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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Unboxing: Target Cyber Monday 2014 Beauty Box

If you weren't reading my blog during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, then you might have missed the Target deal I posted about during that time. I know a LOT of you were able to get these special Target Cyber Monday Beauty Boxes (not to be confused with the regular beauty boxes that Target releases a few times a year) and I ordered one myself because they were just too good to pass up!

These boxes are no longer available on the Target site, but if you weren't able to get one (or even if you did get one), I thought you might like to see what I received in the box I ordered. The last thing I ever want to do is "rub it in" and show you things that are no longer available but, at the same time, I like to document these types of boxes here on the blog so that the NEXT time Target offers a beauty box, we have this post for comparison.

That said, there were three different boxes to choose from on the Target site on Cyber Monday, and I only ordered one of the boxes called the For Her Box. It retailed for $10 with free shipping:

Target Cyber Monday For Her Beauty Box
(retail: $10 + free shipping on the Target website)

Keep reading for a peek inside...

list of products + Target coupons

$10 off coupon for

contents of "For Her" box

A closer look at the makeup products in this box:

  • L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara in Black (full-size; retail: $8.99)
  • CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Quad in Smokey Nudes (full-size; retail: $4.49)
  • ChapStick Total Hydration Lip Balm in Sweet Peach (Target-Exclusive) - (full-size; retail: $2.99)
  • Revlon HD Lip Lacquer in Strawberry Topaz - (full-size; retail: $7.99)
  • Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black (Target-Exclusive) - (deluxe sample)

Right off the bat, this box almost paid for itself just with the mascara alone since the box was $10 (with free shipping) and the mascara retails for basically $9. So everything beyond that was pretty much free! But there's more...

Skincare and haircare products:

  • Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum - (sample packet)
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (Target-Exclusive) - (deluxe sample jar)
  • Clairol Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask - (full-size; retail: $11.99)

I honestly cannot believe what an incredible value this was--I really should have purchased a few of them at this price. I have been dying to try the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and the Clairol Hair Food Mask since I've heard such great things about both. I'm actually getting ready to review the Revlon HD Lip Lacquers here on the blog, in other shades, so I'm glad I have this shade to add to my review. I'm also getting ready to review the entire ChapStick Total Hydration collection for you soon, but I'm happy to have a back-up. Basically, I will happily and eagerly use EVERYTHING in this box, and that's kind of rare for me. 

All in all, I'm incredibly satisfied with this box, and I dare say that it might be my favorite beauty box that Target has ever offered (and that includes the ones that were 100% free back in the day). I cannot believe the amount of full-size items we received here. The total retail value of this box (NOT including the sample items) is $36.45, and you can probably factor in at least another $15 for the samples/deluxe samples. So yeah, $10 + free shipping was fantastic, I'd say!

Did you get any of the Target Cyber Monday 2014 Beauty Boxes? If so, what did YOU think of them? Would you order them again if you could?

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I'm jealous you got the hair mask! I got the volume spray instead. I love my HD laquer - I got the red and it's pretty stunning! The only thing that didn't work for me was the Covergirl eyeshadow because my shades were so chalky!! :(

  2. Wow, everything looks awesome. Such an incredible deal. And I like how there were new/recent products included like the Revlon lip product. Wish I had snagged a box!

  3. Hope the sleeping mask works better for you. I bought a full size tub long ago after seeing so many good reviews on it, but it's a little too fragranced for me and didn't do anything except moisturize.

  4. I got the same exact box. I was surprised by the pixi liner. I swatched it on my hand and it really stayed put! I love my HD gloss in sunstone so I'm betting I'll like this one too. I'm gifting the eye shadow quad so im not sure if the quality. I'll be buying the next box for sure!

  5. The $10 coupon to Dermstore works on a subscription to Blush's mystery box. If you choose recurring subscription (which you can cancel any time), you can get a single box for just $16 and they promise over $100 in value. I did this, got my box today, and promptly canceled. Super happy with the value of that box as well.

