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Friday, January 2, 2015

Spotted In-Store at Ulta: Nyx Color Mascaras, Big & Bold Lash Primer, Wicked Lippies and More

It's the moment we Nyx fans have all been waiting for: many of the newer Nyx products that were previously only available online have finally landed IN-STORE at Ulta! Thanks to some lovely readers, I have proof for you today. Check it out!

NOTE: The new Nyx Correct & Contour Palettes and Tinted Brow Mascaras have also landed at Ulta stores--CLICK HERE if you missed my post about those.

image credit: @tinybubblesfloating for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Nyx display at Ulta

Many thanks to reader @tinybubblesfloating on Instagram for the above pic. She spotted this display with the new shades of Color Mascara, the brand new Big & Loud Lash Primer and the Lush Lashes Mascaras (Badunkadunk, XXL and Voluputous) at her local Ulta this week and kindly shared this pic. 

Keep reading for a pic of the Wicked Lippie display...

image credit: @mzericalynn5 gor Nouveau Cheap
NEW Nyx Wicked Lippies display at Ulta

Many thanks to reader @mzericalynn5 on Instagram for the above pic. She spotted the Wicked Lippies at her Ulta recently--I know a lot of you were waiting for these to pop up in-store, so now's your chance to grab some!

Have YOU spotted these new Nyx displays at your Ulta stores yet? If so, have you made any purchases? I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again, @mzericalynn5 and @tinybubblesfloating, for the great sightings and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. the pigmentation in the colored mascaras is really nice! i bought the lavender one and layered it over my regular black mascara and it showed up really opaque. super pretty.

    1. ooh your comment makes me want to try this. I have dark lashes so colored mascaras usually only give me a subtle tint of color. I have the original NYX purple mascara, maybe I should try layering that over black mascara as well. But I can see how a pastel like lavender would show up more!

  2. I'll be looking for the lipsticks for sure, have been checking my local Ulta In the past to no avail. The mascaras sound interesting in theory, but I probably wouldn't get a lot of use out of them, maybe a pop of color on the lower lash line, but I wouldn't use on my top lashes, except for the tips.

  3. I cant wait to visit the USA this year and go to Ulta

  4. I saw these displays at Ulta recently along with the correct & contour palettes and brow mascaras but did not purchase any. I was excited to find the Epic Black mousse liner which I had been waiting for to be available in stores since it launched. I didn't find it any more pigmented than the black gel liner but it does feel lighter in texture. Both contain the same amount of product but the Epic jar looks bigger.

  5. I spotted them at my Ulta but was afraid to try the mascaras. I did get the concealer palette. lash primer, and the wonder sticks though. Looking forward to trying them out.

  6. I was just searching for a release date for these lol. It seems like it took forever for the Wicked lippies to hit stores. So excited! I hope I find them plus the brow gels soon

  7. Sadly my ulta didnt have the 2 colors i really wanted. And despite testers being available in the display all the other colors had been opened and swatched. Ill have to order online.

  8. Does anyone know if any of the NYX holiday sets are on clearance yet at CVS? Thanks!


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