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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spotted: NEW Sinful Colors Summer 2015 Urban Beats, Latin Heat and Having a Blast Collections (and More!)

I've done several posts over the past few weeks about the new Summer 2015 collections from Sinful Colors, and today I have three additional collections to show you, thanks to some lovely readers! I thought it might help to put everything all in one post, so first let's recap what I've already covered...

Keep reading for lots of info and pics...

To view the Summer 2015 Street Fusion Bombay Nights collection, CLICK HERE.

To view the Summer 2015 Street Fusion Tokyo Lights collection, CLICK HERE.

To view a reader review of one of the nail appliques from the Tokyo Lights collection, CLICK HERE.

image credit: KD for Nouveau Cheap
Summer 2015 Street Fusion Latin Heat Collection

Many thanks to reader KD for this one. KD spotted the new Latin Heat collection at her local Giant Eagle last week and kindly shared these pics. This collection answers the question that I posed in my recent Target Sinful Colors sighting post! As you know, there's a glitter topper in this Target display called Piñata Blast Fierce Fiesta, and I was wondering if there might be more of these Piñata Blast toppers. Turns out, there are! There are three altogether in this collection:

image credit: KD for Nouveau Cheap
1522 Mamacita, 1540 Fierce Fiesta, 1523 Baila Baila

For a swatch of Fierce Fiesta, click here.

image credit: KD for Nouveau Cheap

I believe that all of the other polishes in this display are repromotes of existing shades, and that the only new shades are these glitter toppers.

image credit: Nicole for Nouveau Cheap
1540 Fierce Fiesta, 1523 Baila Baila

Reader Nicole spotted two of the Piñata Blast toppers recently at Target (Baila Baila is now starting to pop up there as well, in addition to Fierce Fiesta) and kindly shared the pic above.

image credit: Polished at Heart for Nouveau Cheap
1523 Baila Baila

image credit: Polished at Heart for Nouveau Cheap
1523 Baila Baila

Polished at Heart just spotted Baila Baila at Target as well, and kindly shared the above two pics.

image credit: @christajadeskywalker for Nouveau Cheap
Summer 2015 Street Fusion Urban Beats Collection

Next up, reader @christajadeskywalker on Instagram spotted the Urban Beats collection at her local Kmart last week and kindly shared lots of pics.

image credit: @christajadeskywalker for Nouveau Cheap

There are three new glitter toppers in this collection, and the rest of shades are repromotes of exisiting colors:

101 Snow Me White
Clear top coat
947 Mint Apple
1007 Lavender
852 Gogo Girl 

image credit: @christajadeskywalker for Nouveau Cheap
1527 Paste-erd, 1528 Color Tag, 1529 Writing on the Wall

image credit: @christajadeskywalker for Nouveau Cheap
1528 Color Tag, 1527 Paste-erd, 1529 Writing on the Wall 

image credit: @christajadeskywalker for Nouveau Cheap
1527 Paste-erd, 1528 Color Tag, 1529 Writing on the Wall 

image credit: @christajadeskywalker for Nouveau Cheap
Top left: 1529 Writing on the Wall 
Bottom left: 1527 Paste-erd
Right: 1528 Color Tag

As you can see, these all contain matte bar glitter in addition to matte hex glitter, and @christajadeskywalker mentioned that she was surprised to also find some jumbo hex glitter in these (you can't really see that in the bottles).

image credit: @nailmattic for Nouveau Cheap
Summer 2015 Having a Blast Collection

Up next, reader @nailmattic on Instagram spotted the Having a Blast collection at her local Walgreens last week and kindly shared some pics. There's one new glitter topper in this collection, called Star Blast Off, and the rest of shades are repromotes of existing polishes.

1526 Star Blast Off
(these are actually the same polishes--one just looks more star-glitter-heavy)

What a fun topper for the 4th of July, right? Can't get much more patriotic than that! 

image credit: Lois for Nouveau Cheap
New Sinful Colors Stop Nail Biting Treatment

And last but not least, Lois of Shades of Beauty spotted this new Sinful treatment at her Walgreens a little while back and kindly shared this pic. This is definitely a new one to me, so I thought it was worth mentioning! Price is $1.99.

If you've made it this far, here's a quick recap!

