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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review: Sephora Collection Colorful Blush in Hey Jealousy

Tomorrow we can drive around this town, and let the cops chase us around.
The past is gone but something might be found to take its place...
Hey Jealousy.
Hey Jealousy.

Hey jealousyyyyy! And now that we all have that Gin Blossoms song stuck in our heads for the rest of the day, let's get on with this review.

Sephora Collection Colorful Blush in Hey Jealousy
(retail: $15, 0.12 oz.)

Awesome shade name aside, I ordered one of the new Sephora Collection blushes when they first debuted on the Sephora site about a month or so ago. They were not yet in-store at my local Sephora at the time of my purchase, so I had to base my decision on some Instagram swatches and well, yeah. I'd by lying if I said the name of this blush didn't influence my choice (just a little). So let's take a look!

There are 18 shadees in the new Colorful Blush range, which you can view HERE.

I actually purchased this product just for me (with no intention of ever reviewing it), but some of you asked me if I had tried these new blushes, so I figured I'd share my thoughts. I realize that $15 for a single blush is a bit pricey for the types of things I review here, but then I thought about the fact that Physicians Formula products can run up to $14.99 these days. More and more, it seems that the gap between drugstore and mid-end products is getting smaller and smaller, right? Either way, I'll let you know at the end of this post whether or not I think this is actually worth $15, and I hope that will help in case you've been eyeing these.

Made in France

On certain monitors, this blush can probably look a bit bright (I looked at these pics on my phone and they looks REALLY bright) but on my computer monitor, the color looks very true-to-life. This is not a bright, neon-ish berry in person. It's more subdued than some of the super bright blushes you see these days, yet it's still saturated and doesn't have a "dusty" quality to it.

I would consider this color a neutral, deep berry. It really isn't too warm or too cool in person, although it can look more warm or cool depending on the lighting and your particular skintone of course. 

As far as I'm concerned, this is a matte blush. It wasn't until I took these close-up photos that I discovered that there are actually teeny-tiny flecks of glitter in this blush, but they are very sparse, very small, and they do not read as shimmer or glitter on my skin. This is definitely a matte blush on me, with not even a subtle sheen visible.

Swatched vs. blended out with a blush brush

For my swatches, I did these my "new way" that I discussed with you a while back. Since most of us will never wear our blush on bare skin, I decided a while back to start showing my blush swatches over foundation. I think that this gives a more realistic representation of what this blush might look like on your skin after you apply your foundation, so yeah, that's my logic with these new swatches. For the pic above, I swatched this blush after applying a thin layer of my Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation to my hand. I waited about five minutes for it to set before I applied the blush.

Without getting all philosophical on you, I'd like to take a sec to deconstruct the word "blush" as it pertains to makeup; specifically to cheek colors. One of the original functions of blush (known as "rouge" back in the day) was to mimic the color of cheeks during the act of blushing. Thus, the name (duh...I know). I think we've gotten away from that over the years (which is perfectly fine of course!) but sometimes I do find myself longing for a blush that really does capture that natural color that my cheeks produce, all on their own, when I'm blushing, exercising, etc. And guess what? This blush does just that for me. Every time I apply it, I marvel at the fact that this color, Hey Jealousy, truly mimics the natural flush of my cheeks.

This blush is VERY nicely pigmented, but it's not the type of blush that you have to use with extreme caution (I'm lookin' at you, Nyx High Definition Blush!). I can lightly swirl a traditional, fluffy blush brush in the pan and while yes, that will deposit a lot of color, it's also easy to blend out. So you have good control with this blush, despite it being extremely pigmented. I can see this color working very well for those of you with deeper skintones, and if you're on the fair end of the spectrum it could work as well (but you might have to "swirl with caution.").

I also love that there is very little fallout or dust that kicks up when you swirl with your brush. It's a very "clean" product to use, and I think that's because the texture of this blush is pretty firm. It's not dry or stiff, but it's also not one of those super creamy or soft powders. It's more along the lines of a baked blush, in terms of how it feels when you touch it with your brush.

