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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Complete List of Milani 2015 Products

I've already covered some of the new-for-2015 products from Milani here on the blog, but today I'd like to share with you the complete list of new 2015 products, which I received directly from Milani. I also want to thank those of you who have taken the time to send me pics of some of these displays that you've spotted at CVS and Walgreens--I'm really behind on my new product sightings posts at the moment, so I'm going to skip doing separate posts about these collections in favor of this wrap-up post.

Also, given that several of you have submitted pics of these displays, I'm assuming that many stores nationwide have these new products in stock now. If you haven't seen these in the stores in your area that carry Milani, keep checking back. Eventually these should all be in the permanent Milani display!

Keep reading for the complete list of new 2015 products from Milani...

(Click the links below to view/purchase these products on the Milani website.)

Trend: Metallic Shine
Milani’s Fierce Foil collection, releasing in January 2015, is the first of its kind with buildable, highly-metallic, foil finish that creates a look unlike anything on the market today. From eyes to nails to lips, the Fierce Foil collection includes:  
Milani Fierce Foil Eye Shines – A first! This isn’t a shadow. It is a shine. Milani’s groundbreaking gloss technology created especially for eyes instantly imparts a beautiful multidimensional foil finish. Available in four shade quartets named for Italy’s starriest, most beloved cities, the lineup includes Milan (soft pinks and taupes), Rome (lavenders and purples), Florence (coppers and gold), and Venice (icy whites and cool blues). Suggested retail price $9.99.
Milani Fierce Foil Eyeliner – Each liner is handmade with an innovative blackout base that allows rich shimmer to shine through. This versatile product can be used as a smoldering eyeshadow or as an eyeliner to rock a classic cat eye. Available in four rich, jewel-like shades. Suggested retail price $6.99. 
Milani Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer – This luxe lacquer is laced with genuine gold for a long lasting shine that looks like it is lit from within. Available in eight chic, Italian city-themed shades. Suggested retail price $3.99.
Milani Fierce Foil Lipgloss (not yet on the Milani website) – A never-been-done-before gloss that softens, smoothes and shines with a glimmering, multidimensional foil finish. Suggested retail price $ 4.99.

Trend: Subtle, Soft Matte
Milani’s Matte collection, releasing in January 2015, features a new kind of matte finish. Every product feels great, is easy to apply, is long lasting and looks amazing in Instagram selfies. From eyes to lips to cheeks, the Matte Collection includes: 
Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner – Inspired by Cleopatra, this versatile glide-on waterproof precision liner stays put all day and is self-sharpening. This unique formula can be used for flawless tightlining, waterlining and for added definition to the upper or lower lids. Available in one stellar Blackest Black shade. Suggested retail price $5.99.
Matte Rose Powder Blush – Gorgeous in the compact, even prettier on the cheeks, this petal soft, matte-finish powder shapes and contours. Streaks? Never. Easy to use? Always.  Available in three ultra-flattering shades. Suggested retail price $7.99.
Moisture Matte Color Statement Lipsticks – Infused with hydrating Grape Seed extract imported from Italy, this long lasting, lightweight, zero-compromise matte lipstick is smear proof and comfortable. Available in eight, luxe, go-the-distance shades, from pale pink Matte Innocence to fiery red Matte Passion. Suggested retail price $4.99.

NOTE: These are all new, permanent additions to the Milani line-up. The Matte Rose Powder Blushes were originally part of previous limited edition collections (you can click here for more info on that). Milani decided to bring them back and add them to the permanent line, which I know many of us are very happy about! Also, I don't yet have pics of the Fierce Foil Lipglosses--if you have spotted those in-store, I'd love to know what you think of them!


