollar Tree! I picked up the Organix "dupe" in tea tree mint and while it smells amazing, it's extremely watered down. I needed nearly 1/4 of shampoo to wash my fine, straight, shoulder-length hair. It's been downgraded to my husband's end of the product shelf and even he complained about how much he had to use.

    It's one of the few duds I've ever gotten from my beloved DT, but if you don't mind using a lot of product, it's not bad LOL

    1. My husband loves that shampoo and conditioner. lol He stocked up on it but he does have an itchy scalp on occasion and he said this helped with that.

    2. I agree with Ally, I used the Spa Haus tea tree mint shampoo for the first time this morning, and it's extremely watered down. I have longer, thicker hair and I think I used 1/3 bottle for just one shampoo! The conditioner is a little better, but not much. Also, it doesn't really have that nice minty smell that lingers in your hair, it doesn't really smell like anything. Actually, I feel like I need to wash my hair again. Even for a dollar, I doubt I'll be buying it again. Suave goes much further!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've tried the deep conditioner from salon selectives and I really like it! A lot of people on Instagram that I've met through the dollar tree hashtag (for sightings all the time! Lol) call it their holy grail!

  5. I wish Dollar Tree had this kind of stuff in Canada! My closest store doesn't even sell make up.

    1. I didnt know that Canada had dollar tree's, i thought they only had dollarama?

    2. I completely agree. Any of the Canadian Dollar trees I've visited have very few makeup products and it's mostly the same LA Color items every time. Would LOVE to find the items that the US stores have. Even at $1.25 which is the Canadian Dollar Tree price for most items.

  6. I was on vacation last week, so I got to go to Dollar Tree in a different city, which is always good for finding things you haven't seen there before. I found: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner-Smoky Hazel Eyes (this has been sighted by others before, but it was the first time I found shimmer strips eye shadow at DT-I had previously only seen the blush), NYC Eyeliner Duet double ended eyeliner, NYC Applelicious Lip Balm (I've been buying this at DT for a least a year, but I found a color I didn't have. This stuff is great.), Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Polish (in Tantalize, which is a glittery chartreuse green), and the most exciting find -- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Stickers in the 2014 Halloween patterns (all 4 patterns! Including the lips with the vampire fangs!). Oh, and in regard to the orange and green patterned towels and pot holders you have pictured -- my local DT has a whole line of other products to match those, which also includes more colors/patterns. They have really nice HUGE round, plastic containers with lids. They are the biggest plastic containers like that I've ever seen at DT. They would be perfect for taking large amounts of food to a pot luck, or just to use for serving. I hope they make Christmas patterned containers like this in the winter, because they would be great for holding cookies and treats. They also have a tall, rectangular container with a lid that I got just because it's a unique shape that I've never seen before. They also had the plastic shoe box type containers in solid, clear colors to match the other products in this line. These boxes are perfect for holding nail polish.

  7. We've been using the Spa Haus coco butter conditioner on my 5 year old daughter's curly hair and its working wonders, smells amazing, and for the price if she drops a bottle or uses a bit too much I'm not worried.

  8. Things I have stocked up on in the past, noting that our town is about 25,000 population so convenience is a factor:

    * cotton pads
    * crafter's felt (regular price about 22 cents per square foot, which makes it cheaper than regular price and close to a with-coupon price at JoAnn's)
    * pencil pouches (I have most of my nail polishes color sorted into these, with more frequent/recent ones in my nail kit)
    * gauze pads and similar first aid items
    * petroleum jelly
    * cotton gloves to wear in conjunction with lotion
    * mini hair clips, about 12 to a pack
    * plackers grind-no-more/stop grinding
    * softsoap refills
    * assorted organizing trays
    * ChapIce sometimes has high SPF lip balm. I wish more lip balms were 15-30 SPF!
    * fashion emergency items, such as small amounts of fashion tape, eyeglass repair kits, and little sewing kits
    * not to mention all of the non-beauty items such as gift bags, paper napkins, and so forth

    Way, way back (10 years and 1500 miles ago?) I used to be able to find a nice basic toner at DT too. It can be worth getting to know your local store's quirks and compare prices.

  9. Your dollar stores are much cooler than mine! Haha!

  10. I got almost all the new nail polishes for next to nothing, score!:) didn't see the e/s but they were still stocking when I was there.

  11. I love this post. I like reading about new DT things.

  12. I got Plum As You Are, after a bit of digging and might have to go snag a second bottle. Yeah. It's not hoarding if you get a backup of a fun "neutral" that's a $1.00! I wasn't sure the nearer Dollar Tree would seriously have it—moved to a tiny town but at least it HAS DT. I checked out the SpaHaus Argan/Cocoa and Keratin Oil and the good stuff is 15 and 13 ingredients down, respectively. Not a whole lot of the good stuff in either one. I didn't see the conditioners, they only had the matching Tea Tree shampoo/conditioner. I was disappointed in them because I was hoping it would be a dupe of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special but not quite as minty-smelling and looked... Kind of gel-like for conditioner. Oh well. At least I can get LA Colors and ColorShow for cheap.

    Sorry if there are repeat comments, Google isn't saving my login today.

  13. I love that Revlon nail polish. I pick up a new one every time I go. Also, I have not tried the Oragnix dupe shampoos and conditioners, but I have tried the body wash and it is actually really good! I would love to see a review on the stuff that you mentioned here.

  14. Two products I LOVE from my local Dollar Tree: coloreazy hair permanent cream hair color, for a dollar you can't go wrong! It works, it lasts, but it doesn't come with the little tube of conditioner, so I just condition with whatever I have on hand. I used to be a hair product tester for a major cosmetic company and have a sensitive scalp, even I can use this product, made in Canada! Next product: Natural White Sensitive Whitening Floride toothpaste. Sensitive toothpaste formulas are usually very expensive. This is made in the USA and works just as well as the name brand stuff. I've been using it for awhile now, and just had my 6-month dental check-up. No cavities, no problems! Just wanted to share :)


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