As for how it applies, at first I thought it might be a bit patchy, but I only saw some patchiness during the first swipe to my cheek with my brush. When you start to blend, all of that patchiness goes away, and I find that this blush blends out very evenly. Staying power is good for my oily skin (I can get about 5-6 hours before I start to see some fading) and there is no odd fragrance to this blush. In fact, I can't really smell anything here, even when I hold the pan right up to my nose.

FINAL VERDICT: Is this blush worth $15? For me, the answer is yes. This particular shade, Hey Jealousy, truly mimics the natural color of my cheeks when I'm blushing, and that's something that's absolutely worth $15 to me. I love this color on my NC20 skintone, and I especially love that this blush is super pigmented, yet it's also easy to control the level of pigmentation while blending. The color looks natural and beautiful, the staying power is good and it blends well. What more can you really ask for when it comes to a dependable, day-to-day cheek color? This one's got it all, as far as I'm concerned, and I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

Do you own any of the new Sephora Colorful Blushes? If so, which shade(s) do own and how do you like them so far? 

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I love that color and it looks pretty blended out. I have no problem with the occasional pricier review. I mostly buy drugstore, but I slip into Sephora for goodies from time to time.

    1. Aaaah, thank you, Heidi! I'm glad you don't mind! I wasn't even going to review this until people asked, so now I'm glad I did. If you get this, I'd love to know what you think! :)

    2. I agree about the price, def gonna check out the blushes meself :) Thanks G!

  2. gotta get it, love the Gin Blossoms! Oh and the blush is pretty too. Just FYI, your header says "Colorful BUSH" instead of blush. LOL.

    1. Hahaha!! OMG I completely missed that until I saw these comments come through! Thank you!! I just fixed that. ;)

  3. G, I love you, but please add an "L" to "Blush" on your post title. I know it's a typo, but I would hate for new readers to get the wrong idea about your fabulous blog. :)

    1. And I love YOU for pointing that out! Hahaha! Thank you! Fixed! :)

      (By the way, this Gin Blossoms song got me on a 90s music kick while I was writing this post, and I was actually listening to Bush while I was writing this. So I must have had that in my mind when the typo occurred. The 90s...STILL getting me into trouble. Lol)

  4. "Colorful Bush"... Hihi! That made me giggle :-D

  5. Sephora doesn't get enough credit for their line of cosmetics. They have some great stuff!

  6. I've been meaning to check out these blushes when I first started seeing the pics on Instagram. I hope my local Sephora has them because I definitely want to swatch them and grab a few. Jealousy looks really nice and pigmented so it may be a great start for me. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your reviews G! And I don't mind that this blush is $15, I may still consider purchasing it, at least it's under $20. I was wondering what your favorite blush brush is? I've been trying to find a good drugstore one but so far I only like one I purchased in a set on Amazon. Thank you for this review!

    1. Lily, my favorite is from Ecotools. Very soft, great quality, just the right size, and it has a lovely bevel that makes it blend products really well. They have a pointed version as well that is my HG highlight brush. Most of my daily use face brushes are Ecotools. If you are looking for a stipple brush the ELF small stipple is the best I've found.

  8. Adore the Gin Blossoms.. New Miserable Experience is one of the few albums I can put on repeat and love every single song. I literally cried when Doug Hopkins self destructed because I knew it was the end.
    As for the blush, these are lovely. The baked ones are too. Sephora makes some beautiful products that get so little love. A bit higher than drugstore in price (yes there are some drugstore prices getting up there, but we have sales to balance that out which just don't happen to the same extent in HE), but if you are considering HE Sephora brand is a great alternative, they are usually around half the price of other brands in the store. Their contour liners are my favorite at any price point and are only $10.

  9. So, am I the only one that didn't realize he was singing "hey jealousy"?? Hahahahaha!!! That color is gorgeous! I need to check out the other colors.


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