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Friday, May 23, 2014

My favorite Color Club polish of all time

I know I'll never shell out $100+ on eBay for the much-coveted Clarins 230 (affectionately known as "Unicorn Pee" on the interwebs), and I probably won't shell out the $15+ for its dupe-ish sister, Max Factor Fantasy Fire. But you know what? I'm OK with that, because there's a Color Club polish that feeds my need for a purple jelly with rainbow goodness. Not a dupe of the aforementioned polishes by any means, Color Club The Uptown is a purple jelly with tons of iridescent rainbow flakies. It's my favorite Color Club polish of all time. Here's why:

My favorite Color Club polish of all time: The Uptown

The Uptown debuted in the Fall 2013 About Town Collection and it's been wildly popular ever since. The bottle you see here is a mini that I purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $3 a while back (before Color Club updated their logo design to this). You can also get this in a full-size version at Bed Bath & Beyond, various online beauty supplies (Head2Toe has the full-size 0.5 oz bottle for $3.25) and also on Amazon. 

Here is The Uptown photographed in various types of lighting. I used three coats here, with one coat of clear top coat:

This polish is pretty sheer on the first coat, but it's almost good to go on the second coat. Three coats really makes it perfect. No issues with this one aside from the sheerness--the flakies in the jelly base are super dense and you will definitely not have to go fishing for them. You can easily brush this polish onto the nail like any other regular polish. This polish looks a bit bumpy in my pics, even after top coat, but it's not bumpy to the touch (it just feels a tiny bit "uneven" rather than full-on bumpy). You could apply a few coats of a good, thick top coat and even it out, no problem (I only used one coat of top coat in my pics). Also, all three coats of The Uptown dried very quick.

And just FYI, these are flakies (not to be confused with the thick, sharp shards like in the old Revlon Moon Candy polishes). I didn't have any major issues with getting these flakies to lay flatly on the on nail, but I did come across one or two larger flakes that did stick up a tiny bit (but they were nothing compared to those troublesome shards). So I just pulled them off my nails with tweezers before my polish dried). 

And because you know I love to mattify my glitters and flakies, here's what this polish looks like with one coat of clear matte top coat:

I honestly love it both ways--shiny and mattified! How about you?

If you're new to Color Club, I think this polish is one of the absolute must-haves from this brand. And if you've been lusting after Clarins 230 and/or Max Factor Fantasy Fire, I think this might satisfy your cravings for a purple jelly with rainbow goodness. Again, this is not a dupe for either of those polishes, but it sure does satisfy my cravings!

What's YOUR favorite shade from Color Club?

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  1. I love The Uptown, but also love Editorial and Pearl District. It's difficult to pick just one favorite!!!

  2. I seem so unoriginal now, but this one! Lol! :) Color Club isn't sold anywhere in Arkansas (to my knowledge), so I have to order it. I'd never even heard of the brand until this 2013 Fall collection, which corresponds roughly to when I started researching indie brands and old stuff I used in the 90s. (RIP, Revlon Streetwear! <3) Anyway, I saw this one and was like....uh, they can do this shit now?! I'd never seen these kinds of flakies! I was mindblown! And it's so pretty IRL, too. Definitely not a letdown. I want tons more from them, and I love Ruby Wing too. I order mine from 8t8 Beauty Supply, and they still have The Uptown in full-size. I think they charge $3, maybe $3.25. There's a huge selection of everything, dirt cheap, and I love them. (Site is a little iffy looking, but they are on the up and up!)

    1. I've seen Color Club in Ross and once in Sally Beauty in Arkansas. If you are anywhere near Fort Smith, there is a nail supply store that has a ton of the other colors. :)
      However in general Arkansas doesn't get much haha.

  3. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous! Too bad I made my first order a few weeks ago and only got holos

  4. Yep, I bought this because it reminded me of the good ol' Clarins 230. I would not shell out that kind of money for the Clarins so I consider this a suitable substitute!

  5. You know, I had a bottle of that shade in my hands at Bed Bath & Beyond and didn't get it. This is too beautiful to pass up twice.

  6. Ooh, Clarins 230 is gorgeous! I bought an indie polish awhile back when I was lemming Clarins 230 super hard. After doing some research, I nabbed Darling Diva's Ringer, which is realllly close to the Clarins/Max Factor color. So pretty, and no need to spend an outrageous amount to satisfy the lust! Thank you for reminding me to pull it out and use it, it's such a great polish!

  7. Layla Ceramic Effect in Butterfly Effect is a dupe for this as well I picked it up at ulta a while back, but I don't think ulta sells Layla anymore. I can't find color club around here anymore either which is a bummer because I used to get sets if color club at Ross all the time.

  8. I love this one. My favorite thing in the realm of things rainbow and flakie is also Color Club, a topcoat that was out a couple of winters ago (I think), called Snow-Flakes that I could only find at Sally's. I LOVE it so. I have a full size of it and a few minis as back ups but I'm still selective about using it all up. I know they have one listed on their site by a similar name, but it doesn't look quite the same in the photo.

  9. OMG, I am in love with this color! I just ordered this and 72 other bottles of polish from Head2Toe Beauty, their prices are a steal. Wish I had know about them earlier. I am in the midst of my polish hoarding obsession, my husband is going to freak when he sees the parcel arrive :-)

  10. I have the clarins I was spoiled in a secret santa swap! Its super fun but no way would I pay 100$ for it.

    That color club is pretty and looks awesome matte.

  11. Well that's weird, I just bought this mini at Bed Bath and Beyond, the same day as the post!

  12. what a beauty! I need this polish in my life

  13. G!!!! You better run and get back ups! I just heard this has been completely reformulated!!


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