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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spotted at Ulta: Essence Cosmetics Limited Edition Spring 2015 Spring Break Collection

Well this is exciting! We don't often see limited edition Essence collections at Ulta (they usually pop up at regional retailers like Fred Meyer in the Pacific Northwest and HEB in Texas) but today I have a new Ulta sighting for you compliments of reader @ortizcrystal on Instagram.

@ortizcrystal spotted this limited edition display at her local Ulta this week and kindly shared some pics. 

image credit: @ortizcrystal for Nouveau Cheap
Essence Cosmetics Limited Edition Spring Break Collection
(retail: $2.99 - $4.99 at Ulta)

I enlarged @ortizcrystal's pics so that we could get a better look at everything, and I was able to determine which products are truly limited edition, and which products are repromotes from the core line. Here's a closer look...

image credit: @ortizcrystal for Nouveau Cheap

At least two of the three Effect Nail Polishes look to be from the core line (the teal one looks new to me), and I believe that both of those bronzers are from the core line

image credit: @ortizcrystal for Nouveau Cheap

The Color Flash Volume Mascaras in teal, purple and pink appear to be new and limited edition. The bright All About Paradise palette in front is from the core line, and I believe that the nude palette in back of is also from the core line. Also, it looks like the three lipstick shades on the right are also from the core line, but I can't be 100% sure about that. 

In total, it looks like the colored mascaras are limited edition, and possibly the teal nail polish (and maybe the lipstick shades, but I'm not 100% sure). If anything, I hope this is a new trend when it comes to limited edition Essence collections and Ulta. I'd LOVE to see some of their Europe-only limited edition collections like THIS ONE (video) and  THIS ONE (video) come to the US someday!

Thanks again, @ortizcrystal, the great sighting and pics!


  1. G-
    The teal polish is from the core line. The only products I see that are limited edition are the colored mascaras and MAYBE the lipsticks. Everything else I actually have in my collection

  2. finally we getting some LE essence , I just wish we could get Cinderella ....

  3. I looked at some of those essence shadows at Ulta. I was dismayed to see they're made in China. I thought Essence was made in Germany.

  4. How exciting! May it be the first of many!

  5. Essence randomly disappeared from my Heb last week :(

    1. Yes they clearance all of them at all HEB what a bummer

  6. "Limited Edition"? I don't think so! I live in Germany, and all the products are old. A few of them are still available in the core line while most of them were discontinued a couple months ago. Smart move, Essence, putting them on a fancy display on another continent and calling them exclusive...


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