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Monday, August 18, 2014

Swatches of the NEW Sephora Kiss Me Balm Collection

If you're a fan of dome-shaped lip balms and also a fan of tinted lip balms, you're going to want to sit down for this one! Have you seen the new Sephora Kiss Me Balms yet? Caution: cute overload ahead!

Many thanks to my pal Allison (@allibally on Instagram) for this one. Allison spotted the new Sephora Kiss Me Balms at her local Sephora the other day (they're also available online HERE), and shared pics and swatches with us! Take a peek at these yummy little treats:

image credit: Allison for Nouveau Cheap
Sephora Kiss Me Balm in Strawberry Fizz
(retail: $8, 0.2 oz)

image credit: Allison for Nouveau Cheap
Sephora Kiss Me Balm Collection at Sephora 
(available in six shades)

Swatches of the entire collection, after the jump...

image credit: Allison for Nouveau Cheap
Creme Brulee (clear), Cotton Candy (light pink), Strawberry Fizz (pink)

image credit: Allison for Nouveau Cheap
Melon Sorbet (orange), Candy Apple (red), Soda Pop (purple)

The name of each shade corresponds to its flavor/fragrance. From the Sephora website:
What it is: A kissable scented lip balm with subtle or no color, that provides up to four hours of hydration.  
What it does: Kiss Me Balm features a creamy, comfortable formula to provide lip care while adding subtle color or no color at all. Choose from five luscious colors and one translucent shade, each with its own addictive matching fragrance. The dome-shaped applicator makes it easy to wear and reapply for moisturized lips all day long. 
What else you need to know: This product is dermatologist tested. 
The full ingredients list for each shade can be found here.

On to the swatches:

image credit: Allison for Nouveau Cheap
Cotton Candy (light pink), Strawberry Fizz (pink)
Not pictured: Creme Brulee (clear)

image credit: Allison for Nouveau Cheap
Melon Sorbet (orange), Candy Apple (red), Soda Pop (purple)

So far, these lip balms are getting rave reviews on the Sephora website but they're still quite new, so there's only one review (as of the time of this post) on Makeup Alley

Have you seen these new lip balms in person yet? Do you already own any of them? I'd love to hear from you! Again, these are now available in Sephora stores and on the Sephora site here.

Thanks again, Allison, for the great pics and swatches. I really appreciate it!


  1. I keep on seeing these online! I really want to try it...just waiting for a break in between rotations so I can go and swatch them in store! ;D

  2. These look a little too large to fit into your purse pocket for instant-grabbing. But at $8 I wonder if (and hope that) these are an alternative to the PatentPolish lip pencils which are glossy, pigmented, vanilla-scented and $20. I love the PPs but not the price tag.

  3. I can see how they're great when they're new and the tip is a reasonable size, but as it wears down, you've got a huge blob you've got to get on your lips without the color going everywhere. You're going to need t dig it out with fingers or apply with a brush. I think there's a reason EOS lip balms are colorless. I wouldn't buy one because of that. I don't think adding color was a well thought out plan here.

  4. Mmm, candy apple and soda pop! Wonder if the soda pop is like classic cola flavour or if there is grape or cherry in there as well? Based on the purple-ish tint I'm confused.

  5. I swatched these in a JCP Sephora and was impressed by the colors, but I agree with Aimee about the tip wearing down and there's this blob left where you have to apply with fingers or a brush. That was the deciding factor for me to skip making a purchase. It ultimately would just sit there half-used after a while.

  6. These are adorable and I'm SUCH a sucker for packaging I'll probably get at least one!

  7. I was just as sephora earlier today, they didn't have that!

  8. Wow these are really cute! I'm totally going to pick one or two up... but the colour getting all melted down after a while is a definite disadvantage. Perhaps that's why they aren't too outrageously expensive?

  9. These look fantastic! I'm a sucker for good, sheer color lip balms. And these are cuuuuute ;)


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