There are currently FOUR Street Fusion collections now popping up at various retailers:
  • Bombay Nights (no new polishes, only new appliques)
  • Tokyo Lights (no new polishes, only new appliques)
  • Latin Heat (three new Piñata Blast glitter toppers)
  • Urban Beats (three new Graffiti Bomb glitter toppers)
There is also the new 4th of July collection now popping up at Walgreens called Having a Blast (one new Star Blast Off glitter topper).

NOTE: several of you have also spotted SOME of these new glitter toppers at Target. In fact, as I was working on this post, reader Liz kindly sent me a list of the polishes she has spotted at Target recently, and they include:
  • Piñata Blast: Baila Baila
  • Graffiti Bomb: Paste-erd; Writing On The Wall 
  • Star Blast-Off: Star Blast Off 
As I've mentioned in previous posts, I believe that Walgreens will soon have a large floor display for Summer 2015 (like last year's Destination Color display) and I'm guessing it will contain all of the polishes and appliques from ALL of the Street Fusion displays listed above. Wouldn't it be nice if they also ran another $0.99 sale when this comes out? 

Thanks so much to all of the readers who shared info for this post, and an extra special thanks to KD, @christajadeskywalker, @nailmattic, Nicole, Polished at Heart and Lois for the great pics!


  1. Yeah, all the other polishes in that display were repromotes :) forgot to post that

    1. Excellent! Thanks so much for confirming, and thanks again for the pics, KD! :)

  2. Omg Yessssss need all of these!!!!

    1. Lol me too! Matte glitter toppers are my weakness! :)

  3. I just got all the new glitters at Shopko! My local Shopko also has the new opi and China glaze collections, but for some reason they have them on the back end caps in the h&b section, not the makeup. That's where I found all of these sinful displays, fully stocked yay!!

  4. color tag seems like a pretty close dupe to the glitter from the opi peanuts collection.

    1. Yes, that's what popped in my brain when I saw the images!

  5. Color Tag looks like a pretty close cousin to a glitter from the OPI Peanuts collection!

  6. I love that I can get Sinful colors (especially the glitters) that rival the more expensive indies for $1.99! Even better when Wags has them for .99 For some reason I can't get enough of those matte glitters either.

  7. Wow so many beautiful toppers and I missed last years. I was just discovering all the wonderful posts, video, blogs, IG, and yes I think I lived under a rock. I had no idea all this was available till I stumbled across a YouTube video one day that showed a makeup video. I live with all mails. None of my girl friends talk about makeup. Didn't have a lot. But we all were doing what we could to survive daily life. My closest friend ended up very sick. But she's doing good now. My sis drives a truck with her husband across the country all the time. I never grew up with any instruction on makeup except what u might find in the occasional magazine. I just don't know why I never had anyone in my life into it. But NOW I'm a huge fan and met so many great women and have so much fun and hope it seams like in my life. I have been constantly fighting Cancer off for 12 and half yrs. so the Beauty gives me something to take the daily life's woes off my mind into something very Beautiful and my guys think I have lost my mind. But they thought that anyway. Lol. Raising three boys six yrs apart kept me busy too. Maybe that's why I never knew. My youngest is 15 and finding time for myself now. Married 29 this June. Or maybe it's this wonderful world of the web. Who knows. But having FUN now. Sorry so long. U don't have to print all this.

    1. This is so wonderful and inspiring to hear, you keep on being beautiful and a strong fighter against cancer. Glad G and cheap nouveau and all of us bring u happiness with makeup and beauty. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and reading beauty blogs, watching u tube and trying new makeup would take my mind off the hard parts of seeing a loved one fighting cancer. Keep on smiling!

  8. Don't get to go out and meet find friends here and neighbors don't talk like in my little home town. I wish I had a close friend.

    1. Well u will always have a friend in Texas, at times it can be hard to meet people sometimes, maybe to start the conversation first with someone who is new to u and u just might surprise yourself with what u have in common. Keep positive and keep smiling!

  9. Awesome, hope to be able to get some of those toppers when I finally get back to the states next month!

  10. Wow, I can honestly say for the first time that none of these do anything for me, I must be ill! lol! Either I have them or dupes already, don't like the colors, nor bar glitter, especially black this time of year. I can hear my bank account sighing in relief :p

  11. Hi do you know if Sinful colors has the original 24/7 under a different name? The original i had was a neon pink i went to repurchase and its the same number on the bottle but the color is like pepto bismol now. I emailed sinful colors but the sent me 2 gift certificates but no answer. Ive been looking for a dupe but no luck yet any help would be greatly appreciated thank you😀


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