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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Unmarked eos Clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond

Gotta love umarked clearance finds, right? Many thanks to reader @tbh.char on Instagram for this one:

image credit: @tbh.char for Nouveau Cheap
Unmarked clearance on eos Spring 2015 Duos at Bed Bath & Beyond

@tbh.char just let me know that the eos Spring 2015 duos are ringing up for $3.38 at Bed Bath & Beyond right now (she also kindly provided a photo of her receipt, which I'm not showing here). The full retail for these duos at BBB is $5.49. And if your BBB allows you to use their 20% off coupons toward clearance merchandise, use one of those coupons (if you have one) and your final price will come down to about $2.70. That's less than the typical retail price of just ONE eos lip balm. 

By the way, if you never saw the Spring 2015 duos in your area or missed my posts about them when they first came out, the flavors in this duo are Watermelon and Passion Fruit

Thanks so much, @tbh.char, for the great tip and pics!


  1. I saw some of those, albeit not so nicely displayed. An odder find was the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment, marked half-off. I'd been looking for it for ages, and finally found it there. That stuff is amazing, too. I went back to find another, and they were gone.

  2. I wonder if this is only at the Bed Bath & Beyonds that have makeup?

  3. The Watermelon one is AMAZING! The perfect fruity summer balm. And the Passion Fruit is yummy as well

  4. I posted about this in my beauty instagram account awhile ago, informing people about it. *sigh* this was painful for me to see you credit that person as well as talk about this. 😣 Mostly because I am an avid follower.

    Well now more people know, which is good.

    1. I'm so confused.

      First of all, thank you so much for being an avid follower. I so appreciate that!

      Second, why is it painful for you to see me credit the reader who told me about this? Did you tag me on your photo? If not, I wouldn't have known you posted about it at.

      Also, if you tagged me in the caption on your photo, there's a very good chance I didn't see it (I'm so sorry about that, but I get tagged quite frequently on Instagram, so my notifications fall off very quickly--I don't get to see about 90% of my mentions).

      If you tagged me on the actual photo itself, then I would have seen it, unless it got buried on a particularly busy day. Again, I'm so sorry if I missed your tag.



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