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Friday, August 8, 2014

More 2015 Sneak Peeks from Milani

Yesterday I showed you a sneak peek at the Milani Matte Lipsticks coming in 2015, and today I have two additional sneak peeks for you, courtesy of Milani's Instagram page! First up:

image source: Milani Instagram page
Coming in 2015: Milani Fierce Foils

From Milani:
Ok, here's one more sneak peek at some of our new products. These Fierce Foils will be out at the beginning of 2015! BELLISSIMA!!

One more sneak peek from Milani, after the jump...

image source: Milani Instagram page
Coming in 2015: Color-coordinated caps on Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquers

From Milani:
Our Color Statement Nail Lacquer bottles are getting a new look in 2015. No longer will you have to guess what the shade looks like with these new gel tops!

If you use a Helmer, Melmer or any other type of drawer-system for storing your polish, then you're probably just as excited about this as I am! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I'll be able to see the shades without having to pull the bottle out of its drawer. So handy--I wish all polish brands would do this!

Are you excited about what Milani has on tap for 2015? Again, if you missed the sneak peek of their Matte Lipsticks, you can check that out here.


  1. Love the color coordinated caps!

  2. I JUST stocked the display for the color statement polishes today at work!!

  3. I see about 3 polishes I want just based on the topof the bottle! I love there polishes they are Always gorgeous and long lasting.

    1. Is one of them the holographic one? Cause I want to see it and will probably want to buy it!!

  4. Oh, wow! Those "foils" look friggin' INCREDIBLE!

    Also, I'm calling "dupe" - these look exactly like the oh-so-delicious Stila Magnificent Metals! Except they are something like $30-$40 each...for a single shade. I love Stila (I mean LOVE!), but that's too much. I have actually splurged on two neutral-y shades over the past year or so (their cult fave Kitten and a pink-gold stunner, can't recall the name). I'd love to have more, but not at that price! They're soft, almost "wet" and slightly sandy in texture, visibly. Like the "flake" in nail polish, it lies flat and sparkles like crazy. Beautiful applied. Ethereal, even! And the idea of these in palette form, with coordinated shades? Shut up and take my money, Walgreens!

  5. Omg those those blues!!!!! I need them now , now , now

  6. I love the idea of color coded caps. Some day when I have time (haha ) I think I will go thru my polish and do it to my caps!

  7. OH ... MY ... GAWD ... Need ....

  8. This is genius. Makes me want to take a clean brush and top all of my bottles with the color inside.

  9. Huh, I found the new color statement nail polishes at my local cvs, but they didn't have the gel caps. The bottles look just like the nails inc bottles, but the bottom is ever so slightly thicker

  10. Very cool, and what's funny G is that I ran to Michael's today and got two Melmer's and another desktop organizer today due to your post on the 40% sale :) so I'm doubly excited.

    And I've been telling myself I'll swatch the tops of all my bottle caps for awhile now (such a great idea, thanks Milani, hint hint everyone else!) but it's rather daunting (see above Melmer reference, lol, but maybe as I put them in I could do it at that time...... Hmmm)


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