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Friday, January 9, 2015

HOT DEAL ALERT: Stila Artist Signature Set for $9.90 (Originally $185)

UPDATE: Please see important update at the bottom of this post. Thanks!

I've done many blog posts over the years about fantastic beauty deals spotted Nordstrom Rack on brands like Stila, Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc. But this one? Well, I think it takes the cake! 

image credit: @beautycheckup for Nouveau Cheap
Stila Artist Signature Set for $9.90 at Nordstrom Rack (Originally $185)

Reader Rachel (@beautycheckup on Instagram) kindly shared the above pic with me of the Stila Artist Signature Set that she just scored at her Nordstrom Rack for a whopping $9.90 (this set retailed for $185 when it was available at Sephora).

Keep reading for some tips about how YOU can possibly snag this too (even if you can't find it locally)...

1) If you're thinking this is too good to be sure, HERE'S PROOF of Rachel's price tag on this set.

2) I know that some of you have spotted this set for anywhere between $30 and $99 at your local Nordstrom Racks lately, but this price drop is NEW and it has apparently just happened. If you still don't believe it, longtime reader @fadburger on Instagram shared this screenshot from the Nordstrom Rack app when she looked up the UPC for this item to locate it in stores near her (the UPC is 429605964652 in case you want to search for yourself):

As you can see, the price is now $9.90 in the Nordstrom Rack system. I obviously cannot guarantee that the price will be $9.90 if you find this locally, but that's the price that's showing up in the Nordstrom Rack system as of today. So if you see a different price on this set in your area, definitely have them scan it to see if it shows up for $9.90 in the system, and hopefully it will!

3) Nordstrom Rack does not sell beauty items on their website, so you can only find this deal IN-STORE. But (and this is a big "but"!) several of you on Instagram have told me that when you called your local Nordstrom Rack to see if they had this in stock, some stores did NOT have it in stock, but a Nordstrom Rack employee was able to locate this set at other stores and SHIP IT TO YOU FOR $9.90 + $7.95 SHIPPING (which is still an excellent deal). Again, I cannot guarantee that you'll be able to do this, but it's worth a try, right?

IN SUMMARY: this price is very real, and it's a very new markdown from the original Nordstrom Rack price of $99. You can call your local Nordstrom Rack (here's a store locator) to see if they have this in stock near you at this price (again, I cannot guarantee this, but it's worth a call!). The UPC for this item is 429605964652.  If your local store does not have this in stock, ask them if they can locate one (or more!) for you and have it shipped to you ($9.90 + $7.95 shipping). That's still a fantastic deal even with shipping for a set that was originally $185 at Sephora when it was available!

Thanks so very much to Rachel for the tip and pic about this deal, and thanks to @fadburger for sharing that screen shot. I also want to thank several of you for sharing your tips on Instagram about this one--I am so grateful for your willingness to help us all out!

UPDATE: I've heard from several of you who have tried to place phone orders since this blog post went live earlier today. Apparently this set is now sold out in numerous states, and I've heard from readers who were able to place orders but then then the orders were cancelled (I'm guessing this set sold out very quickly in certain areas, and perhaps they went so quickly that the system couldn't keep up). At this point, I think your best bet is to try and find one in-store (if you're lucky enough to do so). Sorry about that, but I posted about this as quickly as I could! 


  1. This is practically a steal. I wish I had a Nordstrom near me. I would definitely take advantage of this deal. I have only used Stila eyeliner and mascara and it is in my HG of products so all of this made by the same company has to be great too!

  2. This is just mind-blowing...too bad I don't live near a Nordstrom Rack.

  3. If anyone can grab an extra i would really appreciate it!!! I really want this set but every single store in my state is sold out :( Please grab an extra if you can i will pay for everything!! Thank you! Here is my e-mail :) Thank you so much for spotting this deal!

  4. they just sold out 30 min ago at my store...word ismtravelling fast. lol

  5. i went ahead and ordered ot over the phone. still a great deal for under $20

  6. I happened to be 5 minutes from Nordstom Rack when I saw your instagram post so I figured might as well stop by and see. Was able to find 3 but the price was 74 dollars until I had them scan to see and sure enough 9.90. The cashiers face was priceless! He had to show it to two others to make sure it was okay to sell it to me for that price even though that is what it rang up as. Ha ha it was so funny. Thanks G!

  7. All the stores near San Diego are sold out ;( She called 5 stores and they didn't have them. Oh well...

  8. All the stores near San Diego are sold out ;( She called 5 stores and they didn't have them. Oh well...

  9. I was able to place an order, but I hear that some people have gotten theirs cancelled... Fingers crossed!

  10. I was told that the Lincoln Park Nordstrom Rack in Chicago has 6 (I live in NY) and placed an order just now, waiting for the e-receipt!

  11. I was told that I have to order it in person at the store :(

  12. How do I find out if they have it in my store? My nordstrom rack is 45 minutes away. I can't seem to find a nordstrom rack app?

  13. Le sigh. Boston's Newbury store sold out yday.

  14. I was able to order this over the phone with a lovely sales associate at the Nordstrom Rack in Downtown Brooklyn, Score!

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