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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Spotted: NEW Maybelline Master Prime and Master Conceal by Facestudio Collection

If you are a Maybelline fan, then you're definitely going to want to see my next several blog posts. Let's put the sale alerts aside for a while and get to some new drugstore products, shall we? For this first Maybelline new product post, I have new primers and concealers to show you, thanks to two lovely readers.

First up, reader @missjae1908 on Instagram spotted this new display at her local Christmas Tree Shop this week (both Harmon and Christmas Tree Shops are subsidiaries of Bed Bath and Beyond, so you might check your local BBB for these as well) and she was nice enough to share some pics with us:

image credit: @missjae1908 for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Maybelline Master Prime and Master Conceal by Facestudio Collection

Keep reading for more pics and info...

image credit: @missjae1908 for Nouveau Cheap
Maybelline Master Primer by Facestudio Primers
"Weightless blurring primers"

There are three primers in this display:

200 Blur + Illuminate (this is the only one with SPF30)
300 Blur + Redness Control
100 Blur + Smooth

I'm guessing that the Illuminate primer and the Redness Control primer are shades that match their tubes, but the Smooth primer is probably clear (or white), not blue.

image credit: @missjae1908 for Nouveau Cheap
Maybelline Master Conceal by Facestudio Conceal Camouflaging Concealers
"Maximum Conceal. No Reveal."
"Laser-Thin Camouflaging Concealers"

There are five shades of Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer in this display:

10 Fair 
20 Light
30 Light/Medium
40 Medium
50 Medium/Deep

Longtime photo-contributor Fatima (@th0tima on Instagram) also spotted this display at her local Harmon this week, and kindly shared this pic of the concealers:

image credit: Fatima for Nouveau Cheap

Fatima's pic was taken without flash, so we're able to have a different look at the shades here. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see a pinky-peach concealer in this range. Maybelline is one of the few drugstore brands that offers pink/peach-toned concealers (many drugstore concealers tend to have a strong yellow undertone when it comes to the light/fair shades) but pink/peach concealers work so well for concealing/canceling out certain types of under-eye darkness (like mine!). If I use yellow-toned concealers for that, my dark circles tend to look gray, so you can be SURE that I'll be picking up 10 Fair (and probably 20 Light) and I will definitely review them.

These new products are permanent, not limited edition, and I would expect to see them pop up at all the usual drugstores/retailers within the next few weeks. So definitely keep your eyes peeled for them.

Thanks so much, image credit: @missjae1908 and Fatima, for the great sightings and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. can't wait for that green primer!

  2. Omg those master conceals are all mine!! Maybelline makes the best concealer!!

  3. Really? Too yellow? I feel like everything in the drugstore is predominantly pink. I'm extremely fair and have yellow undertones. Finding a good foundation match at the drugstore is nearly impossible.

    1. Aaah, I know what you're saying. See, I'm usually the second-to-lightest shade in any given range (for concealer, powder, foundation) and the second-to-lightest shade in drugstore concealer ranges is usually the THE most yellow-toned of them all. That's fine for foundation and powder since I have yellow undertones, but for concealer I need one that's pink or peach toned and usually the "fair" option, while not as yellow, reads more like a "white with reddish undertones" on my skin. But with Maybelline, especially in their Super Stay and Instant Age Rewind concealers, there's a pink/peach toned option that isn't too light for me. So I'm excited that this will be the case for this new line. I hope that makes sense? Sorry for the confusion! :)

  4. I will definitely try the primer. Always looking for an inexpensive primer that is similar to Smashboxes.

  5. I transitioned to peach undereye concealer (Pixi) thanks to EmilyNoel, and I have been liking it. So I would love to try this!

  6. the primer is amazing .. the brightening one. there is NO silicone-y feel and i love that

    1. Aaaah, that's music to my ears, Fatima!! :)

  7. Probably the "blue" one is a lilac primer like the ELF one.

    1. Hum..I think since that is a smoothing primer and it doesn't make any claims about being color-correcting, it would be surprising if it were tinted, but maybe!

  8. I just ordered a peachy shade of concealer from Avon. Too bad I didn't see this earlier. I will be interested in these for sure!

  9. Excited to try out the primers and the concealer. I think I'm more excited about these products then the lipsticks and I'm a lipstick junkie.

  10. Can't wait to try the green primer!


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