  6. Wow that is a ton of stuff for that price. What a steal!

  7. I just got my box today, and I'm really impressed! I got pretty much the same box as you, just different shades/formula. The Revlon lacquer I got is Rose Quartz, Covergirl quad in Natural Nudes, and I got a thickening spray from Hair Food. I haven't swatched the makeup yet so not sure about pigmentation but the colors are nice and wearable in the package! I'm excited to try the Intenza mascara, I'm sure I will love it since I love the original butterfly so much. Thanks for letting us know about these boxes, they are such an amazing deal, and great way to try new products! I will definitely get one again when they offer them!

  8. I got the same thing, bright red lip laquer, volume spray, and the covergirl eyeshadow quad in natural something, they looked like cool-tones nudes that were not great-I really would have preferred G's box. Wonder if it was random or by age or something?

  9. I got this box too and my CG quad was Blushing Nudes, my Revlon lacquer was Garnet, and I got the other Hair Food item they offered. Most of this will be stocking stuffers for my mom which was my intention in buying it. I also got the Naturals box for myself but was just meh on it when I got it. The largest item in it is for curly hair, which I do not have.

  10. I thank you for posting this on FB a couple weeks ago. I ordered two boxes for my sister and I. I am extremely happy with both boxes. Though, I wish I gotten your box because the two boxes I have are almost the same, except the lip gloss. I got a hair serum treatment type, though I wanted to try the hair mask for a while now. Overall, I will continue to purchase more of this. I like Target because they show all of the products in the box. I know some people like to be surprised, but I preferred to know what I will be getting in the box. I still got excited as I open the boxes. I cannot wait for my sister to open this gift on Xmas. I cannot believe I missed out last time. Cannot wait for the next available box.

  11. Revlon's Strawberry Topaz is gorgeous! ! I'm in love with it, I hope you love it too. The rest of the box looks awesome!

  12. I got all the same items you did G, but the Revlon HD Lip Lacquer I got was "Pink Ruby". It's gorgeous. Like some of your readers I too love the option of seeing what's in the box and selecting the one that suits me best.Thanks for a great review! I'll be sure to hit them up next year.

  13. What an awesome box!! (kicking myself now)!!!! Next time around I won't disregard this one! I do love the last Target Box I received!

  14. I picked up this box and the Men's box! Both were incredible value!

  15. Nice Items! perfect gifts for the holiday! :)

  16. Man, I like your box better than mine. I got the Revlon gloss in Sunstone. It's orange and doesn't look good on me :/ I don't think I really like the formula either. I got the Covergirl quad with nude shades. I think it's called Natural Nudes. I already have many things like it. The hair food product I received was a hair thickening serum type thing, which I won't use because my hair is already super thick. I'm still glad I got the box though because of the Laneige mask and Loreal mascara. I've used the mask twice and like it so far, very moisturizing. I'm excited to try the mascara since I liked the original Butterfly one. The Pixi liner is super creamy, and it did not stay on my oily lids very well. I doubt it will stay well in my waterline too, but I'll try it anyway. I like that it's very black.

  17. Now THIS box I regret getting. Ah well...

  18. I am loving my Beauty Box! Interesting to see that you got a different eyeshadow palette than me. I got a neutral one and have worn it almost every day since I got the Box.

  19. These were sold out when I got there but I guess I see why. I need more samples like a hole in the head though so I didnt cry for too long :) better than the Walmart "beauty" box I got this week though, the whole thing was lotions and moisturizers, boring! Probably going to cancel soon.

  20. I got this and then packed it as full as I could with other beauty products and am gifting to my daughter for Christmas. The box is cute too and worth keeping after the beauty products inside are gone.

  21. I got all 3 boxes, because obviously I have no self control, but you're right... this was an ah-mazing deal! I'm already in love with the Hair Food mask and bought the root cleansing shampoo last time I was at Target! Thanks for posting about these!!!


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