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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Wednesday Question

How hot is too hot to wear makeup? Is it ever so hot that you skip wearing makeup altogether?

If it is 100 degrees or more, as it's been for the past week+ here in San Diego, I wear nothing when I'm at home, and only the bare, bare minimum when I'm not at home. We're talking BB cream and a bit of blush, and that's it. I figure, everyone's miserable when it's this hot, and no one's feeling at their most glamorous, so no one's expectations are that high, right? Well at least that's my philosophy!

PS: Speaking of the heat, I want to let know that I plan to return to regular blogging as soon as this heat wave ends. You may have noticed that I haven't been doing many reviews or even swatches and first impressions lately, and that is 100% due to the extreme heat. I live in an older home with no air conditioning, and it's been about 100-105 inside my house during the day, only dropping to about 90 at night. I haven't had a heat rash in years, but I got one on my forearms this week and it's been torture to sit and type at the computer, let alone swatch things on my hands or arms. And on that note, I'm off to apply more calamine to my poor, itchy arms, and call it a night. Hopefully the weather cools down soon (it's supposed to by the weekend). Hope those of you in Southern California are staying cool!


  1. Hi, G! I hear ya about the extreme heat. I live in Yuma, AZ, where it's still running at 105+ degrees LoL. Hope you get some relief from the heat rash...

  2. I feel your pain, I'm in a similar situation with the a/c and it can be unbearable. Hope the weather cools down for you soon!

  3. What kind of bb cream do you recommend with a little more coverage than sheer?
    And I hope you stay cool!

  4. Sea breeze is finally gushing in from the west in L.A.'s South Bay right now. Heaven.

    No AC in my mid-century bungalow, haven't slept much this week. I have AC in the classroom where I teach, but we go outside a lot and my full-face makeup was not holding up. Today I went with tinted sunscreen (Cōtz, my HG) and powder, skipping the foundation step. Just too hot, man.

  5. G, I feel you. I'm in SD, too, and it is just so hot and sticky! It is definitely too hot for me to wear makeup. Maybe some mascara. I hope it cools down soon!

  6. I live in Croatia so it's very hot only during the summer period, during that time I only use mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss.

  7. You should get a window air conditioner or a portable one. They help more than most people realize. Put one in a smaller room and keep the door closed. That way it will at least give you one comfortable place in your home. I would try one in my bedroom first. Stay cool!

  8. Never too hot for me. I live in S. Louisiana so if it was I would be bare faced for the bulk of the year. I had to relearn how to apply it when I moved here. I wear a moisturizing toner in lieu of moisturizer in the morning, use milk of magnesia where needed, a mattifying primer all over, and stick with long wearing matte foundations. I will go without or concealer only on occasion, but it's more a matter of not wanting to take the time than because of the heat. My eyeshadow was one of the hardest things to keep nice it would crease or fade no matter what especially on rainy days.. I found a little mom on first, then primer, lightly powdered, then a wp creme base makes it bulletproof.

    G.. you need an ac unit, even if it just at night or to cool things off a little. Even just one room (you can bet your butt it would be my bedroom, can't sleep and sweat at the same time). Window units are an option.. they make portable ac units as well that are freestanding and only have a small hose to vent (like a dryer). I used to have one for our RV, it worked really well.

    1. I agree with the two posters above. We have a portable AC unit we bought from Target earlier this year. It has truly been a lifesaver for me. We're staying with my fiancé's parents and they keep the central air about 76-80 and that's too hot for us. Me especially. I was getting sick from the heat when it started getting hot. We moved in in January and we slept with the sliding glass door open on many nights. Then around March and April, our hot weather started and if I got too hot, I would throw up. It wasn't good. We bought the portable AC and it gets used a lot. We vent the hose through a window. I grew up in a house that didn't have central AC, but every room had a window unit AC.

  9. It's just too hot.
    A cooling and if we are lucky, some rain, please?
    Make up, No use in this heat. Get me au natural. Sunscreen, hats, and the indoors.
    Stay Frosty.
    Cool thoughts.

  10. If it's in the 100's I'll do my eyebrows and maybe a little waterproof mascara, but putting any foundation on at all is a recipe for disaster because it will just sweat off and go patchy. The only days I really go without any makeup is when I don't leave my house, or if I just cant' be bothered to do anything to my face.

  11. I live in Las Vegas & pretty much wear a full face of make up all Summer. But I'm pretty much jumping from one air conditioned space to another :)

  12. I live in a 100 year old house too (here in the Central Valley where summers are 100 plus all the time) And I swear that our little window ac unit has saved our lives! It cools the house down with the help of a series of fans. Walmart has some great prices on them. I know it's not a usual thing to get that kind of heat down in SD either... so buying an ac unit might not be a practical thing. Hang in there!

  13. I get really oily easily so honestly if it's over 85 and I know I'll be outside for a while, I'll skip any face products and maybe go for eyeliner and lip gloss only. I hope the weather gets better, my mom calls me all the time telling me how hot it is in California right now!! I'm kind of glad that I go to school farther away from home :)

  14. When not at work I don't wear any. I sooooo feel you on you no air conditioning situation, I'm in the same predicament. It's been hell hot in my place too!

    Kica aka klyellow :)

  15. G., Since it is unseasonably cold here in the North East, I have had trouble sympathizing, it has been a cold rainy summer and I would love love love some weather that is that hot. That being said, 100* in the house is awful! You and Mr. G. should take a staycation and go to a hotel for a few days and soak up the air conditioning! The Hilton Resort at Mission Bay was AMAZING when we were there!

  16. Oh, I loathe hot weather. That's why I love fall so much, I think. Then I can play with makeup more. If it's too hot and miserable, I tend to just do BB cream or concealer and mascara and tinted lip balm. No use going wild with makeup then, since it's going to melt off. Hope the heat breaks soon. 100 degrees is misery!

  17. Now. It is too hot now. Everything melts off.

  18. If it's hot-hot-hot (lol, thinking The Cure and Buster Poindexter) then I'm just doing a mattifying spf like my fav Yes To Grapefruits moisturizer, a touch of concealer under the eyes, a spot of liquid highlight/luminzer like Benefit High Beam in inner corner of eyes as well as above pupil, a light filling in of brows, tinted lip balm or butter, a decent dusting of a translucent powder like the wnw Fergie compact, and maybe mascara.Funny, mascara has always been my "desert island" kinda cannot live w/out type thing but this summer I've actually been okay with skipping it on many days, and by that I mean days where I'm actually going out someplace. If I'm just at home I never ever ever put on anything except treatments, like oils, retanoids, masques, moisturizer, spot treatment etc. oh, and lip balm (no tint) of course...that is always on!

  19. We share a city so I am just doing like I do. I am wearing a powder foundation and it wears no matter the season. If I am home I do ning but I bought it so i'm putting it on.


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