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Friday, April 3, 2015

Nordstrom Rack Haul & Sightings (Pic Heavy)

A few days ago I stopped by some Nordstrom Rack locations here in San Diego, so I wanted to show you what I found, and also what I purchased!

I pretty much owe this entire post to my pal Lisa (@makeuplunchanddinner on Instagram) since she was the one who told me that Laura Mercier bath and body products have recently started to pop up at Nordstrom Rack. If you're a longtime reader of this blog, then you know that I have a serious weakness for bath and body products, and I'm a longtime fan of Laura Mercier bath and body products in particular. But they are quite expensive (I once made a bottle of Creme Brulee Body Wash last for two years because I treated it like liquid gold!). So yeah, when Lisa told me that some items were at The Rack for 50% off retail? You know I headed for the door, car keys in hand, ready for the hunt!

But before we get to what I purchased, let's take a look at the other goodies I spotted...

Smashbox Holiday 2014 On the Rocks Collection at Nordstrom Rack
(50% off retail)

First up, I spotted lots of Smashbox Holiday 2014 stuff for 50% off retail.

Keep reading for lots of additional sightings, and pics of my haul...

Smashbox On the Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette
($16.97; originally $36)

Smashbox On the Rocks Brush Set
($29.97; originally $60)

There was a box that was open, so I thought you might want to see what these brushes look like in case you missed them over the holidays. The handles are clear lucite with bits of silver foil embedded in the lucite. I LOVE these handles (such a fun 1960s space-age feel to them) and I wanted to buy this set so badly, but I couldn't find any reviews online. If you own this set, please, please let me know what you think? I keep thinking I should go back for it...

Smashbox On the Rocks Be Legendary Lip Gloss Set
($13.97; originally $28)

Smashbox On the Rocks Photo Finish Primer Duo
($18.97; originally $36)

I also spotted a ton of LORAC Holiday 2014 stuff:

LORAC Holiday 2014 Sets
(50% off retail)

Stila Baublebar Set
($29.97; originally $60)

I think I posted about this Stila Baublebar Set at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago, but my stores still had lots of them (and Lip Glaze sets too).

Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation
($11.97; originally $36)

Actually, I believe this foundation retails at most places for $28, not $36. But anyway, still a nice deal considering that most drugstore foundations these days are about $11. My Nordstrom Racks didn't have nearly the amount of Too Faced products that I know many of you have spotted at your locations. I think the Too Faced stuff always goes quickly at The Rack (same with Urban Decay) so I'm not surprised.

And here's a look at all the Laura Mercier stuff I spotted:

Laura Mercier Holiday 2014 Sets
(50% off the price on the round sticker)

Here's a look at one of the brush sets:

Laura Mercier Holiday 2014 Luxe Travel Brush Set 
($59.97; originally $125)

Contents of Luxe Travel Brush Set

CLICK HERE for a look inside this set.

This is a perfect time to also share with you a pic submitted by reader @mbelle85 on Instagram, who spotted lots of Laura Mercier stuff at her local Nordstrom Rack recently (notice the Too Faced stuff on the bottom shelf as well):

image credit: @mbelle85 for Nouveau Cheap
More Laura Mercier Holiday 2014 Sets at Nordstrom Rack

If you look at the top row, the bath and body set that I spotted at my location is the bigger box on the left, but I also spy some Laura Mercier Holiday 2014 candles on that shelf, which my store did NOT have. So jealous!

One more thing before I get to my haul:

Stila Sun Gel

Now through tomorrow (4/4), Nordstrom Rack is having a Clear The Rack event, where you get an additional 25% off all red tag clearance merchandise. And that OF COURSE includes beauty! I know that clearance merchandise can vary dramatically from store to store, but I wanted to show you what I spotted on clearance, just to give you an idea of the types of things you may find.

On clearance for $3.60 + take an additional 25% off now through 4/4

I think the Sun Gel was originally $24 when it first came out. So $3.60 + an additional 25% off brings it down to $2.70.

Philosophy Strawberry Italian Soda Lip Shine

On clearance for $2.50 + take an additional 25% off now through 4/4

Philosophy Lip Shines are regularly $10, so with the clearance + sale event you would pay $1.87. 

Essie Nail Lacquer in The Lace is On

On clearance for $2.55 + take an additional 25% off now through 4/4

As we all know, Essie polishes retail for $8.50. So with the clearance + sale, that brings it down to around $1.90.

Philosophy Shower Gel in Sweet Fluffy Cupcake

On clearance for $10 + take an additional 25% off now through 4/4

The 24 oz. bottles of Philosophy shower gel are usually $33. So with the clearance + sale, that brings it down to $7.50.

Last but not least, here's a look at my haul:

Laura Mercier Verbena Infusion Signature Collection 

Originally $80; Nordstrom Rack price: $39.97

I believe this set was a Nordstrom-exclusive when it first came out--you can see the original Nordstrom price tag on the left in the photo above.

This set includes:

Eau de toilette - 1.7 oz.
Pulse Point Balm - 0.25 oz.
Body Scrub - 4.0 oz.
Body Moisture - 4.0 oz.

I would like to point out that JUST the 1.7 oz. eau de toilette in this set retails for $55 by itself. So to get everything here for a grand total of $39.97 is the deal of the century if you're a Laura Mercier fan.

If you love clean, fresh, citrus scents, you'll probably love Verbena Infusion. I prefer this to L'Occitane's Verbena fragrance, which has no staying power for me (I literally can't smell it ten minutes after application). I applied Verbena Infusion yesterday morning and I could still smell traces of it on my wrists at around 7PM.

