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Monday, January 19, 2015

My Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul

I posted about the BBW Semi-Annual Sale right after Christmas when it first began, but to commemorate the last day of this sale (it ends today, 1/19, both in-store and online), I thought I would show you the one and only haul I made this time around. Over the years, I've become more discriminating when it comes to my BBW sale hauls and I avoid buying things "just because it's a great deal." I try to only buy things that I really, truly want and love, and it's rare that I take a chance or stock up on something that I only feel moderately excited about (believe me, this wasn't always the case!).

Some of the items here are now sold-out online, but you might still be able to find them in-store, in case you want to stop by your local store for one last round of savings after work or school tonight! And remember that you can always buy discontinued BBW items on eBay if you really want them (just be sure to check the seller's feedback before purchasing).

More pics (and prices), after the jump...

I made this haul via the BBW website using the $20 off $50 code I posted about HERE (hopefully that will still work for you today--I haven't checked yet). Shipping is $5.99 flat rate when you order online. To me, the savings were still so great that the additional $5.99 didn't bother me.

NOTE: the prices listed below are the prices that are listed on my BBW receipt. BBW calculated the $20 off $50 coupon code that I used for this transaction into the prices on the receipt.

Aromatherapy Night Time Tea Body Lotion - sale price: $4.11
Aromatherapy Vanilla Verbena Body Lotion - sale price: $4.11
Signature Collection Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow Comfort Body Lotion - sale price: $1.91

I have to mention that Comfort (no longer on the BBW site) is in my top five BBW scents of all time (WHY did BBW discontinue this one?), especially in body lotion form. To me, this scent doesn't really smell like pumpkin or latte. It's just an incredibly beautiful, soft, powdery, sweet fragrance that is truly a hidden gem in the world of BBW. I can't recommend it enough, although I don't really like it in body mist form as much as the body lotion (the lotion smells better to me than the body cream, as well).

I also REALLY love Night Time Tea (no longer on the BBW site) and Vanilla Verbena (still in stock HERE) Aromatherapy scents. But I probably don't have to get into that because I know these two fragrances are wildly popular already!

Signature Collection Plum Moscato & Almond Harvest Shower Gel - sale price: $3.96
Signature Collection Strawberry Sparkler Shower Gel  - sale price: $3.48
Aromatherapy Black Chamomile Body Wash - sale price: $4.11

The Plum Moscato & Almond and Black Chamomile body washes arrived filled to the brim, but I have already used both a few times. Anyway, another hidden gem in the world of BBW is that Plum Moscato & Almond. I don't know why it didn't get much love when it first debuted, but it's discontinued now (no longer on the BBW site), and it still remains an absolute favorite of mine in body wash form. It has this beautiful, tart, red wine note tempered with the creamy almond. Aaah, it's so lovely. I really should have ordered more.

Black Chamomile, which is no longer on the BBW site, is a favorite of so many (again, why did BBW discontinue it??) and if you love chamomile scents, this one is chamomile on steroids. So beautiful. I also love Strawberry Sparkler, which again, didn't seem to get much love when it debuted. It's a sweet, almost powdery strawberry fragrance. Fun for summertime (it's no longer on the BBW site).

Lemon Meringue Cheer Gentle Foaming Hand Wash - sale price: $2.06
Signature Collection Lemon Pomegranate Cream Fine Fragrance Mist  - sale price: $4.43
Marshmallow Fireside 3-Wick Candle - sale price: $6.33

Lemon Meringue Cheer (no longer on the BBW site) is such a fun scent--I own two of these already and wanted a back-up. Lemon Pomegranate Cream is still in stock HERE, and it's one of the closest scents I've found to one of my favorite BBW fragrance ever: Berry Vanilla (discontinued). If you like Berry Vanilla too, you may find that the dry-down of Lemon Pomegranate Cream is quite similar. They're not identical, but close enough for my liking! (Sidenote: Suave Everlasting Sunshine Body Wash is also a nice alternative to Berry Vanilla--not identical by quite similar.)

