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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kiko Cosmetics US Online Store Now Open (Plus: 50% Off Sale)

If you've never heard of Kiko Cosmetics, I'll catch you up to speed on why I'm so excited about this in a moment!

But first, I'm thrilled to tell you that Kiko has finally opened an online store for US customers! Since Kiko Cosmetics stores in the US are only on the East Coast (for now), this is great news for the rest of us who have been wanting to try some things!

Thanks so much to reader @missjae1908 on Instagram for this tip:

Kiko Cosmetics US online store now open 
Everyday free shipping on orders $35+

Along with the debut of the US online store, Kiko is currently offering 50% off everything on this page, plus you will receive a free gift box (to be clear, this is empty--it's a gift box + tissue) with any order. Since I'm a box fanatic, I can appreciate this freebie! Also, you get everyday free shipping on orders $35+, no code required.

Keep reading for more info about Kiko Cosmetics...

Kiko Cosmetics is an affordable Italian cosmetics company that debuted in 1997. They have retail locations in eight countries across Europe, and recently expanded to the US (all of their stores are on the East Coast--you can view a store locator HERE). I'm guessing that they will expand beyond the East Coast eventually, but the great news for the rest of us is that we can now purchase Kiko products online.

You may have recently seen some buzz about Kiko on social media, blogs, etc., and I'm guessing this has a lot to do with their new retail locations on the East Coast. I have personally seen lots of in-store pics and product pics on my Instagram feed as of late, so I'm thrilled that I can finally order some things and see what all this buzz is about it.

Kiko sells their own house-brand cosmetics, nail color, skincare, beauty tools, and brushes (and they have LOTS to choose from). I've heard from some of you who have compared their products to Sephora's house brand, and also to brands like MAC, since they have an emphasis on bold colors. Their prices are affordable (even better with the current 50% off sale) but I do want to mention that I've heard from some readers who find some of their products can be hit-or-miss. This doesn't surprise me though, since their product line is so extensive--not everything can be fabulous, and it may take a while for us to sort out the "must-haves" from the "skips." 

And that's where YOU come in! If you already own some Kiko Cosmetics, I would absolutely love if you would comment below and share your opinions with us! What do you consider a must-have? What would you skip? 

I've currently got my eye on their Summer 2015 Miami Beach Babe Collection Deco Delight Lipsticks (polka dots!) which are now on sale for $4.90 each. Pixiwoo did a review with swatches HERE, if you'd like to see them.

Thanks again, @missjae1908, for the great tip about the new website!


  1. Nail polish! YAY! Thank you for posting.

  2. I love Kiko. There is a store in the mall in my hometown in Germany. I always stock up when I go visit. It's nice that they sell it here online now. But it's more than twice the price. Certain items almost triple.

    1. Aaaah, well all the more reason to take advantage of this sale, eh? Plotting an order right now... :)

      Also, what do you love??

    2. Sadly none of the stuff I tried is on sale. The infinity and sparkle eyeshadows are nice and the water eyeshadows are really, really nice. I tried the cool touch eyeshadow and didn't care for it. It takes a lot of building up. Hope you find something you like

  3. The blushes and bronzers from the Modern Tribes Collection are fabulous! Beautiful wooden packaging and they're incredibly similar to the Hourglass Ambient blushes and bronzers!!

    1. Aaaah, thank you SO MUCH!!! :)

  4. I am SO EXCITED! I've been waiting for this moment since I got back from Italy! I loved everything I got there! The smart lipstick line and the super colour liquid eyeliner are amazing!!

  5. I second the Modern Tribes's amazing! A Kiko store just opened in my town and I got the bronzer for $12 during the grand opening sale (reg $27!). I'm so happy they're online now too! Their Glossy Lip Stylo lipsticks are wonderful too!

  6. Weird that it is Italian, I assumed from the name it was Asian...

    I want to get my hands on more of their nail polish, I only have one!

  7. I was first introduced to Kiko when their watershadow 208 light gold was named as a dupe for whisper of gilt (MAC) that was LE and sold out everywhere. I managed to have a friend grab one for me and it is a beautiful shadow and formula that I was obsessed with. I was so disappointed to find that they have discontinued watershadow 208 for the US stores and will be re-releasing the color as a highlight because I'm sure it will no longer be $14. With that said, I have already ordered from the new

  8. I love their nail polish - a dear French friend sent me some. The formula is so creamy and perfect - amazing for the price point. I am thrilled to be able to get it online now.

  9. I live on the east coast and have never seen or heard of this brand. I will have to check them out.

  10. The nail polishes are so good. Great variety, consistency, and long-lasting. I'm lucky enough to have two kiko stores within easy driving distance. Going to be trying some of the eyeshadows soon

  11. So bummed that all the Deco Delight brighter colors are already sold out!

  12. Polish for the win - the cremes are generally excellent and come in such a wide range of colours. I am also a HUGE fan of the eyeliners

  13. I've had Kiko items sent to me from friends that live in Italy and everything I've received I loved. I have mostly eye products so far, but nice, quality stuff, I've been waiting for this website for a long time. so excited!

  14. I've been waiting years for this! However, I'm sad the selection of eyeshadows is much smaller than in France. All the deeper purple shadows (149, 152, 158) are unavailable. I'll still stock up on glosses at least.

    As for the markup, it's far less than a plane ticket to Europe so I'll pay it.

  15. A friend in Paris introduced me to Kiko. I've only used their nail polish so far but I am SO excited to be able to try new things. Yesyesyes.


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