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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spotted: Large (and Permanent) e.l.f. Display at CVS

Over the past few years, there's no denying that e.l.f. has been popping at more and more retailers across the country. In additon to Target, Kmart, Walgreens, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, etc. etc., e.l.f. has recently started to pop up at select Old Navy stores and even 7-11 stores!

In my area, CVS has been carrying a few select e.l.f. items in little counter displays (mostly nail polish) for a while now. But a FULL e.l.f. display at CVS? That's news to me! Many thanks to reader Emily (@emilysilva_mua on Instagram) for this one--Emily spotted this full e.l.f. display (with side panels!) at her local CVS this week and kindly shared this pic:

image credit: Emily for Nouveau Cheap
Full e.l.f. display at CVS

Keep reading for more info...

Looking at the display above, you can see that there are lots of Studio products here (even the 4-pan blush palettes I reviewed HERE), and there are Essential products on the side panels (I spy those Smudge Pots I reviewed not too long ago).

Emily confirmed to me that the prices in this display are the same as on the e.l.f. website (ranging from $1 for some of the Essential products all the way up to $10 for one of the Prism eyeshadow paletttes). This is great news considering that I've heard from some of you who have been noticing that the prices of e.l.f. products at Target have gone up a bit in recent months (a bit higher than on the e.l.f. website in certain regions).

As for if YOU will be getting a full e.l.f. display at your local CVS stores, I have no idea. I know that some of you have never even gotten the full NYX display at your CVS stores, so I have no idea how distribution is determined. It would make sense that if you didn't get NYX, you might get e.l.f., but that's seriously just a guess at this point. I don't know how much floor space CVS stores have in terms of adding new beauty products, and what other factors are considered before new brands are added. The best I can suggest to you is to talk to your local store manager and see if he/she has any details.

If you've spotted this display at your local CVS recently, I would absolutely love if you'd comment below and let us know! Hopefully this will be rolling out in many stores across the nation (fingers crossed). I am dreaming of the sales, coupons and Extra Bucks deals as I type this...

Thanks so much, Emily, for the great sighting and pic. I really appreciate it!


  1. When my local CVS stores eventually get up to speed and have this in the store... It'll be nice to have more stores to get their products from.

  2. I hope this shows up in the CVS near my university!! The only drugstore within walking distance at my university is CVS and so I'm so excited to see elf there as I have to take a bus to get to target.

  3. I hope these come to a CVS near me. I love a lot of their products. Especially the brushes.

  4. I been to the elf store in NYC. It's absolutely gorgeous. Sharp and impeccable. Check it out of u can, love their products, providing quality at affordable price.

  5. Yeah, I thought I was seeing things when I saw elf displays at the 7-11's near my house!

  6. I have been looking and looking for the blush palette to show up in stores. I haven't come up with anything yet but I keep looking everytime I go to a store with an ELF display. I don't want to order it online since it is the only thing ELF that I want. My hope is renewed even though I don't live near a "good" CVS, but I can still hope!

    1. Haha everything you said is EXACTLY what I was going to say! :) to the T. I haven't seen NYX there (yet at least) but still have some hope for this.

  7. oh man, oh man, my CVS finally got a NYX end cap and i was all excited! Now i just need the ELF end cap and i'm all set!!! Really hope we get one here!!!

  8. My CVS only has NYC and PH as end displays. No Wet'n Wild anywhere in sight, and the only one that carries NYX is at a shopping mall :(

  9. I wonder if any of my local CVS stores will get this, none of them got the NYX displays. This is like 5 times the amount of ELF that my Walmart carries (a 1x2 ft section is all Walmart has).

  10. Yes! I Love elf cosmetics, so cheap and yet they work just as well as pricier brands!
    x, S

  11. This is such great news!! Can't wait to use extra bucks on elf!

  12. Cvs in Clifton NJ rearranged and added that same elf fixture as of recently....definitely went in and used my 30% off coupon.


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