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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spotted: NEW L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Crayon Collection

It's been a while since L'Oreal came out with jumbo eye shadow pencils, right? Well that's all about to change...

Many thanks to reader @simply_beauty93 on Instagram for this one. @simply_beauty93 spotted the new Infallible Eyeshadow Crayons at her local Bed Bath & Beyond this week and shared a pic--take a look!

image credit: @simply_beauty93 for Nouveau Cheap
L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Crayons
(retail: $6.99 each at Bed Bath & Beyond)

More info, after the jump...

There appear to be eight shades in this display with a mix of neutrals and jewel-tones. I don't know if all of these shades have a shimmery finish, but I hope there are a few mattes in the mix (fingers crossed).

I'm not sure if these are twist-ups or if they require sharpening, but from the display pic on the far right, they look like they require sharpening (similar to the Milani Shadow Eyez). Maybe one of you who has seen these in person can confirm?

Also, as reader JenJen pointed out in my post about the new L'Oreal Infallible Setting Spray, L'Oreal owns Urban Decay, which means that we might be seeing some drugstore dupes of UD products coming down the pipeline. Perhaps the L'Oreal Setting Spray is a drugstore alternative to UD's All-Nighter Setting Spray, and perhaps these Infallible Eye Shadow Crayons are drugstore alternatives to the (now-discontinued) UD 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils? Looking at the color range in the L'Oreal display and comparing these colors to the UD 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils, I definitely see some potential dupes here!

Have you spotted the new L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Crayons in your area yet? Thoughts? I would guess that these will start to show up at all of the usual retailers within the next few weeks. And I believe these are permanent, not limited edition.

Thanks again, @simply_beauty93, for the great sighting and pic. I really appreciate it!


  1. I could see myself buying every single shade. I mean every one of those looks like a winner. Thanks for the great pics and info...

  2. I wonder if we will get the new loreal infallible foundation ( with black cap on bottle)???

    1. I can never predict what we in the US will get and what will stay in other countries...I'm still waiting for us to get those mono eyeshadows and some of the other bb creams that Europe has, but no such luck...yet. :(

  3. We have those here in Europe and you do need to sharpen them. I have a few and they're amazing! Great color selection and they don't budge once they set. No mattes as far as i know :\
    But the finish is nice and they make great bases :)

  4. My first thought? "Yay! Safety seals!" Has loreal finally heard our requests? I've avoided a lot of potentially awesome loreal products because of no safety seal! Also I just came back from a visit to Taiwan and EVERYTHING there is safety sealed (including loreal), but there are testers for all of them!!! It was drugstore make up heaven!!!

    1. Omg i freaked out when I saw that too!! And yes, I'm so jealous of the testers that other countries get! :)

    2. My Target used to have testers- I overheard the sales clerk telling someone that people used to steal them- how gross and unhygienic is that?!

  5. That light bright blue looks gorgeous. Though too, 80's for me! Lol

    1. You could work it for a "pop of color" Robin!! Lol! :)

  6. I love eyeshadow crayons! So excited about these. But where's my favorite color, PINK!

  7. I WISH the blue was a light bright blue! It's a deep vibrant turquoise, very very similar if not identical to Jordana's turquoise 12 hr shadow pencil or Milani's turquoise shadow pencil.

  8. The ones on the right hand side of the display must and will be mine when I find this display!


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