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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LORAC Holiday 2014 The Royal Collection

UPDATED 10/2 with additional info (see bottom of post).

The LORAC Holiday 2014 The Royal Collection has officially launched! As we all know, holiday offerings are an excellent way to try a variety of high-end cosmetics at reduced prices, so I'm very excited to show you what LORAC is bringing us this holiday season.

Product details, retailer info and more, after the jump...

(retail: $25; $90 value)

LORAC rules this season with The Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set. Give your lips the Royal treatment with our luxuriously creamy and delightfully smooth Lip Glosses that are loaded with antioxidants of Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed and Vitamins A,C & E to help protect and soothe your luscious, regal pout. This Royal family of Lip Lustre Cremes comes complete with 6 magnificent, high-shine shades that are fit for a Queen. Own the throne with The Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set!

Shades include:

Empress – exclusive Pink Mauve      
Princess – exclusive Pink
Enchanted – exclusive Peach Nude
Reign – Berry
Crown Jewel – Cherry Red
Tiara – Nude 

(retail: $28; $64 value)

LORAC rules this season with The Royal 3D Liquid Lustre Set. Give your eyes the Royal treatment with our pastel, princess-inspired, long-lasting, shimmering top coat in Opal, 24K, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. These shades can be applied over eye shadow or worn individually on eyes and cheeks for luminous, prismatic, 3-Dimensional sparkle and shine. Own the throne with The Royal 3D Liquid Lustre Set!

(retail: $22; $39 value)

LORAC rules this season with The Royal Eye Duo. Give your eyes the Royal treatment with this luxuriously magnificent set fit for a Queen. Our 3D Lustre/Liner in Copper/Black Cherry can be used individually or paired together for a lavishly lustrous, metallic eye look while our Cobra Mascara instantly creates super long, faux-looking lashes. Own the throne with The Royal Eye Duo!

(retail: $28; $103 value)

LORAC rules this season with The Royal PRO Eye Collection. Give your eyes the Royal treatment and go PRO with an exclusive Royal Pocket PRO Eye Shadow Palette, Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner, and PRO Mascara that are fit for a Queen. The Royal Pocket PRO includes Gold from the original PRO Palette, Cocoa from the PRO Palette 2, and an exclusive PRO shade in Ivory, all in our velvety-smooth, long-lasting formula. Own the throne with The Royal PRO Eye Collection!

(retail: $59; $204 value)

Go PRO with the LORAC Mega PRO palette! This limited edition PRO artistry palette is double the size of the original PRO Palette and packed with 16 Shimmer and 16 Matte Eye Shadows in all the shades you need to create the hottest looks straight from the red carpet. LORAC's velvety-smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes, just like a PRO. 

(There are of 32 shades total in the Mega PRO Palette and 28 shades are brand new and exclusive to this palette.)

All of the products featured above are now available for purchase on the LORAC website, with the exception of the Mega PRO Palette, which will be available for purchased beginning October 7th. Also, remember that you get everyday FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed on the LORAC website, no minimum order required, no code required.

You will also be able to purchase The Royal Collection at other retailers in the days to come. Here's a summary:
  • LORAC website - available NOW (Mega PRO Palette available 10/7)
  • ULTA - available 10/5
  • KOHL'S- available 10/5
  • BOUTIQUES/.COMS - available 10/15

UPDATE (10/2):
  • All of the items in The Royal Collection are limited edition.
  • Per LORAC, the Mega PRO Palette will be available online only and you will only be able to purchase it on the LORAC website and Amazon (beginning 10/7).
  • There are other LORAC holiday sets on the way, but I cannot share that info until the official launch dates (coming soon!).
  • The Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set is also available on the HSN website HERE (with free shipping).
  • HSN also has an exclusive LORAC The Royal Collection set now available on their website:

The Royal Red Carpet Full Face Collection - HSN Exclusive

The Royal Red Carpet Full Face Collection includes:

.17 fl. oz. 3D Liquid Lustre Eye Shimmer - Diamond
.12 oz. Alter Ego Lipstick - Duchess (rosy nude)
.02 oz. 3-in-1 Eyeliner Pencil - Ultra Black
.25 oz. Cobra Mascara - Black
.05 oz. Eye Shadow - Chateau (beige)
.05 oz. Eye Shadow - Manor (cocoa brown)
.11 oz. Lip Lustre Gloss - Rose Lustre (shimmery rose)
.11 oz. Blush - Rendezvous (terracotta)

What do you think of the LORAC The Royal Holiday Collection? Do you have your eye on anything in particular? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. These look beautiful and like pretty good values, too. Thanks for the heads up, G!

