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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales (2/15 - 2/21)

Your weekly wrap-up of drugstore beauty sales and more...

Note: If you are new to drugstore sales and you are not sure how "BOGO1/2OFF" sales work, please take a moment to click here.


Some of the coupons listed below may go nicely with this week's sales, so take a moment to match them up accordingly.
  • Click here for printable beauty coupons.
  • Click here for printable beauty coupons.
  • Click here for printable beauty coupons (redeemable only at Target). For additional Target coupons, sign up for Target Cartwheel. 


CVS shoppers: Scan your Extra Care cards this week for a coupon for $5 off any $15 cosmetic purchase! And remember that you can use that coupon in conjunction with any of the cosmetic sales this week, for even more savings. For example, this week all Physicians Formula cosmetics are $5 off. So if you purchase an item that retails for $15, you'll only pay $5 out of pocket after the sale and coupon. Also, many thanks to everyone who took the time to tell me about that new CVS-exclusive nail polish line called Poparazzi. If you haven't seen these polishes yet, they have black and white polka-dot lids and they retail for $2.99 each. I haven't found them in my area yet (I think I've been to eight stores and counting looking for them in the past few weeks) but I want to make sure you know that they're on sale this week for $0.99 each, if you can find them in your area! The CVS Beauty Clearance Sale is STILL lingering on (the master list is HERE, and be sure to check the comments section of the master list for newer sightings).

Rite Aid shoppers: Not much going on this week at Rite Aid in terms of makeup deals, but all Shea Moisture products are BOGOFREE again this week, which is always a great time to stock up.  The Video Values coupons for February are available here--click the little red box in the upper right corner that says "show all offers" to view all of the coupons for this month (remember that these are store coupons, which means you can stack them with any manufacturer's coupons you may have, for even more savings).

Walgreens shoppers: Not much going on at Wags this week, however there are some new Sinful Colors collections that have been popping up recently (I have a HUGE post coming up this week about all of them). The February Coupon Book is now available (free in stores) and you can click HERE for a list of the coupons in this month's book. Don't forget that you can use those coupons on clearance items and also stack those coupons with any manufacturer's coupons you may have, for even more savings.


The following sale info has been obtained from national circulars. I do my best to recap sales that are happening in ALL regions of the United States, but certain sales vary from region to region. Also, you may live in an area that does not run national sales. If you do not see these sales in your area, check with your local store manager for more details.  

  • Scan your CVS Extra Care Card at the red scanner box this week for a coupon for $5 off any $15 cosmetic purchase.
  • BOGOFREE all MUA Makeup Academy products
  • Poparazzi Nail Polish $0.99 each (regularly $2.99+)
  • $5 off any Physicians Formula cosmetics (excludes clearance)
  • eos lip balm 2/$6
  • Spend $10 on any CVS Beauty 360 cosmetic brushes or implements get $3 Extra Bucks (limit 1, excludes value packs and clearance)
  • Spend $10 on any Nuance Salma Hayek cosmetics or facial care get $3 Extra Bucks (limit 1, excludes clearance)
  • Spend $12 on any Revlon cosmetics get $4 Extra Bucks (limit 6, excludes clearance)
  • Spend $15 on any L'Oreal cosmetics get $5 Extra Bucks (limit 1, excludes clearance)
  • Spend $15 on any CoverGirl foundation, powder, blush, concealer or eye cosmetics get $5 Extra Bucks (limit 6, excludes clearance)
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Milani cosmetics (excludes clearance)
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Maybelline foundation, powder, blush, concealer or eye cosmetics (excludes clearance)
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Almay cosmetics (excludes lip and clearance)
  • BOGOFREE all Freeze It, Marc Anthony, Salon Grafix, Pssssst! or Mane 'n Tail (excludes trail/travel sizes)
  • BOGOFREE all CVS brand hair styling products 
  • 25% off select Lumene Time Freeze, Vitamin C+ or Sensitive Touch products or Beauty Drops
  • 25% off CVS Skin + Pharmacy Ance Therapy or Anti-Aging skincare
  • Buy 3 Clean & Clear facial products get $8 Extra Bucks (limit 1, excludes clearance)
  • Spend $20 on Nexxus haircare get $10 Extra Bucks (limit 1, excludes trial/travel and clearance)

  • The Rite Aid Fabuary Promotion began on 2/1 and runs through 2/28. During the month of February, qualifying purchases will earn you points toward various prizes. Click here for promotion details and rules. I will mark the qualifying beauty purchases each week in BLUE below.
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gels $7.99 each; buy 2 get $2+UP (limit 2)
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Maybelline cosmetics
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Garnier skincare
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Revlon lip, eye and face cosmetics
  • BOGO1/2OFF all CoverGirl cosmetics
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Neutrogena cosmetics
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Almay foundation, powder, blush, concealer or bronzers
  • BOGO1/2OFF all L'Oreal face cosmetics; spend $20 on any L'Oreal cosmetics, skincare, haircare or hair color get $5+UP (limit 5)
  • BOGOFREE all Shea Moisture bath or haircare
  • BOGOFREE all Yardley bath care and Keri lotion or oil

  • $2 off Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail color
  • BOGO1/2OFF Revlon foundation, primer, concealer, blush, powder, lip and nail cosmetics
  • BOGO1/2OFF L'Oreal foundation, primer, concealer, blush, powder, eye and lip cosmetics
  • BOGO1/2OFF Maybelline foundation, primer, concealer, blush, powder and eye cosmetics
  • BOGOFREE Dial hand or foaming soap or bar soap 3-pk
  • BOGOFREE Irish Spring body wash or bar soap 6-pk
  • 20% off Olay skincare
  • Softsoap body wash 2/$7; buy 2 get $4 Register Rewards

Did I miss any hot beauty deals this week? If so, please leave a comment below and fill us in (and thanks in advance!)


  1. "Not much going on this week at Rite Aid in terms of makeup deals..."

    You mean for once I don't have cry at all the awesome sales I can't take advantage of because my area doesn't have Rite Aid (but still tortures us with commercials as if they're local)?!

    Lol, thanks for the wrap-up as always! Hoping to score that CVS coupon and find the new Maybelline stuff!

    1. Hahaha!! You get a break this week! :)

      And you are so welcome. I hope you find the new Maybelline stuff!!

    2. I'm wth u girl. Don't have a rite aid near me either. But I see the commercials. And here about the sales.

  2. Sadly, the Pop-arazzi polishes are BAD. :( Stinky, with difficult formulas. There are much better ways to spend 99¢.

    1. Aaaah, I hadn't heard that! :( I saw some swatches of a few shades on IG and they looked pretty, but not super original or unique. Would you say the scent is like Kleancolor or Nanacoco? If so, I can deal (although not my fave scent, for sure). :)

  3. Thanks for the info, G! That CVS coupon sounds real handy.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to compile this list of affordable products! It is much appreciated­čśŐ

  5. Need to RUN to CVS and buy some Milani Color Statement Lip liners! Have you tried them, G? It is the creamiest drugstore lip liner I have tried!

  6. Don't sleep on Poparzzi! The cuticle oil smells great and their holo foil glitter is packed onto the brush (all this just from opening bottles). Now that I know about the deal I am going to peruse again and possibly buy!

  7. The glitter I just mentioned is like OPI I Snow You Love Me on steroids. Btw: for the past few weeks a handful of OPI has been on sale at Wags and Duane Reade in NYC--most of the Euro Centrale collection 2013, Black Onyx and old Stefani Xmas stuff for $4.79.


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