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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spotted: NEW Maybelline Color Show Veils Collection

Many thanks to reader Liz for this one! Liz spotted a brand new Color Show collection the other day that's completely new to me! Check it out:

image credit: Liz for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Maybelline Color Show Veils Collection
(retail: $2.99 each at Harmon)

I believe that Liz spotted these at Harmon (I forgot to ask her but that looks like the Harmon price tag on the display). The display describes these as "Textured Top Coats" but I think they're just really glittery top coats and not textured polishes in the traditional sense. Keep reading for more pics...

image credit: Liz for Nouveau Cheap

There are five shades in this collection:

image credit: Liz for Nouveau Cheap

Liz said these look like they have a combination of both glitter and shimmer to them. I'm curious to see what that clear shade on the right looks like in person!

Have you spotted these in your area yet? I'm not seeing any "limited edition" references on the display, so perhaps these are new additions to the permanent line...

Thanks again, Liz, for the great sighting and pics!


  1. Gah! Maybelline STOP with the new collections - I can't keep up and their website is never up to date. Great spot, really intrigued by these!

  2. I found these at Bed Bath & Beyond. I just tested the green one (which I bought) on one nail. It does have a bit of texture, but nothing like liquid sands. In the bottle it has a really pretty almost holographic look to it, but you'd probably need three or four coats to get that alone. They also had a Jewels nail collection by Maybelline. It was something like five toppers, a gold, a silver, a multi-hue, and a dark one (maybe gray to black glitter, but not quite) and a white glitter topper. It's called Precious Pearl and has different size glitters in it (I bought that one, too).

  3. I wish I'd seen these--I'd have bought them all, probably. :)

  4. Oh boy, I need these (not really) but I want them. I'm taking a trip to BBB.

  5. I wonder if they are similar to the Sinful Colors toppers that came out recently. Oh course they are shimmer and not glitter. I guess I just answered my own question! Lol

  6. I first thought that since I bought a couple Sinful Colors toppers that I would not need one of these but I think I just might! Because SC are shimmer only.

  7. I spotted this and the Jewels collection at my local Harmon this weekend (Long Island, NY)

  8. Just saw these at Ulta last night, and there was the BOGO50% sale on Maybelline, so I grabbed 'em all. :)


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