  1. I tried one of the "foiled" palettes, and it was... awful. Not anywhere near as metallic or liquid-metal looking as the Stila Magnificent Metals ones (which I've also heard are pretty ornery products). It also wasn't pigmented enough for such a slippery and oily base, and it therefore required building up to get any sort of metallic effect, but then it creased no matter /what/ I did! I even tried layering with pure silicon powder in between extremely long-lasting and bulletproof primer and cream shadow layers! Creased within thirty minutes, and those primers usually give me about 12 hours of wear. I tried dabbing it lightly over shadow for a "starry" sort of mild glittery look, and it //still// creased within thirty minutes.

    I bet these could be interesting for a makeup artist, or for someone wanting really interesting body/face (possibly lips? Idk if it's safe for that) metallic oil-paints. For me, though, I still long for an intensely metallic eyeshadow. Not glitter. Just like... melted gold, completely reflective and overly glamorous. I don't know if a product like that will ever come, though. //sigh

    1. Have you tried elf long lasting lustrous eyeshadows?

    2. The closest that comes to mind is Color Pop Get Lucky and Makeup Geek pigment in Liquid Gold. Another option would be a gold waterproof liner I know several brands make either a pencil or liquid formula. There is also the Rimmel eye paint in Golden Bronze, extremely metal-like but not a true gold.

    3. I've tried the knock-off versions they made for Urban Outfitters, and those are super sparkly and gorgeous, but they aren't the finish I'm looking for, really. I do enjoy them, however!

      Hmm I had heard about the Rimmel eye paints, and they did look /almost/ shiny enough for what I'm looking for... I might try them out. :)
      If nothing ends up working, and I have a special occasion that warrants it, I may just add an eye-safe fixative (like the elf one) and mix up some gold-leaf eye paint! haha 10 years of art and design training won't be put to waste ;)

    4. Have you tried the Josie Maran coconut watercolor liquid shadows? I have one, and the color is GORGEOUS and super metallic. You have to shake it up to mix before use, but it's super pigmented, long-wearing, and doesn't crease as long as you prime beforehand. I definitely recommend swatching them next time you're in Sephora.

  2. I had my eye on one of those palettes but the mixed reviews are throwing me off a little. I do want to try that eyeliner though. More so for the packaging lol. It just looks so cute and fancy for a drugstore liner!

    1. I bought the eyeliner (the purple) only to return it the next day and exchaged it for a milani lipstick. Says retail $6+ change (suggested of course) and by me I paid $8+ change! It was awful! The "black" base was so sheer it could never work alone, maybe would work better as a topper over black liner but I couldn't be bothered to play with it. The matte lippies on the other hand are wonderful!

  3. I loved Milani's limited edition matte lipstick; they are the mattest lipstick i own yet so creamy! I cannot wait for a full range!

  4. I'm just staying tuned for when the new Milani products finally come to NYC CVS stores so I can get my hands on the new Color Statement matte lipsticks. Mainly I just want to smell them--I hear the scent is no longer watermelon, but cocoa! Also, hearing about the addition of grape seed oil makes me wonder if they're creamy or satin matte.

    1. If anyone sees the matte lipsticks in NYC please let us know!!!

    2. I've seen them around western Long Island.

  5. I have seen review after review for the Fierce Foil Eyeshines and everyone pretty much says they are horrible to work with as they are a gloss and never dry or set. Most reviewers are suggesting that you tap these on lightly over a powder eyeshadow so it almost sounds like they are "toppers" which is a shame. I was so looking forward to these when I saw the pics awhile back. G, if you get your hands on these I hope you do a review. I have yet to find these in any store.

  6. If anyone sees the matte lipsticks in NYC please let us know!!

  7. I saw the Fierce Foil nail lacquers at CVS in York PA the other day. They are all so pretty, but I was on a budget so I only bought two, a pink and a green (don't have the names offhand). They have tear-off coupons on the display, too.

  8. I purchased two of the foil eye shine palettes. I snagged Florence and Milan. I heard some very mixed reviews about them on YouTube as well. I'm not sure what the people that hate them are doing but they are very easy to work with. I used my finger for a better application and I've used my color tattoos in bad to the bronze and inked pink as bases underneath. I love them. In my opinion they are stunning. Thanks Milani!


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