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Monday, September 1, 2014

LORAC Skinny Palettes on HauteLook Tuesday (9/2)

Thanks to readers Pamela and @k1mbu0y on Instagram for this tip!

Starting tomorrow (9/2) at 8AM Pacific, the 2014 Nordstrom Anniversary LORAC Skinny Palettes will be on HauteLook. I've done several posts about these palettes over the past few months (for $15 they're a STEAL) and both the Nude and Navy Skinny Palettes seem to be constantly in and out and back in stock on both the LORAC site and Zappos site

You get free shipping with no minimum order required on the LORAC and Zappos sites, so I'm not sure what the draw will be when these are on HauteLook. Perhaps they'll be less than $15 each (wishful thinking, I know!). Or maybe they'll offer the Plum Skinny Palette, which is a Nordstrom Rack/HauteLook-exclusive. That would make a lot of sense, right? 

So if you've been wanting the Plum Skinny Palette, I would set a reminder NOW to log on to HauteLook right at 8AM Pacific tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/2) just in case. I have a feeling it will sell out quickly if it's available. 

Also, the China Glaze and Seche Vite sale on HauteLook started today. There are lots of China Glaze glitters for $4 each, and Seche Vite Top Coat is $5. 

Thanks again, Pamela and @k1mbu0y, for the great tip! 


  1. By the looks of the e-mail I got there seems to be a new color in the Skinny Palettes, it looked like a neutral/ plum palette ! :D

    1. Hum, are you talking about the one I mentioned in this post (and linked to) or something else? Thanks!!

    2. I feel stupid now... I must have scrolled right past that part of the post, yes that looks like the one that was pictured in the e-mail

    3. No worries! I know people skim my posts, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't another one that I wasn't aware of! Thanks for confirming! :)

  2. Yes!!!! I have been waiting for the plum version, my alarm is already set!

    1. Crossing my fingers for you that it's included in the sale! :)

  3. They're back on amazon right now, too, with free prime shipping. I finally caught the Nude one today and ordered it immediately!

    1. Thanks so much for the tip, Jen!! :)

  4. I purchased the Plum Lorac Skinny Palette. There's a $5.95 shipping fee, unless you spend $100, so I would wait for the other sites to restock before purchasing the Nude and Navy versions. Good Luck everyone!


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