And do I really need to say anything about Marshmallow Fireside? A classic, for sure. And for $6.33, it was a no-brainer. This is sadly no longer on the BBW site, but you can still get it in Wallflowers

I ordered a few other things in this haul that I can't post here because they're going to be presents, but going on just what I showed you here, my grand total was a whopping $34.50. That pretty much equals the candle and one Aromatherapy product at full price. Man, I love the BBW Semi-Annual Sales.

Again, the BBW SAS ends TODAY (1/19) both in-store and online, in case you're thinking about one final round before it all starts back up again in June! I'm not sure if the codes that I posted HERE are still valid, but definitely worth a shot!

If you're a BBW shopper, I would LOVE to hear about your SAS hauls in the comments below!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Nice haul! I went the day after Christmas and bought 2 Twisted Peppermint fragrance mists for $3.50, a body lotion for $3 and two travel lotions for .25 each (old packaging). I also bought Sunset by the pool lotion and body wash and Strawberry Sparkler mist and lotion for $3 each. I went back another time and picked up the lemon vanilla, apricot vanilla, and coconut vanilla body lotions for $3 each and their fragrance mists for $3.25 each. I got a fee hand soaps when they were on sale for $2.50 and a couple of wallflowers when they were on sale for $5. Yesterday, I ordered the Twisted Peppermint, Winter Candy apple, and Twilight Woods 3 wick candles for $9 each online. I also purchased two Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin mason jar candles for $4 each. I love Bath and Body works but I only shop during the it semi annual sales to get the most for my money.

    1. Scoooore!!! Aaaah, you got some excellent deals!! :)

  2. Nice haul, G! I love Lemon Pomegranate Cream, but I stocked up on B3G3 this fall, so I used my 20% off coupon and the semi-annual sale to stock up on Fresh Balsam 3-wicks for $7.20 each. :-)

  3. Great haul G.!I went on one of the first days and got a full sweep of Twisted Peppermint. ( I now have an entire drawer full and won't run out for years. Then I grabbed Violet Lily Sky in body wash and body spray. So good for the gym. Them I topped off with strawberry Sparkler. I don't remember what I paid but I did well and I'm sure I used a coupon! IDK how I never knew about Pumpkin Latte and Marshmallow. It sounds to die for!

  4. I avoided BBW this sale. I have about 30 handsoaps, 12 body washes (six of which are last summer's strawberry scent haha), and more candles than I want to admit to. I really need to use some up because I have literally no room for any more.

  5. AHHH well I told you on IG how much I love and miss berry vanilla. I saw the lemon pomegrante in store and decided I didn't need it. Now I regret!

  6. My small haul was mostly candles and soaps this time.....various cinnamon and cookie scents. My Marshmallow Fireside candle arrived with the glass shattered (due to cold?) but i was able to perform surgery on it and put the candle (which was unbroken) into an empty Marshmallow jar i had in my empties box, haha! (I felt so accomplished.)

  7. I've just come back from the Bath & Body Works shop, with the full bag :-)

    But now, on your page, I see, in US you have a lot of lines, I've never seen here... ;-(

  8. Nice goodies! I was there 1 + 1/2 wks ago and kept it down to basics, I just picked up about 6 handwashes...1 or 2 foamy style and the rest beaded gel. They were around $2 + change each!

  9. the SAS is over now, but there are some great deals still going on! (plus some new codes! like 20% off your order + a free travel-sized item: F144791) i just picked up two lemon pomegranate cream body mists for $5 each, a body wash & mist in the new citrus spring scent for $7 each, and picked up a travel size of the new spring dragonfruit mist for free :)

  10. Man I did not see that Black Chamomile at any of my B&BW stores. Grrrr! I ended up ordering from the site because Dark Kiss and Brown Sugar & Fig were not available in store. I bought like 7 body washes and 5 body cremes.

  11. I stumbled on this super old post from last year when I was looking for a dupe for the sleep night time's my favorite and still hard to find in stores (most say they've discontinued it). have you found an alternative?! I would love it in pillow mist and candle form :(


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