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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Lipstick League - week of 9.28.14

The Lipstick League Question of the Week

What’s the first beauty/makeup item that you remember coveting?

G's answer: Oh that's easy! When I was a young girl, I coveted Village Lip Lickers. I absolutely NEEDED them all, but especially the Peach and Bubblegum flavors (you can see both HERE). When I finally got all of the singles that were available at my Thrifty Drugstore (remember Thrifty?), I then moved on to coveting the doubles. It was a glorious day when I finally got my Lemonade and Lime double. I swear to you, no other slider tin lip balms have ever compared to Village Lip Lickers. I've heard rumors for years now that they're going to bring these back, and it would be amazing if they did (but they'd have to keep the exact formula and flavors or else don't bother!).

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Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Prime Beauty - A Fashion Love Affair is a Canadian fashion blog by Cara. I love her style, her clean site and beautiful photography. Cara has contributed to or been featured by more than 100 media outlets including The Zoe Report, Lucky Magazine and Harper's Bazaar. If you like fashion and great photos, check it out!


  1. First coveted item? Oh, I am really going to reveal my age here..but it was Yardley Slickers! Those lipsticks were everywhere in the "Swinging '60s" (because London was the coolest place on earth, and we all wanted to look like the gorgeous British birds who dated Beatles, Stones, etc.!) Most Slickers were pink and ALL of them were frosty; my Mom hated them ("You look dead," she'd say). And of course, a spritz of Oh! de London cologne was the finishing touch. I STILL miss that--it was divine, and I wish Yardley would bring it back. A perfume was marketed under that name a few years ago, but it really wasn't the same.

    1. Wow, my mom was a mod gal back in that era (she's 64) and I asked her about Slickers and she remembered them and even the jingle..."slicker under, slicker over". Sadly I looked it up on youtube and cannot find that particular ad. She also said that her mom would say the same thing (almost) about her light lipstick, she would say to her, "you look like a corpse!") My mom also used to use erase (concealer) as lipstick. Part of the answer to the question is connected to your of the first items I've coveted were both my mother's, one was her bottle of Oh! de London. It was the first perfume I had ever tried (I was like 4 or 5yrs old, lol.) It means so much to me as my first intro to my fascintation with all things fragrance that I really want to get a tattoo of the bottle. The other item is something I'm hard pressed to find online, but it was my mom's Ultima II giant cardboard eyeshadow collection. It was brown coloured paper box type material on the lid and had illustrations of eyes printed on top. Inside it had multiple duos of different shades...purples, greens, browns, etc. Maybe it wasn't even Ultima II, but that's how my mom remembered it as well as myself. I finally got to use the shadows when I was a pink bunny for Halloween, she did my eyes with the purple really wild and Vegas showgirl style! Good memories, great post and question. :)

  2. Oh jeez. I wanted so much. I loved those Lip Lickers. I used to drool over the Avon catalog. I also wanted Maybelline Kissing Koolers and the Kissing Potion. Those marbled balms and shiny, flavored glosses with the roller balls were so appealing.

  3. Yep, I remember the Village Lip Lickers. Had a ton of those too. Bubble Gum was always my favorite. I also had the Maybelline Kissing Potion. That was great because of the rollerball. I wish they would bring back the Village Lip Lickers, but my fear would be that they would change them in some way and I would just be disappointed. You know the old saying, you can't go home again. I guess we just need to be happy we grew up in the 70s and had access to some really cool cosmetics!

  4. Oh man I totally loved lip lickers I completely forgot about those I REALLY Wish they would bring those back! My first makeup was tinkerbell cosmetics I loved them so much and always wanted more

  5. Do they even make rollerball lip glosses anymore? I loved those. You mainly got shiny and sweet all over your lips, but it seems like it'd be a winner to have a tinted roller gloss or balm. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw one in stores.

    1. Yeah I know, it has been awhile since I've seen that type too! Last time I had one was in the early-mid 2000's and I got it from Yves Rocher, it was a Vanille roll-on and I got another one as a gift to go with the matching vanilla shower gel and the recipient thought it was a roll-on perfume oil, lol! I think it also came in strawberry.

  6. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. The super jumbo ones lol


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