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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spotted: NYX at Bed Bath & Beyond

In addition to Ulta, Target, CVS, etc., you may now have yet another place to get your NYX fix. If you live near a Bed Bath & Beyond that has an extended beauty department, take note of this one! Reader Christina (@christinaplainandsimple on Instagram) spotted a full NYX display at her local Bed Bath & Beyond this week and was nice enough to share some pics with us:

image credit: Christina for Nouveau Cheap
NYX at Bed Bath & Beyond

The prices look to be exactly the same as Ulta, but remember that you can use BBB 20% off coupons on beauty purchases! Keep reading for a closer look at this display...

I'm not sure if this is the exact display that's at CVS, Target, etc., but it looks similar. Hopefully some of you NYX fans can tell us if there's anything here that other retailers don't offer:

image credit: Christina for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Christina for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Christina for Nouveau Cheap

Christina also spotted an NYX counter display at her BBB:

image credit: Christina for Nouveau Cheap

Have you spotted NYX at your local Bed Bath & Beyond or at any of its subsidiaries (Harmon and Christmas Tree Shops)? 

Thanks so much for the great sighting and pics, Christina! 


  1. I'd love that paired with the BBB coupons. I get so many that it's easy to use a few for makeup purchases. I hope they'd have a bigger display than CVS, etc. I love the butter lip balms, etc., and I'd like to try the macaroons, but those only turn up in places like Ulta!

  2. I don't understand why nobody seems to carry their nail polishes! The only place I've seen them at all is at the one Harmon Face Values in my area; they had the NYX Girls line, but not the salon formula line. The displays at Ulta, CVS, etc, don't have them at all - disappointing...

    1. I've only seen the nyx nail polish at a place called XSRE (accessory.) It was a couple of years since I shopped there, so things may have changed.

  3. I saw it too and would have told you but I figured you already knew or someone else had told you. But Yay for Nyx everywhere.

  4. I live in Kentucky and we have NYX at a store called Goody's. I think it us owned by Pebbles. Not 100% sure on that. I came across the display when I was looking for Easter dresses.


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