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Monday, April 21, 2014

The NYX Macaron Lippies are now available for purchase!

I first posted about the new Macaron Lippies from NYX back in December, and today I have very good news to share with you: THEY'RE FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!
New NYX Macaron Lippies
Available in 12 shades
(retail: $6 each on the NYX website)

I don't know if/when these will be available in stores like Ulta, Target, CVS, etc. but for now, you can purchase them directly via the NYX website here (FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25). I know that MANY of us have been anxiously awaiting their arrival, so I just wanted to let you know that you can order them NOW. 

Thanks so much to several of you for letting me know that these are now on the NYX site!

PS: Thanks to several of you just now for letting me know that you can use code WELCOME25 for 25% off your order. Apparently this is for new customers, although I have just heard from readers who were able to use it even though they have ordered before. So give it a try and see if it works!

PSS: Every time I post about these, I invariably get the "Who in the heck would wear yellow/black/blue/green lipsticks?!" types of questions. To that, I would like to remind you that if you don't like to wear bold colors on your lips, colors like this can be excellent for customizing your existing lipstick shades. Click here to see what a layer of blue lipstick can do to a standard red lipstick!


  1. What a cool picture! I hope you'll review some of these shades if you purchase any. Although unconventional lip colors are not my cup of tea, I can certainly admire them on other people. :D

  2. OMG I have to have! I have been waiting since your original post about these :).... Those blues , purples and pinks are sooooo mine!!!!

  3. Swatches =)

  4. I have no idea where I would wear these to yet I'm still so curious...I could maybe do the purple or orange

  5. I can't wait to see what people do with that gray one! I love that NYX posts pictures of girls wearing the colors on their Instagram account. (I also think it's so cute that these are called "Lippies"!)

  6. These could be fun to play with other lippies in my stash. I hope to see reviews and swatches soon.

  7. I am all over that lavender color!!!! :)))))

  8. Wow, I wonder how well the green, blue, and black will sell. It's a unique idea.

  9. Weirdly enough, I just did a Google search of these earlier today and nothing popped up! Thanks for letting us know. I would have been late to the party.

    I went and immediately ordered the lavender and electric blue shades. Really excited to try these out.

  10. I'm so giddy over this finaaaallllllly being live. I am buying all of them- though not all at once. I have yet to hear if they are limited edition or not soo I sure am hoping they are not!

  11. I'm thinking of getting the powder blue and the gray ones, but I don't know. NYX lipsticks seem to have a universal formula that, while a nice formula, I don't think I would enjoy too much with such striking colors. I'm going to wait for them to either come out in stores (which I hope happens) or for more reviews to come up. I would be all over the lavender one too but I just bought that kind of color (and a teal) from Inglot when I was at IMATS, and I wanted those two colors the most in terms of odd lipstick colors.

  12. I'm clocking Violet and Lavender

  13. I think these are so cool. I'm not 22 anymore, so I don't see myself wearing any shade on its own, but I always find myself tinkering with my lipsticks, customizing a shade for a few hours' wear, and this would be a fun way to build on that, or to add life to a shade that's too cool or too warm or too whatever for from-the-tube wear.

  14. I'm oddly obsessed with the black sesame shade.

  15. I think NYX is about to start a HUGE rainbow lipstick trend.

  16. Are these Limited Edition and will they be available in stores?


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