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Friday, May 2, 2014

Spotted: New Color Club displays

Thanks so much to two lovely readers for this one! There are two new Color Club displays now popping up at Meijer stores (hopefully that means they'll also be at Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon and Christmas Tree Shops too, since Color Club can be found at these retailers as well).

I'm a bit confused by one of these collections, so hopefully my fellow polish fanatics can help us figure this one out! First up, from reader Elle (@elle8000 on Twitter):

image credit: Elle for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Color Club Candy Coated and Poptastic Collections at Meijer
(retail: $3.99 each)

Next up, longtime reader Elizabeth found these displays at her Meijer and also shared pics:

image credit: Elizabeth for Nouveau Cheap
Color Club Candy Coated display at Meijer

I did a search for the shades that I could make out above, and they are existing shades in the Color Club line (Wicker Park, East Austin, Wink Wink Twinkle, etc.). So I believe that these are all repromotes, but don't quote me on that because I can't make out all of the shade names.

image credit: Elizabeth for Nouveau Cheap
New Color Club Poptastic display at Meijer

Now this one is interesting. I enlarged Elizabeth's photo: a bit

image credit: Elizabeth for Nouveau Cheap

Color Club did a collection called Poptastic a few years back (click here to see). But the glitter toppers in the display above are actually a new collection called Popstastic REMIX, which is now on the Color Club website here. This collection officially released on April 15th.

The glitter topper shades in the Poptastic Remix Collection are Daydream Believer (blue), Do the Twist (orange), Woodstock or Bust (yellow), Go Go Green (green), My Generation (pink) and British Invasion (purple).

But I don't think I see British Invasion (purple glitter topper) in this particular display. I did a search for British Invasion and I found swatches from an Italian nail blogger HERE (it looks like there are matte white circle glitters in this one!). As of the time of this post, I couldn't find swatches for any of the other glitters in the Poptastic Remix Collection online. But it appears they all may contain matte white glitters judging by how they look on the Color Club site.

Incidentally, if any retailers in your area carry Color Club counter displays, here's what the Poptastic Remix display looks like:
image source: Color Club website
Color Club Summer 2014 Popstatic Remix Collection

As for the rest of the shades in the Poptastic Meijer display: I tried searching some of the shade names that I could make out in the pic (Not So Mellow Yellow, Right On, Peace Love & Polish and Foxy Mama) and I couldn't find ANYTHING online, even on the Color Club website. So I have no idea which collections they belong to, if they're all part of the same collection or if there are a few different collections in this display in addition to Poptastic Remix.

BUT, another shade name I could make out was Glitter Envy (neon green on the top shelf in the pic above)
and that IS a repromote from Summer 2011 (check out Scrangie's swatches here). So it looks like there's a mix of new and repromoted shades in this display.

Sorry I don't have more definitive info to share with you, but it's a start! If any of you are well-versed in all things Color Club, I would love some additional info if you have it!

Thanks so much, Elizabeth and Elle, for the great sightings and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. Did they change their look? I don't like it. :( I love Color Club polishes though.

    1. Yes, I think they have. I got a mini in my April Birchbox (Heirloom Pearls) and not only is the logo font/design different, the 3D flower embossed on the top of the cap is gone too, replaced by a letter C within a C. Doesn't really matter I guess, but I kinda do miss the flower, hehee!

    2. I don't like their new look either. I think the logo is hard to read unless you already know what it says, and the flowers on the cap were so unique. Made it real easy to spot them in my drawers

  2. All these neons and neon-adjacent collections are so intriguing -- Maybelline, CoverGirl and now Color Club .... such a 1980s flashback!

  3. You may also want to check Five Below. Five Below has dupes out for the Poptastic Remix collection - they are called "neon glitters". I picked up the pink/blue/white mix last week. Color Club and Funky Fingers are made by the same manufacturer.

  4. They all look so enticing.. but I'm not gonna do it. No no no color club for me... unless I get them on clearance. I know me... I'll try to get the whole collection. Be strong is my new motto. That and no more new polish.

  5. I seen these a few weeks ago, but ignored them because I thought they were all repromotes. The neons with holo glitter were at meijer last year under the Studio M line. I have the one on the bottom right, "You Got Soul-ar". It's a terrible formula, it's in my "give to someone else" box. I wish Meijer would carry Color Club regularly, I wanted the Safari collection, but couldn't find it anywhere.

    BTW, British Invasion is labeled on the display, but it's got a light blue polish in there instead; bottom, fifth from the left. Must have sold out fast ;)

  6. Well I will be checking for these to see if there is something I "need" lol! I have been on a real NP bender lately that I need to stop though. I have unfortunately discovered the joy of nail mail! I used to be only buy in person for immediate gratification! Lol again

  7. As Florence already posted 5 below has dupes. Funky Fingers "Saved by the glitter" looks like a dupe of British Invasion by CC. I also got a FF " Glitter matters" and it's got pink, white and yellow matte glitter that looks like another CC dupe that I don't have the name of. I love both of them. And they're only 3/$5. at 5 below.

  8. Saw these at my Meijer today (but not at my other Meijer yesterday).

    Shades in Candy Coated are: (top row) Disco Dress, Flamingo, Blue-ming, Poptastic, Volt of Light, East Austin, Wicker Park, Wink Wink Twinkle, Youthquake, Twiggie; (bottom row) What a Shock, All That Razz, French Tip, Pure Energy, Psychedelic Scene, Blushing Rose, Edie, Jackie Oh, Take Me to Your Chateau, Peppermint Twist.

    Shades in Poptastic: (top row) Bell Bottom Babe, Daydream Believer, Right On, Space Case, Kapow, Foxy Mama, Do the Twist, No So Mellow Yellow, Woodstock or Bust, Glitter Envy; (bottom row) Go Go Green, Other Worldly, Daydream Believer, Wink Wink Twinkle, British Invasion, Kapow, Glitter Astral, My Generation, Peace Love & Polish, You Got Soul-ar.

    British Invasion was sold out at my store, too. Guess they should have put two slots for that one instead of Daydream Believer.

  9. I think these are awesome summer colors. I'm more into brights than pastels. One or two pastels is fine for my nail wardrobe but, I see lots I want to get from these collections.

  10. the other shades from Summer 2011 appear to be there as well: space case, other worldly, ultra astral, wink wink twinkle, you got soul-ar. just not the starry temptress sparkle coat (which wasn't all that unique anyway) great news because I love those shades and only have minis of some

  11. I picked up all of the glitters this week, they are so pretty! They are all a mix of neon and white matte glitters. There is a ton of glitter loaded into each bottle, and all it takes is one coat to cover the nail. I love the new look of color club, too!


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