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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Coming this April: Mad Men + Birchbox Collaboration

If you're a longtime reader of this blog, then you probably know that Mad Men is my favorite show of all time. I've seen every episode dozens of times over, and don't even get me started on the fact that we'll be saying our final goodbyes to Don and company very soon.

Despite my utter sadness about Mad Men ending, there's one thing I'm kind of excited about. Did you know that Birchbox has partnered with AMC and Matthew Weiner (the genius creator of the series) on some boxes for both men and women? If you're a fellow Mad Men junkie, keep reading for the scoop...

As “Mad Men” comes to an end, Birchbox is partnering with the AMC show to commemorate its Sixties beauty aesthetic and influence on contemporary fashion.  
“Birchbox turned the beauty category on its head and engaged a generation making them an ideal partner for AMC as we head into the final seven episodes of ‘Mad Men,’” said Theresa Beyer, senior vice president of promotion, activation and partnership at AMC. The final seven episodes of the award-winning show is scheduled to begin April 5. Co-founders and co-chief executive officers of Birchbox, Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna and “Mad Men” creator, Matthew Weiner, has curated an assortment of beauty, grooming and lifestyle products for both the men’s and women’s April boxes. Female subscribers will receive a selection of products like inky liquid liner to create a cat eye or hairspray to fashion a bouffant. Birchbox Man members will get a range of items that includes grooming products and accessories.  
The “Mad Men” women’s box is priced at $10, while the men’s is $20. Additionally, the collaboration will incorporate a series of exclusive editorial and video content to be featured on

If you're interested in these boxes, they'll debut next month (April) so stay tuned. In the meantime, are you a Mad Men fan? Any theories or guesses about how the series will end?  


  1. My boyfriend just signed up for Birchbox Man so I'm really interested to see what they include. I hope the women's box has some bright cosmetics for us!

    1. If they don't include a classic red lippie, that would just be wrong. Lol! :)

  2. Nice to see the guy version of something cost more for once. ;)

  3. This is going to be the best box ever!

    I haven't caught up completely. I love the show so I need to finish up before I can watch the end :)

  4. I swore off beauty boxes a while ago, but I adore Mad Men, so I'm intrigued!

  5. Cannot wait for Mad Men! So sad to see it go but in one way, I'm glad it's going out on a high note. There is nothing worse than the networks continuing a show for several seasons past its prime. I feel like Mad Men has accomplished what it set out to do (be awesome) and really can't speculate how it will end. I just hope it is good and has an actual conclusion that will satisfy everyone (like Breaking Bad did). My one and only thought is that possibly Don will end up in a mental institute. But that is even a stretch.

  6. I haven't had a beauty subscription in years but this is very tempting. I'm already dying to see some sneak peeks!

  7. Maybe I missed it sorry, but Is this going to be a special separate box or the regular ones subscribers get? Sounds fun but I am still hoping its separate, as I have enough red lippies and black liners already.


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