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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New You Tell Me Page (Update Your Subscriptions!)

I have created a new You Tell Me page (long-overdue!) so if you subscribe to this page, please update your subscriptions to this URL:

For new readers, the You Tell Me page link is located on the top menu bar of this blog for your convenience. This is a page where you can submit tips, sightings and deal info instantly with the rest of the community. When the comments reach 200+, sometimes they stop loading for some readers, so that's why I create a new page every time we hit 200+ comments. For more info about this page (and how to subscribe), click here.

Thanks again to everyone who has ever contributed to that page--it is a wealth of information for so many of us--I am always blown away by your tips and info and I'm so grateful that you would take the time to share them with us!


  1. By any chance will the newest posts be at the top of the page instead of the bottom? I think this would be much quicker in terms of finding the latest deals.

    1. Sorry, this has been requested before but the Blogger comment system doesn't allow me to change the order. I can't do it unless I change my comment widget, which I MIGHT do in 2015 (I've tried Intense Debate and Disqus here on my blog in the past and had a lot of issues, but I'm thinking about trying Disqus again next year...I'm just a bit gun-shy due to the issues I had a few years ago).

      Long story short, there's no way for me to do what you're asking now, but I might be able to next year. Thanks!!

  2. Saw a small ELF display at Old Navy. They're everywhere!!!


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