About the fragrance: Inspired by the countryside of Provence, Laura captures the crisp freshness of Verbena to invigorate the senses. A sparkling bouquet of green citrus and leafy spearmint infuse beautifully with petals of fresh blossoms and a touch of white amber and cedarwood. Leaving behind a refreshing sensation that rejuvenates the body. 

TOP NOTES: Pomelo, Blackcurrant, Spearmint 
MID NOTES: Verbena, Fresh Rose, Magnolia 
BASE NOTES: Cedarwood, White Amber, Plum

The Pulse Point Balm comes with a little clear cap

I also finally picked up this cleanser:

I've heard so many of you (and fellow beauty bloggers) rave about this cleanser--it's hard to believe I have actually never tried it before! I've posted about some good deals on this cleanser in the past (from the Philosophy website) but I never could pull the trigger on a full-size bottle, given the price. I just don't want to be stuck with a lot of something I don't like (if I end up not liking it), so I figured the safest route was to get this little 2 oz. bottle:

I actually don't know how much a 2 oz. bottle regularly retails for, since I can only find 3 oz. bottles at Sephora and the Philosophy website. But since the 3 oz. bottle retails for $11 at those places, this 2 oz. bottle for $8 doesn't seem like that great of a cost savings. But hey, at least I'm finally trying it! Wish me luck...

Have you been to your local Nordstrom Rack lately? As always, I would LOVE to hear what you've spotted!

Thanks again, Lisa, for the tip about the Laura Mercier sightings--you have no idea how much I appreciate that. I'm so thrilled to have this set in my possession! (And thanks again, @mbelle85 for the pic!)


  1. OMG! so many great sales! I have to check my out! OMG I want the Smashbox Palette!

    1. It's crazy, right? I hope you find that palette! My fingers are crossed for you! :)

  2. I have the bigger version of the Smashbox On the Rocks Eyeshadow palette and if you spot the smaller one (or if Nordstrom Rack DOES end up having the bigger one) grab them both! One of my absolute favorite palettes all the shadows in that palette do not disappoint. I feel like Smashbox is so overlooked compared to other higher end brands.

  3. Got the Stila Not So Nude palette for $12.97 and 3 Urban Decay 24/7 colored liquid liners for $9.97 each. I also picked up the Laura Mercier eyeshadow palette shown in the photos you've posted here. It was $24.97. The shadows are very soft-almost cream to powder. I find they're easiest to use if you pat them on over a shadow primer. There are 5 Nordstrom Racks within a 50 mile radius of my home. GREAT finds out there right now!! Happy hunting, everyone!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing what you found at your location! :)

  4. Did they have any other Mercier scents or just the verbena?

    1. That was the only scent at my location, but I think there are others at different stores!

  5. This is awesome! I just went to my local Nordstrom rack for the first time and I got the smashbox primer duo set, I've never tried any smashbox products so I thought it was a great deal and way to try it out! Thanks G!

    1. You're so welcome! I hope the primer set works for you...Smashbox is definitely known for their primers, so great choice! :)

  6. I have a "travle set" of Smashbox brushes that were a random freebie from ULTA. Square eyeliner brush, Eyeliner Smudge Brush (fourth brush in the set, the stubby brush that looks like a blending brush), and an angled blush brush. All are great; didn't shed, haven't shed, and not scratchy at all. The Smudger brush makes an excellent blending brush, can be used to apply/diffuse color all at once and does smudge out eyeliner well.

    1. Oh that's great to know! Thanks!! :)

    2. You're welcome! I'm going to guess that the powder brush and the angled brush use the same bristles, which are good bristles. There wasn't a whole lot of dye bleeding either, which is a relief to see in the sink.

  7. This is awesome! I'm on a get away weekend and I'm going to google right now to see if there is one near by!! I would love some Smashbox goodies!

    1. Oooh I hope there's one close!! :)

  8. My Rack was COMPLETELY void of good makeup deals. It's in a prime shopping location an hour away from my home so I don't know if it's just a crappy location or if I'm always late to the party.
    Ps, purity made simple changed my skin (for the better) I used to be SO dry and extremely sensitive. Now I can wear just about any makeup I want as long as I cleanse with it by the end of the night. Skip a night.... Pimples galore.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback on the cleanser! I can't wait to try it. :)

  9. The Purity cleanser is usually $10 for 2 ounces so you got a nice 20% off!

    I may have to make a special trip to The Rack but I'm kind of afraid of how much money I might spend if I find too many goodies!

    1. Oh wow, thank you! Glad to know I saved a few bucks on that one!! :)

  10. Great finds! I'm headed there today and hoping this isn't just a West coast anomaly!

  11. Man, it looks like you've hit the jackpot! Your store has everything! Usually I only see bits and pieces of the higher end stuff at Nordstrom Rack but it's usually nail polish or a very limited variety of makeup. If my Nordstrom Rack had all this good stuff I would clean them out lol

  12. Ok I'm back from the Rack! This post and the comments were sooo helpful to my shopping experience. Thank you! I got both Smashbox palettes since the only overlap was ONE shadow (Sapphires). I reeeally wanted a Laura Mercier trio of shadows and brushes (such luxe packaging!) but I settled for the Smoky Suede eye color palette ($24.97) which was easier on my wallet. Red Tag wise I got a Vince Camuto bracelet for $15 marked down from $55!

  13. What a great weekend to be in SD! Came for the weekend and there was a Nordstrom Rack across from our hotel - SCORE!

  14. Hmm! I may have to go check out Nordies rack. My co-worker says she's been seeing a lot of NARS at the ones nearest to us.

  15. I bought the Smashbox "On the Rocks" brush set at full price over the holidays -- I love them! I really like how the Smashbox brushes perform generally (I have all of the red-handled ones), and I believe this set is comparable. AND, such a great deal now! Wish I had waited... :(


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