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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: CVS Beauty 360 Bamboo Eye Shadow Brush

This week (now through 9/27/14) all of the new CVS Beauty 360 makeup brushes are 25% off at CVS. Since I actually purchased one of these new brushes a few weeks ago, I thought I better get my review up ASAP in case you'd like to know my thoughts about it! So let's get right to it, shall we?

CVS Beauty 360 Bamboo Eye Shadow Brush
(retail: $5.99 exclusively at CVS)

My CVS store was still in the midst of resetting the entire makeup brush aisle, so not everything in the Beauty 360 brush line was available when I was there. I did notice that there are two distinct Beauty 360 brush lines: the "eco" line and the "regular" line. You can see all of the brushes in both lines HERE.

I decided to purchase this brush because I can always use another good crease brush, and it looked like the shape of this particular brush might be ideal for crease work.

This brush is made of synthetic bristles and a bamboo handle. It is made in China (just like Real Techniques brushes, Ecotools brushes and e.l.f. brushes). A little later in this review, I'm going to be comparing this brush to the Urban Decay brush that came in the Vice 2 Palette (also made in China).

This is a round brush with very soft, semi-dense bristles. Overall, this brush reminds of something you might find by EcoTools. In fact, if you were to tell me that this was a new EcoTools brush, I would totally believe you. One issue I have with EcoTools is that many of their eyehsadow brushes are quite large and impossible to use for detail work. You pretty much have to buy one of their kits to get their smaller brushes, and they don't offer too many smaller brushes even in their kits. I hope that changes in the future because you know I love EcoTools, but I find that this Beauty 360 is filling that void quite nicely. 

Sometimes it's impossible to get a feel for the size and shape of a brush unless you compare it something else. So even though the UD Vice 2 brush is nothing like this Beauty 360 brush, I thought it might be helpful to compare the two:

Comparing the Beauty 360 brush to the blender side of the UD Vice 2 brush (see pic above), you can see that the circumference is similar. In fact, if you cut off the fluffy white tip of the UD brush, you would have something similar to the Beauty 360 brush. Both brushes have about the same amount of firmness (the bristles are not too floppy or sparse, but they're not super firm or rigid either) and the density is about the same.

Comparing the Beauty 360 brush to the smaller end of the UD Vice 2 brush, you can see that the Beauty 360 brush is a bit longer. And again, it's a round brush (the smaller UD Vice 2 brush is a flat brush).

Additional thoughts: 

After playing around with the Beauty 360 Bamboo Eye Shadow Brush for a few weeks now, I find that it's a great brush for both targeted application and targeted blending, especially in the crease area. I would not suggest it for packing on lid color because it's not dense enough to effectively apply a lot of color to the lid. I really love it for applying color to the crease though, because I sometimes get a little heavy-handed with dark crease shades, and this brush kind of prevents me from applying too much color in that area. Its small size makes this brush ideal for getting deep down into your crease, and it's fantastic for targeted blending--it won't disrupt your lid and highlight colors, which is great if you're new to makeup application and still figuring out your techniques.

I've washed this brush about five times since I've purchased it, and I haven't seen any shedding. Because this brush isn't super dense, it dries pretty quickly as well. 

FINAL VERDICT: I like this brush even more than I thought I would! It feels very much like an EcoTools brush when it comes to the weight, handle and softness of the bristles. If you're looking for a brush that you can use for both targeted application and targeted blending in the crease, outer "V", highlight or inner corner areas of the eye, I think this would be a great choice. It's not ideal for packing on color--the bristles aren't dense enough to hold a lot of color for application to the lid area--so I would definitely reserve this one for detail work. At $5.99 (or less if you get it on sale and/or use Extra Bucks) I think it's definitely worth considering.

Do you own any Beauty 360 brushes? I'd love to hear from you! And remember, these brushes are on sale for 25% off now through 9/27 at CVS.

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  1. It looks and sounds really good! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just bought a powder brush from this brand today to give it a go, since I needed a cheap powder brush. Hopefully it's okay, thanks for your review!


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