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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Real Techniques Clearance Sightings at Walgreens

Over the past week or so, I've been hearing about some Real Techniques clearance sightings from several of you, so today I'd like to give you a bit more info about that and try to sum it up all in one post (as best I can!).

image credit: Diana for Nouveau Cheap
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges on clearance at Walgreens
(retail: $5.99; clearance price: $1)

Many thanks to reader Diana (@emendeebrown on Instagram) for the above pic. She spotted these sponges on clearance at her local Walgreens for $1(!) yesterday. 

Keep reading for more info...

Over the past week, I have heard from some of you who have spotted these sponges for anywhere between $3.50 and $1 each at your Walgreens stores, so the clearance price definitely varies from store to store. I can't guarantee that you'll even find these on clearance at your location (Walgreens clearance deals in general can vary from store to store sometimes) but it's worth a look if you like these!

I also want to note that I've seen some comments on my Instagram about how the texture of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge has changed recently. I have never personally used this sponge, so I wouldn't be able to detect a change myself, but if you have had a sponge for a long time now and you buy a new one and notice a difference, that could be why. (Thanks to everyone on Instagram who mentioned the change--I had no idea).

ALSO: A week ago, reader @qpon_mamalinda on Instagram posted THIS PIC of the Real Techniques Travel Essentials Kit and Stippling Brush, both on 50% off clearance at her Walgreens. So definitely look for that too!

TIP: If your store doesn't have clearance stickers on these items, it might be worth it to take them to the register and ask an employee if they can scan them to check the price (just in case they're on clearance in the system but they haven't had a chance to sticker them yet).

Thanks again, Diana, for the great pic and sighting!


  1. Oooooh I saw these and was tempted to try them! I will definitely try it for $1 :D Thanks G!!!!

  2. Could someone comment on how these feel/perform compared to a Beautyblender? I've been looking for an alternative to Beautyblender and it's been difficult to get that particular finish from any other sponge.

    1. I actually like the Earth Therapeutics brand from Kohl's better than the BeautyBlender. It comes in a 2 pack and right now it's on sale for $7.50. I think they are much softer and they last longer, too.

    2. I had used the beauty blender for about 1 1/2 years and it is wonderful. However my husband bought this for me one time at Ulta by mistake, so I decided to try it. I LOVE this, to me it feels almost exactly like the beauty blender. It isn't hard at all like the other "dupes". I actually prefer this because of the shape, it has the point like the beauty blender, but it also has a flat sid. You should try it, it is only usually $6, but if you can find it on clearance.. GO FOR IT!

    3. I find them to be extremely comparable in texture (the old version not the new version). The new version that has been circling Ultas, Walgreens, etc. feels just like the "cheap" beauty blender alternatives at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc (hard, dense, and not very fun to bounce on your face).

  3. I hope I find these at my walgreens.

    1. I went to my walgreens in Clifton nj and I couldn't find them =[

  4. Wowowow! Thanks, G! I'm a CVS shopper myself and rarely go to Walgreens, but I'll be on the hunt tomorrow. :-)

  5. Oh I wonder if it happens on the web as well? No?

  6. went to two walgreens tonight & neither of them had these on sale .

    boo . D;

    i did find the wnw california dreaming display & picked up one of the matte bronzers & the new top coat in the silver bottle .

    ––– nicole

  7. I absolutely have to find these!!

  8. Which state has clearance for these items at a walgreens?

  9. *running to walgreens* omg ! no this is a DEAL!


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