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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review: Blamtastic Skins SuperBLAM Lip Balm

A month or so ago when I was at Walmart, a little Blamtastic end-cap display in the beauty department caught my eye. I was already vaguely familar with Blamtastic and their traditional tube lip balms on the site come in some fun flavors like watermelon, cherry vanilla, lemon and grape (which I've been eyeing for a few years now). But the fact that THIS lip balm had such a peculiar little mushroom-type shape to it, combined with the mysterious flavor description of "yummy" and "natural," meant it ended up coming home with me. I'm such a sucker for quirky packaging and mystery flavors!

Blamtastic Skins SuperBLAM Lip Balm
(retail: $2.97, 0.25 oz.)

Plus, what does "Skins" mean, right? Keep reading for more info and my full review...

If you're unfamiliar with the brand Blamtastic, they are a women-owned company and their founder, Lily Sandler, started the company when she was just 10 years old. They offer bath and body products as well as lip balms, and their products are all made in the USA. You can read much more about this brand on their website here.

So what's the deal with "Skins," right? Well this lip balm is part of a larger collection of bath, body and lip care products called Skins. Blamtastic donates 1% of all net profits from Skins products to "protecting skins of all kinds around the world" and you can read more about that HERE

Made in the USA

As you can see, there are just five ingredients in this lip balm: coconut oil, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E and natural flavor.

It's a mushroom!

For comparison...

Just for perspective, here's what the Skins SuperBLAM lip balm looks like next to an eos lip balm and a Softlips Cube. You can see that it's not too big or cumbersome. But the surface area of the SuperBLAM lip balm is larger than that of the eos and Softlips balms. 

So first let's get this burning question out of the way: What does this smell and taste like? Well funny enough, it reminds me of the eos Visibly Soft Coconut Milk Lip Balm that I reviewed last August. If you caught that review, then you might remember that I didn't think that lip balm really smelled like coconut. It smelled more like bubblegum, with maybe a faint coconut note in the background. Well the Skins SuperBLAM lip balm smells very similar to the eos balm to me. It's almost a tutti frutti type of scent--there's bubblegum and sweetness here and overall it's what I would consider a youthful, fun scent. As for flavor, this doesn't taste like the eos balm to me at all--the eos balm tastes sugary, whereas this balm really doesn't have a flavor. It tastes just like an unflavored lip balm to me--sort of like plain beeswax.

As for the texture and consistency, I like both quite a bit. This lip balm glides easily onto the lips and it feels more creamy/oily than I was expecting. I don't know why, but I had it in my head that this might feel dry and waxy on the lips. It doesn't. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it feels lovely and quite moisturizing, and it also seems to last a while for me (upwards of four hours before I feel the need to reapply).

One more thing: I was afraid that this lid might be one of those cheap, thin plastic lids (like the kind you see in candy machines that hold toys) but that's not the case at all. This lid is quite sturdy. I tried to squeeze it to see if it would give or bend, and it didn't budge. I don't foresee it cracking or shattering, even if you tend to be hard on your lip balms.

FINAL VERDICT: If you're drawn to unusual lip balms and you generally like sweet, tutti frutti types of scents, I think you might enjoy this one. Both the texture and moisturization level pleasantly surprised me, and the quirky packaging is an added bonus (for me, anyway!). I believe that the Skins line is exclusive to Walmart right now, so you can click here to see if it's available at your nearest location, if you're interested in trying one for yourself. 

Do you own any Balmtastic products? If so, is there anything else I should be trying from this brand? Please share in the comments!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Aww I like the cute mushroom shape!

  2. I've never even heard of this product. I live so close to a walmart, but I avoid it like the plague because its always so busy. I might run over tomorrow though and check it out. I really want one of those ELF contour brushes, but haven't seen them in the stores,

  3. This totally reminds me of Mario! They should've put polka dots on the cap, haha! Otherwise, this is worth checking out because any lip balm where coconut oil is the main ingredient gets a thumbs up in my book.

  4. Ah I saw these a couple weeks ago and was drawn in by the mushroom shape too! I came close to buying it but didn't because I couldn't find a flavor and had never heard of them. Thanks for the info!


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