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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Interesting News in the World of Dollar Stores

You might recall a while back that Dollar Tree and Dollar General were both trying to acquire Family Dollar. In the end, Dollar Tree prevailed. Today I want to share with you some interesting news about what might be happening to the Family Dollar stores in your area.

Keep reading for the scoop...

Dollar Tree has announced that it is planning to sell off 300+ Family Dollar stores across the nation. But apparently NONE of those stores will actually be closing.

In an article on Coupons in the News, it has been revealed that Dollar Tree will be selling some of its newly-acquired Family Dollar locations to Sycamore Partners (owners of Aeropostale, Coldwater Creek, Talbots and other retailers), and that Sycamore "plans to transform the 330 stores in 35 states into its very own dollar store chain, called Dollar Express."

From Coupons in the News:
Most of the Family Dollar stores on the list are very close to existing Dollar Tree locations. While the two chains’ assortment and price points are very different, the Federal Trade Commission said allowing the chains to combine as is, would lessen competition. “This settlement will ensure that consumers will continue to benefit from competition among their local dollar stores,” Debbie Feinstein, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Competition, said in a statement.

Even after the switchover, Family Dollar will still have 7,800 stores in nearly every state in the country. That number could dwindle further, though, as Dollar Tree has said it plans to rebrand at least a handful of Family Dollar stores as Dollar Trees, as an experiment. Dollar Tree itself currently has some 5,000 locations, so it would have to rebanner at least 1,400 Family Dollar stores in order for the parent company to gain store-count parity with its new acquisition.

However it all plays out, the store sales to Sycamore cap a tumultuous battle for Family Dollar that began last year. Soon after Dollar Tree announced its intention to acquire Family Dollar, rival Dollar General swooped in with its own offer. After much back and forth, and some fighting words from both sides, Dollar Tree prevailed. Retail analysts had estimated that Dollar General would have had to close or sell some 4,000 stores in order for the deal to go through, and Dollar General had strongly hinted that it would eventually convert the remaining Family Dollar locations to Dollar Generals.

That won’t happen now, as all three major dollar store chains will continue to operate under their current names. And all three plan to continue opening new stores at a rapid pace. The only difference is, there will be a smaller, upstart new competitor in the mix. Sycamore hasn’t said much about what Family Dollar shoppers can expect after their stores are converted to Dollar Express. Will selection, prices, policies, store layouts and employees remain the same? We don’t know just yet.

TL;DR:  In the very near future, a NEW dollar store chain called Dollar Express (from the owners of Aeropostale, Coldwater Creek and Talbots) will be popping up in many states across the nation.

What all of this means in terms of a new option for budget beauty remains to be seen. But I'm always excited by the prospect of a new retailer for discounted beauty products, so I'm looking forward to hearing from YOU once this new chain opens (I would report on it myself, but it looks like the closest stores in my area will be 200+ miles away!).

To view the complete list of the 300+ Family Dollar stores that were sold to Sycamore (and that will become Dollar Express stores in the near future), CLICK HERE.


  1. I wish one of these guys would start carrying brands like LA Girl, Nikka K, Ruby Kisses, Absolute New York, City Color, etc. There are some fabulous low end brands out there that have next to no retail exposure.

    1. I totally agree with you on that one. I can basically only get most of the brands you listed at the indie beauty supplies in my area. I'm lucky to have tons of awesome indie beauty supplies in my area, but I KNOW that's not the same for everyone. :(

    2. I third that motion! I can only get those brands online. So frustrating! Lately the Dollar Tree has been really lacking in beauty items

    3. G... Which supply stores? I would love to check them out :) thanks!!!!

    4. Omg so many! Empire, OK Beauty, Beauty Supply Warehouse, Sam's, Vyvy's...check Yelp for store locations. :)

  2. Well this makes me nervous. Where I live the only place to get groceries without getting on a bus is the Family Dollar. If they become a Dollar Tree the quality of what meager groceries you can get in my neighborhood is going to tank. I know nothing about this other dollar store, but the Dollar Trees near me just don't carry decent food. A lot of low income people in my neighborhood are going to be hurt by this.

    1. Did you check the list I linked to see if your store is turning into a Dollar Express? If it isn't, it seems like there's a good chance that it will remain a Family Dollar. Hopefully nothing will change, if that's the case. I really hope your store remains the same. Food deserts are a growing epidemic in this country and I truly hate to think that the people in your area won't have easy access to the things they need. Please keep us posted?

    2. Agreed. I live in MA and there are a ton of stores on the list of ones being sold. One is in a low-income community where I'm a social worker and I know for a fact that a lot of people depend on the Family Dollar there. :(

  3. A new Dollar Express store will be in my city and I'm really curious as to what they will be selling. The makeup section will be the first isle I head over to once it's opened.

  4. I'm not a Family Dollar shopper, because not everything is a dollar! I don't really have a handle on what their p;rices are really worth (and there's not one by me anyway). I love Dollar Tree, and the one by me has a frozen section that is decent. If you live in CA/AZ, check out 99 Cents Only, which is my FAVE dollar store. It's huge and well stocked! My parents had never been in one and couldn't believe how nice it was when I took them in!

    1. Sounds like what we say about Dollar General: generally nothing is a dollar! LOL ;)

  5. The Family Dollar in my neighborhood is not on the list to change into a Dollar Express.I don't shop at Family Dollar because for me the selection and prices just aren't very good. I'm so curious to find out exactly what the Dollar Express will be like though.

  6. I so totally am in agreement with waymire01 above. Why are no stores selling those brands!!!
    Thank you for letting us know about this change over in the Family Dollar stores. Looks like several in the Houston area will change over.

  7. hmmm none immediately by me, but close enough that I can probably check it out at some point. 45 ish min away...I don't think I would make a special trip or anything but if I'm passing it its worth a stop!


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