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Friday, January 16, 2015

Exciting News from Hard Candy (Spring 2015 Sneak Peeks and the Return of Old Favorites)

In case you don't follow Hard Candy on Instagram, I have some very exciting news to share with you today!

First things first, guess what's coming back?

image credit: Hard Candy Instagram page
Hard Candy Nail Polish in Coconut, Sky, Mint, Scam
Original shades and original formula, back for a limited time this April

Wanna really break the #internet? True #beauty gurus know that these babies are the #original #nail #polishes that started our brand! We're bringing 'em back to celebrate our 20th #birthday! Original formulas! Original rings! Only $4 each! At @walmart in April for a limited time. Spread the word! #Sky #Mint #Scam #Coconut #manis #pedis

Can you believe it? These four nail polishes from the 90s are coming back and Hard Candy promises they'll be the original shades AND original formulas! They will be $4 each and they'll only be around for a limited time at Walmart beginning this April. 

I can't even express to you how excited I am about this. Sky and Scam were shades that I coveted back in the day when Hard Candy was sold at Nordstrom (we're talking 1995/1996--this was even before Sephora carried Hard Candy; Sephora didn't open their first US store until 1997). You can be sure I'll be picking up all four of these babies--how about you?

Keep reading for a sneak peak at some NEW Spring 2015 products from Hard Candy...

image credit: Hard Candy Instagram page
Hard Candy Ombré Baked Blush in Punch
(retail: $7; available this February at Walmart)

Hard Candy also shared this image on their Instagram today of one of their soon-to-be-released Ombré Baked Blushes in the shade Punch ($7, releasing this February at Walmart). Beautiful, right? So excited about this one.

Oh, and they also posted THIS PHOTO of some swatches of three of their new Fierce Effects lip colors and there's a blue shade! These will also be available at Walmart beginning in February.

That's it for now, but if they release any other sneak peeks before February, I'll be sure to share them here!


  1. My inner 12 year old just . flipped. out.

  2. This is so cool! I think I remember these polishes being talked about on Oprah back then, but there was nowhere to buy them in my WI hometown. Too bad all the walmarts around here are so trashed I'll never find these. :(

  3. Why are these only sold at Walmart? Breaks my heart. :-(

  4. I also remember these being featured on Oprah at that time. There was no place that sold them here. I'll keep an eye out for these. I can't believe 1995 was twenty years ago. That's just crazy in and of itself.

  5. OMG! this is the BEST news ever! Yay!

  6. I absolutely want those polishes! We don't have a Nordstrom so I was never able to get them! And the blush???? Gorgeous!

  7. Hard Candy was my splurge brand in the '90's, I'm so excited for this!

  8. Didn't these used to be kinda pricy way back when? I remember I wanted them, but assuming it never happened because of cost...?

  9. Coconut and Mint looks pretty. That blush is looking mighty nice too!

  10. SKY! Yay! I've wanted that polish for years! Thanks for sharing the great news that it will be available again (even if just for a limited time).

  11. OH MY GAWD!!! I hate the use of multiple exclamation points, but if anything has ever warranted it, this friggin' does! I'll have to find a slouchy flannel shirt, plastic baby barrettes, and a pair of chunky soled black Skechers to complete the look!

    P.S. I wonder if the beauty products, makeup trends, clothing, hairstyles, and "it" girls from our youth (approximately Jr. High era - which was Hard Candy's hey day, for me) forms our "beauty archetype", so to speak? I know that I favor the products, trends, and even music to which I was exposed back then (roughly '92 to '98). I know that my mom used to lament not having certain products from her teens. (She was born in 1954.) I seem to remember her talking about an Herbal Essence lip gloss tin, that had fruit and herb flavored glosses. It sounded incredible! (Totally way off topic, I know. Sorry! Seriously, I am like ridiculously excited about these polishes. Thanks so much for sharing! I'll have to stalk every Walmart within a 50-mile radius, come April!)

    1. Funny thing is, most of the 90's styles I used to wear and several I had hoped would die a quick death (baby doll dresses for any of us who were large breasted in high school come to mind) are coming back around. Shopping the last few months has been like looking back in my old closet!

  12. How weird, I just mentioned this to you a few posts back about me remembering how exclusive Hard Candy was when it first came out. So trippy. I remember wanting it so badly. It was expensive too. I wonder if its still made in the USA?

  13. Oh yeah need these too. I got just the new pink blush. It's with the ombré it was the third one with the two ombré and I love it. I was going to get the tiki highlighter. Now waiting for those tins. I love the eye shadow tins I got two. I'm loving Drugstore all together. And just thought after pre ordering the Jaclyn Hill pallet I'm done for awhile. I knew something would get me.


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