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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Breaking Beauty News: NYX Stores Coming this Fall

Wait...what now?

image credit: @itsazuu for Nouveau Cheap
World's 1st NYX Store
Coming October 2015

Details, after the jump...

Many thanks to reader @itsazuu on Instagram for the above pic. She took this at the Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Los Angeles this week. As you can see, this is a "coming soon" sign on a storefront in the mall.

It's happening, people. NYX STORES. This October!

image source: NYX website

If you go to this page on the NYX site, you'll see that there are two NYX stores scheduled to open this fall. Thanks to @itsazuu, we now know that one store is going to be located in the Santa Anita Mall in Los Angeles. The second location is going to be somewhere in San Francisco (notice the graphic above says "Greater SF," which means it might not necessarily be located in the city). If you have seen a "coming soon" sign at a mall in SF, you know I would love to hear from you! Let us know where you found it.

As for those of you on the East Coast who may be bummed that these two stores are both in California, I ask you to remember that you have e.l.f. flagship stores. So now we're even. Ha! 

Also, I obviously have no idea if there are more NYX stores planned for the future, but if you want to keep up to date on this, you can sign up for email updates HERE.

Thanks so much, @itsazuu, for the excellent tip and pic!


  1. I saw this too! Santa Anita Mall is actually in LA County, not Los Angeles. It's in Arcadia, about 45 minutes - 1 hour away from LA.

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I knew that, but I was just being loose with term here. Like when someone mentions the outlet malls "in San Diego" but they're actually in Carlsbad, San Ysidro, etc.
      It's San Diego County, but just easier to say "San Diego" for people outside the area. I figured everyone in the area knew what I meant . :) But thanks for the clarification!

  2. Arghhh! I was living about 15 minutes from that mall until a few weeks ago! What timing.

  3. The ones who should be mad are us here in the Midwest we never get anything exciting and we are always overlooked not fair 😒

  4. I think we already have a NYX store in Sweden... Strange.

  5. well well well looks like when I go visit my former mother in law I can stop by the mall too. hehe

  6. I hope they are making more (I want one in my city).

  7. Whoa! I wonder if they'll ever make their way to Phoenix, AZ? So cool!

  8. Greater SF Bay area can be anywhere from Sacramento to Monterrey (just like the San Francisco K.O.A. is in Petaluma). On the other hand, at least they're putting one in Norcal.

  9. THIS....IS...HUGE!!! When those stores open they're going to get RAVAGED! Not by me - I'm an east coaster (whomp, whomp!).

    But every time I go to a store that carries NYX the sales ladies have told me that when they get their shipment in, there are usually 10-15 girls waiting for them to open, and then they B-line it to the NYX section. They say by the end of the day, it never even looked like they got a shipment in. LOL!

    And I didn't know about E.L.F. in NY (nor did I know what the ELF acronym meant. Cheers!). Like I said, this is huge. Cheers! :D

  10. The NYX website is showing retail management job openings for Arcadia, CA and Torrance, CA, so I'm assuming that's where the second store will be!

  11. why is there never any kid of store in Miami

  12. I just saw this last week when I went to the mall!! Im so excited but Im moving in 2 weeks for school. Ironically Im going to school in SF, so guess Ima go around looking for that other NYX location.


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