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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Spotted: NEW Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extensions Kit

If you're a mascara person, then I'm sure you know that two-step fiber mascaras are HUGE right now. I'm old enough to remember the previous wave of fiber mascaras, which were kind of a hot mess (for me, at least) since they used to flake all over the place and irritate my eyes like crazy.

That said, this new generation of fiber mascaras seems to be much improved, but many of them are on the pricey side. Too Faced Better Than False Lashes will set you back $35, while Australian brand Cherry Blooms Brush On Fiber Eyelash Extension Kit retails for $59. I could go on and on, but you get the point. They're not cheap.

But that's where drugstore brands come in! If you follow me on Instagram, just today I spotted a new two-step fiber mascara from Kleancolor for $1.50 at Daiso. And reader Michelle (@chaliboo on Instagram) just spotted this new kit from Physicians Formula at her local Bed Bath & Beyond:

image credit: Michelle for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extensions Kit

PLEASE NOTE: I do not see the word "fiber" printed anywhere on this display. However, this is a two-step kit that very much looks like popular fiber mascara systems (a few of which I linked to above). So I'm guessing that this is a  fiber-like system.

Keep reading for more info...

I tried to enlarge Michelle's original photo above to give you a closer look:

image credit: Michelle for Nouveau Cheap
"Brush-On Lash Extensions in 2 Minutes"
"24 Hour Wear"

As you can see, you get a "mascara" tube and an "extensions" tube, just like with most two-step fiber mascaras. And also notice that there's a $7 mail-in rebate peelie on the boxes. Since this kit retails for $12.79 at Bed Bath & Beyond, that would bring your total down to $5.79 after rebate, which is great, right? By the way, I'm guessing this kit will be around $14.99 at the drugstores, since BBB is pretty competitive with pricing.

Are you excited to try this kit? Think you'll give it a shot when you see it in person, or wait for some reviews? I'll be SURE to review this when I can find it, since my lashes need all the help they can get (and you know that's true if you've seen any of my mascara reviews!). 

Thanks again, Michelle, for both of the great PF sightings today!

PS: If you want to get up to speed on all of the other new-for-2015 Physicians Formula products featured here on the blog, just click HERE.


  1. I am excited to try this...if it really works. Can't wait to see the reviews on this one. It seems that mascara is the one product that always makes outrageous claims that seem to never come to fruition. I hope this works like it is pictured because that would be awesome. Thanks for the great pics and info.

  2. I will be interested in reviews. I still think gimmick when I see things like this. Over the years I have gotten tired of wasting money on false promises. If it works I'm in!!!!

  3. I'm not willing to spend my money on another mascara product that may be a fail. I'll wait for reviews, and I tip my chapeau to the brave souls willing to take the plunge for the rest of us. :-) Thanks!

  4. Okay guys, I'm gonna bite the bullet and try this. I'm about as cheap as they come and am also sick of the mascara gimmicks but PF usually produces quality products. If my BB&B has this tomorrow I'll give it a try and let you know if it lives up to the hype.

  5. Regarding your comment about not seeing "fiber" anywhere on the display, it actually does say under Step #1 "apply mascara to lashes to prep for fibers." Not exactly prominently displayed, but it's there. :-)

  6. It's garbage. The fibers flaked all under my eyes and on my cheekbones. It doesn't smear when ypu wipe it off, but after 3 hours of wearing it, it shouldn't flake like that. I wasn't even in sweaty conditions or anything.

  7. Well I guess I should be grateful my BB&B doesn't have it yet. I was about to go out on the hunt. I don't get how PF gets most of it's line consistently right but too often fails with mascara. Thanks for the heads up Moxxi.

    1. I bought this product excited by the advertising the box boasts. After application my eyes felt gritty like fibers were in them. I was so disappointed by the clumpy mascara look instead of extended lashes. I'm never buying this again i want my money back.


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