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Friday, August 8, 2014

Spotted: Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Limited Edition Megalast Matte Lipstick and Nail Color Collection

UPDATE: Links to swatches and comparisons added to the end of this post.

An all-matte collection from Wet n Wild? Yes and yes! Many thanks to frequent photo-contributor @roguedarkholme on Instagram for this one! She spotted this brand new display at her local Kmart this week and was nice enough to share some pics. Check 'em out:

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Limited Edition Megalast Matte Collection
(retail: $1.99 each)

More info and pics, after the jump...

A closer look at the matte polishes:

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
Careful, It's Vine-tage, Rouge 66

@roguedarkholme confirmed that the caps on these LE matte polishes are rubberized, like NARS packaging. Neat!

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
So Berry On Trend, Echo Dark

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
Distressed to Impress, LAC - My Mani?

image credit: Lisa for Nouveau Cheap
Three of the four Limited Edition Megalast Matte Lipsticks
Sunset Siren, Bordeaux Boulevard, Urban Night
(not pictured: Sweet Cream)

Many thanks to Lisa for the pic above. These are three of the FOUR limited edition matte lipsticks in this collection--notice the rubberized portion on the end of the tube!


Lipstick pics (thanks to @roguedarkholme):
  • Click here for a pic of Sweet Cream and Urban Night
  • Click here for a pic of Sunset Siren and Bordeaux Boulevard 

Lipsticks as worn by reader Lisa (@makeuplunchanddinner):
  • Click here to see Lisa wearing Bordeaux BoulevardSweet Cream and Urban Night
  • Click here to see Lisa's on-lip comparisons to some other Wet n Wild, MAC, LORAC and Tarte lip colors

Hand swatches and comparisons (thanks to @roguedarkholme):
Nail colors:
  • Click here for swatches of Careful, It's Vine-tageDistressed to Impress and So Berry On Trend
  • Click here for swatches of Rouge 66Echo Dark and LAC - My Mani?
  • Click here for a swatch comparison of Bordeaux Boulevard vs. Ravin' Raisin (permanent shade)
  • Click here for a swatch comparison of Urban Night vs. Spiked with Rum vs. Smokin' Hot Pink (permanent shades)
  • Click here for a swatch comparison of Sweet Cream vs. Fergie Daily vs. Sandstorm (permanent shades)
  • Click here for a swatch comparison of Sweet Cream vs. Just Peachy vs. Bare it All (permanent shades)
  • Click here for a swatch comparison of Sunset Siren vs. Stoplight Red vs. Saraghina vs. Red Velvet (permanent shades)

Have you spotted this collection in your area yet? Kmart seems to  be getting certain collections a bit earlier than other retailers lately, so I would expect to see this at Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, etc. within the next few weeks. 

Thanks again, @roguedarkholme and @makeuplunchanddinner, for the great pics, swatches and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. Oooh looks cool! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. are these new colors? I just cannot keep up lol. Wet an Wild has really stepped up their game these past few years and became a trend setting company.

  3. Oh I am so gonna need the polishes! Hope the formula is good. *crosses fingers*

  4. i foresee myself getting spendy on this collection... i have a need.

  5. I NEED one of those polishes! I have yet to really try a matte color... that's a must have! =)

  6. Oh! :-O Now I'm hoping that they'll find - somehow - a way to Germany!

  7. I will be on the hunt for the nail polish collection

  8. Can't wait. I will want several of these. Not sure which. I'm not a matte fan but with the rubberized packaging I think they are like collectors items

  9. I bet the lipsticks are amazing! I own so many already, but matte? Probably going to be a must have for me!


  10. I need these new mega lasts!!!! I love the lipstick so much, if I miss these I'll be devastated!

  11. Kmart is very close to me. Although I despise that store I will to just to look at this display... I might not buy, but I will look.

  12. Same here :) *waits impatiently*

  13. Must have that Bordeaux Boulevard!!

  14. HUGE thanks to roguedarkholme for the awesome swatches and comparisons! :D WOW!!! I have a much clearer idea of the lippie colors now and am even more excited!!! I own all the reds you showed other than Sunset Siren (and love them!). I love ALL reds so I'm excited to see a red-orange/orange-red in the Megalast matte formula. YAY! I adore Ravin' Rasin so I know I'll love Bordeaux Boulevard! So gorgeous! I don't have anything like Urban Night - it's a beauty! I rarely wear nudes but Sweet Cream looks like it could be the one that finally works for me. It's so pretty! *hopes* I love all 4 colors so much. Megalasts are my favorite lipstick so I'm praying to the Cosmetic Gods that I find this display!

    OMG I am even more in love with the polishes now that I've seen swatches! Every single color is AMAZING! The formula looks stellar too. I need all six! XD Hunting again today! Many thanks again for the swatches! Thank you so much to G for having these all in one post for us! :D

    Can I put in a request for an interactive map for this display? Sorry I just had to ask because I love every single product in it so much!

  15. Officially need Bordeaux boulevard! Sunset siren is a bit more red and less orange than I thought.

  16. Oh now I REALLY want Careful, its Vine-tage, so pretty! Sorry if I missed if it was mentioned but does anyone know if these are one-coaters? They do look really opaque and not streaky, yay!

  17. Would these be available at CVS? I don't love near any Walgreens.

  18. I just saw these polishes at Walgreen !

  19. I picked up all the nail polishes at Kmart for $.99 each tonight. They have $1 off wet n wild products.

  20. I need those lipsticks! Too bad about them being LE.


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