    1. You're so welcome, Jammies! Happy to help, and I agree. Everything looks so pretty!

  2. Hi G. The lipgloss set has been up on from sometime last week along with another 2 sets with "Royal" in the name. Not sure if those are HSN exclusives for the Holidays but I don't remember seeing them on HSN before.

    1. Thank you!! The press info I received actually mentioned that some sets debuted on HSN in September, but I forgot to mention that in my post. Thanks so much for taking the time to share!!

      And I'll actually be doing another post outlining some exclusives to certain retailers. As soon as I'm allowed to share that, I will! :)

  3. I really want that Mega Pro Palette!!! Love the lippies too!

    1. Those are the two I actually have my eye on as well! :)

  4. I'm going to find it hard to resist that mega pro palette.

    1. You're not the only one, Emily! Lol! :)

  5. Commence heavy breathing on seeing the Mega Pro Palette

  6. I just got an email about the Lorac Mega PRO Palette. There was a system glitch on the website today and some people got to order it early. However, they say it is not going to be for sale until October 7th. I was wondering because I was able to put it in my cart but the price was $0.00! It also said that it is NOT sold out...yet. I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on this one! LOL!!!

    1. Yep, a few lucky readers got it during the glitch this morning! :)

  7. Is the mega palette only going to be for sale on the Lorac website? Or will it be on the ulta website on the 7th too?

    1. I'll be doing a separate post about this but since you asked, I can confirm that LORAC told me the Mega PRO palette will only be available online via their site and Amazon. Nowhere else. Hope that helps!

    2. Do we know what time it will be live?

  8. Will the Mega Pro palette be at ulta?

  9. Do you know if the pro palette will be available through hsn?

  10. Do you think this is an exclusive with and amazon or do you think it will come to ultra

    1. If you're talking about the Mega PRO palette, please see my comment above :)

  11. I love the promo shot with the model. Simply gorgeous!

  12. I got an email from LORAC apologizing for the confusion with the release of the MegaPRO. The website glitched and allowed a few people to order it (myself included) then the glitch was fixed and it won't "officially" launch until October 7. I think there are more items in the Holiday collection that didn't go up today (some smaller shadow palettes were shown in the sneak peek but are not on the site)

    1. Yep, some lucky readers got it during the glitch this morning!

      There are definitely some other things coming from lorac for the holidays, but I'm not allowed to share those just yet. As soon as I get the green light, I'll post all about them! :)

    2. I got notice today that my MegaPro shipped. I was shocked. I figured they make me wait since it was a glitch. Eekkk. Super excited.

  13. I saw a promo for this at Kohl's last week and a think maybe the lippies. I am kicking myself for not paying more attention, but I was on a mission for leggings and on my lunch hour and didn't have time to spare! Going to go back soon and look at what they have available! Thanks G.!

  14. Is the lip gloss set full size or trial version? ? Thank you for all your help

  15. Love the holidays for this very reason!!! Can't wait to get my hands on the mega pro palette!

  16. I'm more excited about the MEGAPPRO Palette than anything at the moment. I just have to have it in my life... <3

    - Dawn @ Eyeshadow Couture

  17. The Mega Pro Palette is on my Xmas list! Wow!

  18. I definitely want the mega pro pallete there goes my paycheck and all the other sets look awesome too. Thanks G for the heads up and info you ROCK!!!!

  19. Omgg!! Thank you so much for this post I ended up looking it up on Instagram & I was one of the 6 to win the mega pro palette from lorac!!!!!

  20. If we are all buying the megapro might I suggest buying it through Amazon and using their smile program. It gives a percentage of your purchase to a charity of your choice! And since these are a bit more spendy its a big chunk of change for your favorite cause.

  21. Any idea what time the LORAC MegaPro will be available for purchase?

  22. Do you know when is the exact time it will be able to purchase the mega pro

  23. Do you know how long the royal collection pieces will be on sale? Id love to buy during christmas.


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