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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Battle of the Pumpkin Lip Balms: Burt's Bees Pumpkin Spice vs. ChapStick Pumpkin Pie

Admit it. It's the question that's been keeping you up at night:

Which limited edition pumpkin-flavored lip balm is better--Burt's Bees or ChapStick?  

OK but seriously, since these are limited edition flavors and they're only available for the holidays, I thought it might be fun to give you a little side-by-side comparison and tell you which one is my personal favorite. Are you ready? Let's do this!

Burt's Bees Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Moisturizing Lip Balm
ChapStick Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm

Keep reading for the (not so) epic battle of the balms...

Burt's Bees Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Moisturizing Lip Balm$2.99 at Target, 0.15 oz. 
Parent company: Clorox

ChapStick Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm: $1 - $1.99 (click here for store locator), 0.15 oz.
Parent company: Pfizer

Both products are made in the USA, and both balms are the exact same size. In terms of packaging, I think ChapStick wins for cuteness. The pumpkin pie on the tube and the slice of pumpkin pie on the lid seal the deal for me.

For packaging, ChapStick wins.

Ingredients-wise, the Burt's Bees balm clearly contains more natural ingredients (neither product is vegan as both contain lanolin and/or beeswax).

For ingredients, Burt's Bees wins. 

But in my own personal experience, more natural ingredients don't always make for a better overall lip balm when it comes how products feel and perform on my lips. In this case, I actually prefer the texture and performance of the ChapStick lip balm over the Burt's Bees lip balm. For me, the ChapStick balm is creamier, more hydrating and longer-lasting (I go into more detail about the ChapStick balm in my previous review of the ChapStick Holiday 2014 collection here). The Burt's Bees balm is a bit too waxy for my personal taste and it doesn't feel as hydrating after a few hours on my lips. I was hoping this balm might be more like the Burt's Bees Mango lip balm, which has a very moisturizing, non-waxy texture (I LOVE that lip balm). But for me, this is more like one of the classic Burt's Bees balms, which have always been a bit too waxy for my own personal taste.

For texture and performance, ChapStick wins for me.

Fragrance: It's hard to compare Pumpkin Spice to Pumpkin Pie in terms of which one smells better. The Burt's Bees balm does smell like pumpkin spice, however there's something else going on here. I think I'm smelling pumpkin spice mixed with wax, and it sort of throws me off a bit. To me, it's not a true, 100% authentic pumpkin spice fragrance. The ChapStick balm smells very much like pumpkin pie filling rather than pumpkin pie (I don't get any type of buttery pie crust note here--only pumpkin filling). And it's heavy on the nutmeg, with less cinnamon than you might expect. Since I adore nutmeg, I think you know where I'm going with this one.

For fragrance, ChapStick wins for me. 

Flavor: I detect little flavor in the Burt's Bees balm, and what flavor I do detect does not taste like pumpkin spice to me--it actually tastes a bit like plastic, with a tiny hint of pumpkin spice in the background. On the other hand, the ChapStick balm tastes exactly like it smells--like pumpkin pie filling. I get pumpkin and nutmeg mostly, with a hint of cinnamon and tiny bit of clove as well.

For flavor, ChapStick wins for me.

WINNER OF THIS BATTLE: ChapStick Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm.

This is obviously just my personal opinion, and you know I would love to hear from YOU about which one you prefer! Do you own either (or both) of these pumpkin-themed holiday lip balms? If so, which one is your favorite?

Some of the products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds and some of the products featured in this post were given to Nouveau Cheap by the manufacturer. For more information, click here.


  1. Love them both! I love all the Chapstick lip balms, but I liked the Burt's Bee's more! Both great though!

  2. I own the chap stick one and it has been my go to heading out the door in this freezing weather in missouri. If I don't wear it my lips get chapped pretty quick so it definitely is very hydrating and awesome scent too.

  3. The chapstick one is fabulous.. I keep hoping to find it in single form so I can get some backups. I swear I can taste crust and whipped creme along with the pie filling, but maybe it's just in my head. So far I've only found it in a three pack with candy cane (which is also very good and I don't like mint usually, it has a nice sweetness mixed in), and cake batter which is permanent (and deservedly so). Chapstick is the BOSS when it comes to flavors. It's become a mission for me to collect all of them for the last couple of years and I haven't had one I didn't like yet.

  4. I have been looking for both, but I want the ChapStick one so badly. I have yet to find it, and I've been trolling every Walgreens I go to!

    1. Don't forget to check at the supermarket, I've seen plenty of them at my local Stop & Shop...aslo at Walmart in a 3 pac containing cake batter and candy cane. :)

    2. I second the Walmart suggestion. I found the 3 pack on a display in the middle of a main aisle!

  5. I have them both and Chapstick is clearly the winner for me. And for exactly the same reasons that you listed. My puppy ate the cap on one of the Chapstick ones (I bought several) and even with no cap it's still very creamy

  6. I love the chapstick balm, but I find I can't wear it if my lips feel chapped! I think the fragrance and flavor on it actually burn my lips rather than hydrate them. But I love it and want to wear it all the time! :(

  7. I agree. The Chapstick one is better.

  8. I own both and the ChapStick one is much better. When it comes to Burt's Bees my faves are the Honey, Vanilla Bean and Cherry.

  9. Oohh this was a fun read. I really want to get the Chapstick one now! :D

  10. I think the only plus are the types of emollients Burt's Bee's added and the pumpkin oil. Aside from that, the "natural" ingredients like rosemary, cinnamal, eugenol, limonene, and linalool are volatile, inflammatory agents that cause a significant amount of damage to skin. Plus, fragrance is given so much prominence and, according to you, the smell isn't even all that great. Definetely a pass


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