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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reader Review: Sinful Colors Summer 2015 Neon Splat! Nail Appliques

When it comes to Sinful Colors, one of the most common questions I tend to receive is, "How are those nail appliques?" I can never answer that question since I have to try them (I'm always drawn to the pretty polishes in their limited edition displays), but that's all about to change.

image credit: @lacqueredcubinican for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Colors Summer 2015 Limited Edition Neon Splat! Nail Appliques
(retail: $1.99 for 1 packet of 16 appliques)

Today I have a great reader review for you, thanks to @lacqueredcubinican on Instagram. She not only purchased the Neon Splat! appliques from the Summer 2015 Limited Edition Tokyo Lights collection, but she also documented her experience with them and kindly shared that with us.

Read on for @lacqueredcubinican's review...

Take it away, @lacqueredcubinican!

image credit: @lacqueredcubinican for Nouveau Cheap
Day 1 of @lacqueredcubinican's manicure 
The [Neon Splat nail appliques] were surprisingly easy to work with, but I would strongly recommend trimming the cuticle area of the applique before placement. These are made out of a plastic not nail polish so acetone did not work around the cuticle area. Once I trimmed the appliques to fit my cuticles placement went smoothly.
image credit: @lacqueredcubinican for Nouveau Cheap
Day 3 of @lacqueredcubinican's manicure 
So it's been three days of wearing the Sinful Colors Neon Splat! nail appliques...and here is what they look like. I noticed wrinkling and lifting around day two...but now day 3 the corners of my pointer have completed lifted and the edges of my thumb are gone. I was hoping for longer wear time...but three days is about average for any of my manis. 
image credit: @lacqueredcubinican for Nouveau Cheap
[Here's] a pic of what my nail looks like after removal. For removal of these nail appliques you simply peel them off (like a sticker)... no acetone needed. After removal there is some adhesive left behind on the nail that I removed with some non acetone nail polish remover.  
I would definitely recommend these if you need a quick manicure look for a night... but not for long wear.

And there you have it! Thanks so much for the great review and before-and-after pics, @lacqueredcubinican. I sort of expected these to not last long, given that they're vinyl (not made of real nail polish like Sally Hansen Salon Effects), but it's very good to know that they could be used for a special event and you wouldn't have to worry about them falling off your nails within 24 hours of application. Also, I appreciate the tip about trimming/shaping them first--I probably wouldn't have thought to do that, and I would have been frustrated after application if there was some excess around my cuticles that I couldn't remove.

Have you tried any of Sinful Colors' nail appliques? If so, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks again, @lacqueredcubinican, for the great review and pics!


  1. Great review! I've been curious about how these would work (I still haven't found them). I haven't tried anything like this (not even the ones made from polish). I really love Sinful Colors because 1) they're cheap; 2) it's easy to try different colors/styles because they have a good variety of polishes & limited editions; and 3) did I mention they're cheap? :) If I ever do see these, I'll have to buy them.

    One question: in general, do these types of products (vinyl or polish) work for people with wide/semi-wide nail beds? Mainly, I'm thinking of the thumb and middle finger in terms of width.

    1. Yes, they do work for wide nail beds. My thumbs are very wide and I've never had a problem getting them to fit. Practice does make perfect though. It might take you a few times to get the hang of these. The first time I used these (or any like these such as Sally Hansen) it took me upwards of an hour to do both hands! Now I can do them in about 10 minutes. :D

  2. I've used these before and they are not long wearing at all. I get a few days out of them too. But for $1.99 I can't complain. I usually put a clear topcoat over mine too. Since these are stickers, they do end up catching on your clothing/hair after a few days and peeling up at the ends like she said. However, if I like the pattern well enough I will buy them. If you have low expectations going in then you won't be too mad when they chip/peel up. What makes me mad is the higher end (think L'OREAL) ones that were priced at $8-9 and they were stickers like these and peeled up after a day or two. I learned my lesson though, I only buy the ones that are real nail polish. These being the only exception because of the $1.99 price.

  3. Good to know, but seems typical of stickers.


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